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H&K Licensed MP5 SD5 Full Metal Elite Airsoft AEG Rifle by G&G Top Tech

7 Customer Reviews

by Kenneth S. on 11/04/2017
"SO i got this gun this is one of the best mp5 i ever had
by Nick S. on 05/07/2015
"First of all this is an amazing gun and an amazing replica
350 fps with .20 g
Very accurate ( even more accurate with .25 bb's)
Can fit 9.6v batteries 1600 mah in the stock (very easily accesible
you can get midcaps for $6 each from umarex and they are very reliable
ROF is great
The electric blowback system is awesome and makes the gun sound amazing
hop up system is very easily accessible

By far the best gun i own and is an amazing product
by Jeff L. on 04/12/2015
"To start, this is an amazing replica. I've fired the real thing on a couple of occasions and this airsoft version is incredible.

The over all look and feel is very good. The plastic of the fore grip being the only "cheap" feeling part of this gun in my opinion considering it is just a replica. The balance is great with the battery in the butt stock. Right out of the box the gun felt solid and tight just like the real thing. It chronoed at the store at the top end of the posted numbers. In fact, the first shot was at 351 fps, the remainder of the half dozen shots were between 338 and 345. Its been field chronoed twice, both times coming in at an average 340 and 343 respectively. So if you want a CQB gun, this is an excellent choice, but might be a little low for a field gun.

The metal hi-cap mag that comes with the gun fits good with just a little wobble, nothing terrible. There is plenty of room in the stock for a large battery. The one disappointing thing about the battery location is it allows the battery to flop around inside. Its a minor annoyance which I think can be fixed with some foam.

The manual is very simple as expected. The one item missing in this package is a scope mount. The manual actually shows one but its not included anymore I guess. I HIGHLY recommend that if you want to put a scope/optic on the gun that you use one similar to the one pictured in the manual. I got one of the NcStar mounts and it doesn't fit without major metal removal on the mount, I know because I tried and even with a mill and dremel, it still didn't fit well. I then purchased a CYMA M5 / T3 Low Profile mount (pictured in the manual) and it went on perfectly.

The iron sights are good and once zeroed, are accurate. I know that most people don't care for the stock iron sights but they do work. Being like the real steel versions though, they are tough to use with a mask or face shield on so get a good mount and optic. I went with a red dot w/ a cantilever mount. I reversed the sight in its mount to place the viewing side of the optic directly over the rear iron sight. This will leave some room up front on the rail for adding an optic shield, low mount laser, etc.

Here are my pros and cons

Looks good
Good balance
Price ($229.99)
Good FPS out of the box for CQB.
Good ROF w/ 9.6v bat.

Didn't come with scope mount
Hand guard feels cheap
Mag wobbles in gun (minor)
Battery knocks around in stock (minor)

Conclusion: I was looking for a CQB gun that didn't need a huge amount of upgrades to make it work. This MP5 SD5 fit the ticket almost flawlessly. If you're looking for an accurate, well balanced, stock CQB MP5, I can't think of a better choice at the moment.

I did a lot of research online and in stores before I purchased this gun. I want to thank the people at for answering all my questions (and there were a lot) and all their help.
by Andrew A. on 05/27/2014
"It's been more than a year that I had the privilege of owning this masterpiece by Umarex (OEM: G&G). This is truly one of the best MP5 replicas currently out there and what makes it even better is the fact that it is officially licensed by H&K. Thus there are trademarks on the gun itself to give it that nice authenticity feel. The exterior build of the gun is fantastic! The upper receive is full metal whereas the lower receiver and stock are made of high quality polymer. The handguard and mock silencer in the other hand feels a little bit cheap for me. Overall it feels remarkable, extremely robust and best of all it looks incredibly realistic.

This also has blowback for an electric gun. It has a very nice distinctive yet satisfying snappy sound each time you pull the trigger. The battery compartment is located on the stock so you can pretty much house a large-type battery if you want. I'm personally using a small-type 9.6v nunchuck battery. I'm also using King Arms mid-caps and they work perfectly fine with this model.

I've mainly used the gun indoors for CQB. It's the perfect weapon to use for CQB since the MP5 is quite compact and lightweight to use. I'm able to maneuver and clear rooms without any difficulty. I've managed to hit players from long distances with ease as well. Saying so this gun has great accuracy and the rate of fire is excellent.

I only encountered ONE MAJOR PROBLEM... Unfortunately the cocking lever or charging handle can snap off and it will definitely shatter your heart. I love doing the H&K slap on my MP5SD5 but one day the handle just snapped off. Thankfully Umarex was able to replace my MP5SD5 with the broken handle with a completely brand new MP5SD5! Make sure you take advantage of Umarex's one-year warranty!

+ H&K fully licensed with trademarks on the gun itself
+ Sublime exterior build (full metal upper receive; high quality polymer for lower receiver and stock)
+ Good weight to it
+ Exceptionally accurate
+ Blowback and it's quite loud
+ Nice rate of fire (using 9.6v battery)
+ Superb FPS (fluctuates between 340 to 360+ using .20)
+ Great packaging along with a nice user's manual
+ Awesome customer support from Umarex!

- The mock silencer has a really bright orange tip (I spray painted mine black)
- Annoying warning label text on the gun itself
- Dust cover wobbles quite a bit
- Cocking lever can snap off at some point

If you're a snob for licensed airsoft guns or just owning magnificent AEGs in general such as myself then this is a must!
by alexander g. on 06/05/2013
"I recently recieved this gun and i want to help anybod who has questions on this gun.
This gun is an amazing gun for the cost! I have not yet had a problem or misfire and it is insanely accurate!
I HAVE MANAGED TO FIT A 9.6 4000 MAH NIMH LARGE TYPE BATTERY. It has been questioned on what battery fits. This battery is a tight fit but it works. The ROF is surprisingly fast! I havent checked yer but i would say that its shooting around 18 RPS with this battery. Although, every gun is different. There is very little magazine wobble with the magazine that comes with the gun. With other mid cap magazines, there is almost no magazine wobble at all! If you are planning on buying mid cap magazines, make sure you buy more than one! This gun fires fast! Also, at first, the midcap magazines i had purchased were hard to fit into the magazine well. But after taking out the magazine and putting it back in, it will later become easier to release and put in the magazine. Overall this gun is wonderful, and if you are looking to buy one, i completely recommend buying this! You wont be disappointed!

PROS: Fast ROF (with the battery i mentioned)
Full metal upper reciever
The polymer on the lower reciever and stock and hand grip is extremely sturdy, and would take ALOT of effort to break it.
Blowback action(authentic) (mil-sim)
Gun is very compact, good for Cqb, but long enough for outdoor play!
Almost no magazine wobble
Realistic H&K Trademarks
Easy disassembly to gearbox (2 pins in stock and magwell)

CONS: does not come with top rail (not big deal)
Hop up chamber dust cover wobbles slightly (nothing serious)
Fitting the battery is very tight!
Mock suppressor has a bright orange tip

OVERALL: i love this gun and i give it 5 stars!
by Erik M. on 12/13/2014
"Short Version: Any way you spin it, this is a fantastic gun. Performs well and has a solid feel. If you are into MP5's, this, along with the ICS one, is a fantastic choice.

Full Version:
I originally purchased this gun in October of 2013. Quick shout out to evike for their quick delivery and care in delivering the package. Anyways, the gun came in one of HK's regular "no compromise" boxes. Upon opening it up, everything was perfectly packaged and in its place. In the box is a cleaning rod, the gun, an instruction manual, 1 hicap mag, and the gun. Just note that the box is too short for the full gun to fit into, so there is a slot for the silencer to go when you screw it off, just in case you plan on using the box instead of a gun bag (I don't recommend this).

Anyways, as you hold the gun you will be impressed by the weight for an MP5. I estimate it to be around 8-9 pounds (my vfc scar-l is 7, and this is heavier). Now although the externals are good, they're not great. The bolt is wobbly and clinks around a bit too much. The upper receiver is a cast magnesium alloy of some sort with an uneven finish and doesn't seem to be of very high quality (not cheap, but not great). The polymer parts are somewhat cheap too, but maybe I'm spoiled with VFC nylon fiber. And of course HK has to engrave safety warning paragraphs into both sides of the gun. Thankfully, there is zero wobble anywhere but the bolt, but I dont recommend dropping this one. The magazine that the gun comes with is trash just like all MP5 hicaps, it wobbles around in the magwell and feeds terribly. My 2 cents is to buy some Matrix 90rd MP5 midcap mags here on evike to go with this gun, they fit perfectly with no wobble at all and feed like a dream. Personally, I think that MP5 iron sights are terrible and many people agree with me here, so buy an MP5 attachment rail and slap a red dot onto it.

Now for the part that everyone cares about, performance/internals. Gotta give this part a 5/5. With the Matrix 9.6v 4000mah battey (get this with it), I observed an impressive rate of fire, but more importantly, very good trigger response because of G&G's high torque motor. G&G hop up buckings are excellent so accuracy was spot-on, even when compared to to longer guns like the SR-12 and Scar-H. The top tech gearbox is very good, as it has 8mm bearings, steel gears, aluminum piston head, high quality wiring, and a decent piston. Shimming and AOE was good for a stock gun. The only problem I have with it is that the gearbox shell itself seems to have a little less reinforcement than I would have liked, especially since G&G decided to go with a metal piston head. Its not too bad and you wont have any problems unless you decide to pop a more than 400 fps spring into it. If it does break (unlikely), any version 2 gearbox will fit but you wont have the blowback. The blowback functions nicely and you lose surprisingly little compression. It is a nice touch. The hopup unit is a regular one-piece, black plastic MP5 style unit. It does its job, but evike sells some under their hop up section that are full metal so I recommend those. The barrel is standard MP5 length, which is somewhat disappointing since there is plenty of room inside the silencer for and extra 4 inches. I put a PDI 6.01 in it that stretches to the end of the silencer and got notably better groupings at 150 feet.

Anyways, this gun worth every penny of $229.99. You get outstanding out-of-the box performance and plenty of upgrade options should you wish. The externals could have been a little bit nicer, but they're by no means cheap. A few things I suggest getting with it are:
- Matrix 90 round MP5 midcap mags
- Matrix 9.6v 4000mah large type battery
- Scope mount
- Red dot sight

Happy Airsofting!
by Jordan F. on 10/22/2014
"I have had this gun for over 2 years, and let me tell you, this is a fantastic gun. Through the years I have had it, I have never had an issue. I have put at least 40000 rounds through it and never had a problem. With the 8.4 volt large battery I use with it, the ROF is MENTAL. I often get yelled at for over shooting. One issue with this gun(in my opinion) is the fps. It only shoots around 330. That isn't too good when it comes to outdoor fields.

Here are the Pros and Cons:
Hk trades
High ROF
It is an MP5
High quality build
Extremely durable
Blowback is neat
Sounds beast
Looks beast
Is beast...
Hopup works well
Doing the Hk slap with this is very satisfying

Low Fps
A little big for cqb (in my opinion)
The plastic on the top of the gun looks cheap, and you can see the mold things

Overall this gun is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who would likes MP5s or beast guns. All you need to do is upgrade the spring and you are good to go.