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Pre-Order ETA June 2018 G&G Custom Full Metal M4 Commando Raider Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Crane Stock (Package: Desert / Gun Only)

11 Customer Reviews

by Ian P. on 10/29/2017
"I got this as my second AEG and I love it. Right now mine is stock and its able to compete with the other guys at the field (I usually just play backyard games so I'm no where near professional). This gun is full metal, very accurate, and very reliable. I got a cheap red dot for it and it hits almost every time. My only real complaint is that my mag broke, probably due to over winding, so that's on me I guess.
-Full metal. Great weight
-Very accurate
-Very fast ROF
-Great range
-Stock has a rubber pad and rests comfortably on your shoulder. Multi position stock
-Flip up and adjustable iron sights
-Magwell isn't sticky and I can swap mags really easily

-My first mag broke, but it was probably a user error
-The front triangle sight doesn't come off so I had to get a tall red dot to see over it, but thats just preference
-The orange tip is gigantic so I'll have to get a replacement so I wont get seen, but this could be a pro due to preferene
-Very tiny bit of wobble in magwell and in the handguard but hardly noticeable and doesnt affect shooting
-I cant use the lowest stock position due to the battery but who uses that position? The others work though so it doesn't really matter
-The charging handle doesn't do anything and you have to pull open the cover manually to get to the hopup
-My cheap mags wont feed well on full auto due to the high ROF which could be good if you have better quality mags

Overall I absolutely love this gun and almost all the cons are just preference/can be fixed. I love the tan color and I love everything about this gun. I would definitely buy this again.
by Jeremy M. on 09/20/2015
"This gun is amazing. Performs perfectly and I couldn't wish for it to be any better.

Full Metal
Beautiful tan
Extremely accurate
Full Metal Gearbox
Built very well
Stock Internals perform amazing
Full rail system is sweet
The retractable stock is awesome and comfy
Good weight

Only one I have found so far is that it is hard to get the battery in without pinching any of the wires. The connector that goes through the stock tube is hard to push back and I have to end up scrunching the wires and ended up tearing some insulation on my 9.6 butterfly battery. I'm sure there is a better way but i'll figure it out eventually.
by Roman P. on 02/11/2015
"This is a great gun and is currently my only aeg but i have compared it to others so i have a good comparison.
►nice rof with 9.6
►good fps for cqb or close range field, if u want more fps get a m125 spring
►doesnt jam with good mags that i have
►fairly accurate
►light (6.5 lbs)
by Hope S. on 11/18/2014
"For starters this gun is amazing! It has a lot more pros than cons by far and this gun can be great for any user even if your new or experienced.

Full Metal
Beautiful tan (perfect for two tone)
Nice rof 15-16 rps
Verry accurate at 100 ft easily hit a 1 foot target
Great distance (150+)
Full Metal Gearbox
g&g Internals

Little wobble in rail but just tightin with align key
Other than that none amazing gun for any level
by Alan S. on 01/25/2014
"I cannot say enough good things about this gun. This gun is pretty unique in its externals because you get a full metal rail, a full metal body, a flip up rear sight, and it comes in a beautiful tan. It is very difficult to find a gun that has all of these great externals. Right out of the box I noticed that it had some good weight and felt more like a real m4. You will get stunning performance with a 9.6v battery. There are only a few minor cons: it did not come with an instruction manual or a G&G box, the plastic back plate is difficult to remove when accessing the battery, and when the charging handle is pulled back the dust cover does not stay open, rather you have to open it manually. These aspects do not make it a bad gun, but every gun has cons, and this one only has a few minor ones. In my opinion, this is one of the best guns you can buy for its price because of the unbeatable G&G quality. Your friends will be very jealous. Thank you G&G, and thank you evike for an almost flawless, gorgeous, and impeccable airsoft AEG.
by Elvis H. on 10/07/2013
"i have owned many AEG's and this is overall the best gun i have ever owned!
super accurate, sexy looking, durable, amazing paint job and metal, shoots fast-hard and straight.
worth the price, you will never find one like it.
its is pretty much unbreakable.
and that is if you take care of it!
it can handle strong batteries, and shoots fast! even with a 8.4volt.

its a amazing gun.
i am a very happy airsofter because if it :D
by John R. on 10/07/2013
"I purchased this weapon and Iím glad I did. This weapon is simply amazing. This blows TM and CA and ICS out of the water. These are truly top of the line. You canít go wrong with G&G.
This review will broken down into five parts.

Externals- This M4 has some of the best externals Iíve seen. Definitely the best on a weapon I have owned. The metal is very nice. The gun isnít as heavy as I expected, this can be good and bad. This is a very nice looking weapon. The nylon is very tough and feels very comfortable. The hand guard is of very high quality. G&G also put in a very nice looking logo. G&G defiantly put time into designing and making their externals; they did the same with there internals.

Internals- G&G also put time into designing there internals. The stock gears and motor can take up to an m130 spring. The weapon is pretty loud. The GR16 comes with a stock 6.4mm tight bore barrel. The barrel measurements are 363mm by 6.04mm on the m4 and 509mm by 6.04mm on the m16. The motor is capable of 25000 rpm. It cant shoot 25000 rpm but the motor can turn 25000 times per minute. These internals are the best Iíve seen on a stock gun. I donít have any complaints about the internals.

Performance- This weapon is an amazing performer. The fps is around 370 with .20.
The tight bore makes the weapon have great range and phenomenal accuracy along with the hop up. This weapon can defiantly compete with upgraded guns. The ROF is very high. Itís sometimes faster than the magazine. The range where its accurate is up to 150-160ft. groups were around 1.5 inches at 30ft, 3 inches at 60ft, 5.5 inches at 90ft, and around 11 inches at 120 ft. this is including the bb the furthest from the group.

Upgrades-for you upgrade whores out there. This is a very good platform. The motor and gears can take up to m130 making it a DMR. It is 100% TM compatible inside and out.

Externals- 25/25
Internals- 24/25
Performance- 22/25
I definitely recommend this gun to anyone.
by Chuck M. on 10/07/2013
"First AEG ever. Recommended by an experienced player.
Shot 335fps out of the box, straight and level with no hopup dialed in.
3 evenings of shooting @1000bbs through it so far.

Pros: Good solid feel
Cons: no battery or charger included with it.
by Robert H. on 08/23/2013
"This is a great gun! I received in a box of awesomeness and I am super happy with it. The fire rate on this is amazing and the accuracy is superb. Plus it has plenty of room for attachments. Over all this a great gun and Highly recommended it.
by Hunter E. on 06/17/2014
"I got this gun a little bit ago and have been to a few games with it, and honestly i dont want to say im dissapointed but there is problably just a minor problem with my gun. when i got this gun it was shooting left like 2-3 inches so i got a tech from my local field and he fixed it, but then even though the hop up on the gun was turned all the way down it was still shooting my bb's way high, honestly i still think this is a great gun and feels really good.
by chase d. on 04/18/2013
"i got this gun about 2 weeks ago and i am very impresssed!!! my only negative was that the power was a little to less...and the hopup has to be on the dot and perfect, its very hard to adjust.

rate of fire
rail system


other than that the gun was absolutly amazing and you can put a lot of atachments on.