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Pre-Order ETA August 2018 G&G FN Herstal FN2000 Hunter Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / Gun Only)

5 Customer Reviews

by Eddy F. on 04/30/2017
"NOTE: I bought this rifle online HERE at evike, the same place where i bought the railed version of the F2000 when they first came out.

I had the F2000 earlier in time and played with it extensively, it was awesome. but over time stuff happened, i needed to sell it. I purchased the hunter version here not long ago because i remembered how well the old one worked, and came with the scope. it was upsetting to sell the first one, and let me tell you, i wasnt dissapointed when i took this new hunk of polymer out at the field.

1. bullpup configuration

2. relatively light in my opinion (definetly lighter than the G&G AK5C)

3. SOLID the one piece polymer lower is something to be reckoned with, if i tripped and fell on the gun with mag and everything in it, youd probably break your ribs. and just for the record the upper is all polymer as well. much like the real steel counterpart. the same outer parts that are metal here are also metal on the real one and vice versa.

4. integrated scope has a unique sight picture, it is set low on the gun and eye relief is somewhat non existent, but it is crystal clear and of decent quality, i use a lower mesh mask+revision goggles, and have no problem with my fat head, but if you use a mask, maybe you should go for the railed version as the rail is situated higher.

5. the FPS is ADJUSTABLE. going to milsim events is great if the limit is 400fps with a .25 ill dial it up to 399. i would say adjustment range is +/- about 50 fps

6. compared to working on a v2 gearbox, this gearbox is a total cinch to work on. the adjustable FPS feature also allows you to take the main spring out, so when you take the shells apart it isnt a jack in the box waiting to pop gears and springs and shims all over the place.

7. following pro number 6, the actual process to get the gearbox out of the replica for maintainence is unbelievably easy, slide the buttplate out, take 2 small phillips screws out and youre done the whole thing just slides out the back its awesome. it is secure though when its in there, however.

8. i upgraded everything pretty much but even right out of the box (like the one i used to have) accuracy was on point and quite satisfying.

9. its not an M4 or M16!! you wont be like the countless other robots with the same gun!

10. probably the most conveniently located selector switch on a gun (other than the P90) EVER. just when it was new it was very stiff going between fire modes but over time it loosens up and is easier to move around, just use it.

1. the trigger contacts are a finniky and touchy subject, jarring it with 11.1v lipos will burn them out QUICK and render you without semi-auto operation, but if you can do full auto on your field, you wont really care because your rof with an 11.1v is hysterical.

2. currently even though i upgraded alot of stuff, im looking for a metal or just factory replacement cylinder head, i cant stop cursing at my computer, i know theyre out there..... somewhere. best of luck with that

3. they say the gearbox is a version 6, but dont be fooled it isnt, its proprietary but the shells are out there and readily available. even on this website. however the shell ive heard is rated up to just an M120, so if you think this is going to be your DMR platform, (which i dont know what would posses you to do so, but whatever) keep looking, the shell will crack if your contacts dont burn out first. all in all- NOT A HIGH STRESS PROJECT PLATFORM

4. battery space is limited, but people make it seem like a crane stock IT ISNT i have TWO valken 7.4v 1300mAh batteries in it now. however, the compartment is in the stock below the gearbox and isnt huge ( approx 2'' wide 3/4'' high and give or take 6'' deep)

5. adjusting windage or elevation on the scope involves removing the shroud on the top of the gun and a flathead screwdriver. in other words, not really do-able in the field or on the fly; make your adjustments at staging or at home for a target 100' away and let it be.

at the end of the day im very happy to have it again and is now my primary of choice for both cqc and field. its ambidextrous setup is great, it doesnt feel weird to hold in the left/opposite shoulder. its bullpup configuration keeps the whole package relatively short, even with a barrel extension/silencer on it. its well balanced and one of the most comfortable replicas to hold. but its FAT, youll see when you open the box up its compact but big. if youre going to buy this as a first gun, id say go for it. itll last even stock parts were of good quality. if you want to upgrade it, go for an M120 spring, shs blue piston, full length (no window) cylinder, and r hop this thing. just remember to keep it at M120 and below, and keep it at 9.6 volt batteries or below (i used a 9.6v Nimh battery with the first one i owned to more than satisfactory results)
by Douglas K. on 11/20/2012
"I bought this gun around 2 months ago and right when I took it out of the box, I fell in love. Though it looks bulky, it is pretty light (around 7 pounds) and it feels great.

FPS is change able so it is good for outdoors and CQB.
Extremely accurate. (theres a rumor that G&G guns come with preinstalled tight bores)
Scope is very nice
Strong internals
Bullpup design allow there to be a longer barrel.


Plastic Body
Hop-up adjustment is tight (hard to turn the spinning wheel thingy)

Overall, its a great gun.
by Scott M. on 08/24/2016
"I've used this gun twice all day at my local field in the last two weeks. I bought it because it was unique and that it definitely is. This thing is also a laser and by that I mean a dead accurate shot. However I noticed shortly into my first day using it at my local field that the trigger has a bit of an issue in semi automatic which is problematic because a lot of fields play semi only. The gun out of the box will not be capable of firing shots one after another in quick succession. To fix this I had to REMOVE THE BUT PLATE AND RAISE THE GEAR BOX EVER SO SLIGHTLY by inserting a piece of sponge. It took all day to figure out but I learned that all of these things(G&G F2000's) have the issue and that's a real simple fix for it. I also wanna stress how anyone looking into purchasing this gun should not by the hunter version as the scope it comes with while very cool is not practical for field use and if you decide to remove it and put on a different optic you will need to buy rail raisers as the rail system is lowered for the "hunter" scope. All in all, Any one who wishes to purchase this gun must understand to unlock its full potential this gone must under go small modification but is well worth the extra work as it is dead accurate and very unique
by Adam M. on 05/18/2016
"I bought this replica a few weeks back, and now feel I have a solid understanding of it to leave a review.

When I first recieved this replica it functioned great! After a little while though the trigger started to stick and click, and the replica would not shoot until I switched to full auto, then back. Now it will not even shoot in semi anymore. Not sure if I got a lemon or what, but the replica is really cool, and when it worked, it really worked!

Great weight! It feels like your actually holding something!
Very sleek and cool design, futuristic and just plain awesome.
Easy to adjust fps without deconstruction! It also has a quick change spring too!
Awesome sight! The sight is just perfect. Sighted in to about 35ish feet.

The trigger stopped working properly on mine even though I have made no adjustments or changes to it.
Does not really like Lipos(Although this may fall under the above stated issue)
Very magazine picky. Will only take mostly G&G magazines.
Selector is VERY stiff! Not sure if it just needs worked in, but is very difficult to change fire selection on the fly.

All in all I am a huge fan of the fn2000, but I'm not sure about this replica. I just don't want to have to drop more money into it to get it to work properly considering it's already high price.
by Jay B. on 03/26/2016
"I bought this gun about a week ago and immediately played with it for a full day, and here are my initial impressions:


-This gun has an excellent weight to it (around 7.5 lbs). Admittedly, I was heavier than I expected when I first picked it up, but you should still have no problem carrying this around all day.

-It is very sturdy. The main body is composed of a single block of nylon fiber, and it is not something you have to be gentle with. As someone who is notoriously hard on gear, I am ever thankful for that.

-It is officially licensed by FN Herstal, the company that makes the real F2000. This means that it has all of the trademarks and details of the real thing, excepting the flash hider (which I will mention later).

-The scope that comes on the hunter version is fantastic. It has a clear sight picture and has a 3.5x magnification. Out of the box, it is pretty much sighted in. It might could use some fine-tuning, but I never touched it and it served me just fine. If yours is not, however, it can be adjusted by popping off the lid and twisting some knobs, just like with a normal rifle scope. If you happen to not like the scope, it is also very easily removable, and has standard rails underneath. Unless that $10 is a sentimental gift from your great-grandmother, there is no reason to not shell out for the hunter version, because the scope is well worth the money.

-Since it is a bullpup, it is more accurate than most guns its size, simply because the barrel can start further back in the gun.

-The screw on the back can dial muzzle velocity up and down within a certain window, making this a viable option for both CQ and midrange.

-I can reasonably assume that this gun is totally ambidextrous, just like the real one. Unfortunately I cannot confirm this, as I am not a leftie and neither are my airsofting friends.

-The gun feels great in your hands. I never felt any discomfort from the way the gun was shaped or weighted, and there isn't anything sharp for you to cut or pinch yourself on either.

-The barrel assembly is easily removable, simply by removing a small pin above the grip. Your entire inner barrel can be changed out without using any tools whatsoever.


-The flash hider is an M4 birdcage style flash hider. As you probably know, that is not the flash hider that goes on a real F2000. For a $380 gun, especially one that is licensed by FN Herstal itself, that is a crying shame. In addition, the flash hider on my gun appears to have a large chip taken out of it straight from the box (roughly the size of my pinky fingertip). I'm not sure if that's intentional or not, but it still detracts from the aesthetics of the gun so I'm saying that's a con regardless.

-The butt plate is an absolute bear to remove. Flipping it halfway inside out and sliding it off is the only way to do it (and is the way listed in the manual) but I can't imagine that's good for the rubber. After only a day, a small rubber tab near the bottom of the plate's inside has almost completely torn off. It's probably insignificant and very possibly my own fault, but is disappointing nonetheless.

-The magwell is not closed off to the rest of the gun. This means that if bbs are loose in the magwell, they can and probably will work their way into the inner workings of the gun. This happened to me and a bb worked its way behind the trigger, making it impossible to fire the weapon. They also started to rattle around in the battery compartment, and I had to wrestle the butt plate off and take the upper receiver off to shake all of the bbs out.

-I had an issue with the hi-cap magazine that came with the gun where the loading door didn't close all the way. This, combined with the previously listed con, resulted in a rather unpleasant situation that took some effort to resolve. As of yet, I am unsure of whether something was wrong with the magazine itself or if it was my own fault.

-While we're talking about magazines, it is important to note that this gun WILL NOT TAKE STANDARD, UNMODIFIED MID-CAPS. You either have to buy G&G mid-caps, file down the ones you have, or use a hi-cap.

-The selective fire switch is fairly hard to turn, and a lot of times when you try to set it on semiauto, you will just skip right over it because of the force you have to apply to get it to move at all.

-The hop-up, while very easy to access, is hard to turn and is located fairly deep in the gun. This makes it difficult to adjust unless you remove the upper receiver and pull the inner barrel out.

-The lid of the scope is hard to put back into place, but with practice it shouldn't be much trouble.


-The way full auto works is that you pull the trigger partway and it only fires once, then when you fully depress it, it begins to fire in full auto. This makes it easy to fire semiauto without switching the selective fire to semi, but it also causes you to have a long trigger pull when you actually want to fire in full auto. I'm not totally sure if I like that yet, but I don't necessarily dislike it either.

-The box tells you that it shoots 510. This was measured with .12 grams, and is misleading. I had the gun chronoed with .25 grams, and it was getting about 280. I have a hard time believing this having played with it for a day, and the guy was holding the chronograph in his hand so he may have been moving it a little causing an inaccurate reading. For this reason, I'm not listing it as a con.

TL;DR: This is a very solid gun in both construction and performance, and I would definitely recommend it.