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Pre-Order ETA June 2018 Evike Class I US Navy E.O.D. Custom G&G M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)

3 Customer Reviews

by Jeffrey W. on 07/13/2017
"Great product it was a very good gin for me me and my friends where very impressed
by louis n. on 08/10/2014
Extremely Accurate
Has incredible range
Very reliable
Rails are very strong

PEQ box is very cheap, be sure to buy a backup.
Was advertised as 320-340 with .20's, ended up being 380 (Not field legal)

In my experience, this in by far, not a CQB gun. With fantastic range, and great accuracy, this is a great outdoor gun. I would recommend an ACOG sight for this gun, and using point 25 Gram BB's, along with a firm grip, as its a fairly heavy gun. Very realistic, and VERY loud. If sounds as if it were blowback, and holds a fairly long charge.
I recommend buying a backup PEQ box that is smaller. This gun would be perfect for mil-sim events, and is compatible with the Holy Cow deal, offering 2 mags for 5 dollars.
The mag this gun came with was very reliable, working to this day. This is by far my favorite gun I've ever owned. I recommend it to anyone who wants an M4, this is a steal.
by Zachary C. on 05/18/2015
"This gun for me was not a satisfying purchase. I pulled it out of the box, and it was nice and light weight, exactly what I was looking for, it looked nice, and then...then I immediately started finding problems..

Problem #1: The barrel assembly is thin and made of metal, which isnt so bad until you realize that from the front side up, its all made of plastic, and its way too flimsy for the sport its used for. I tried to put a gemtech suppressor over the orange tip to ccover it and it caused the whole barrel to wobble around every time I moved the gun, VERY disappointing.

Problem #2: The gun comes with a sling mount just below the barrel as you would expect from an M4....except that the rail system goes over the barrel and under the front sight, including the sling mount. The forward sling mount pushes up against the inside of the rail system and causes the barrel to jut upwards in a noticable way...this seems to me like a BLATANT design flaw.

Problem #3: The specialized raised Rail system has slightly oversized rails!! All of the attatchments mount slightly crooked because of this and when I tried to put on my lense protector for my scope, I couldnt get it to slide on at all!

Problem #4: The ejection port cover that gives you access to the hop up is a pain to open. The spring tension is angled to push the cover closed, instead of open with a clip keeping it closed making it very difficult to open the sharp metal cover, and completely impossible to do with gloves. Need to adjust your hop up in the field? Not with this gun! Not unless you are ok with taking your gloves off mid firefight!

These were the four things that stuck out as MAJOR flaws to me, and to me this gun does not justify paying a full 200 dollars when you can by a sturdier gun for 50 bucks less, that INCLUDES a battery and charger, and isnt wired so the battery needs to be mounted in the front.

Again the gun IS rather light, and it has ok accuracy, nothing to write home about really, the hopup adjustment is stiff which in my book is a good thing, but over all it just falls short...hope this is helpful.