Reviews: AIRSOFTCON DOOR BUSTER - H&K Licensed MP5 SD5 Full Metal Elite Airsoft AEG Rifle by G&G Top Tech

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Model: AEG-UREX-2279013
Location: A3-058 WO4-24 WSO6-T11

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by Andrew A. on 2014-05-27 22:14:38
"It's been more than a year that I had the privilege of owning this masterpiece by Umarex (OEM: G&G). This is truly one of the best MP5 replicas currently out there and what makes it even better is the fact that it is officially licensed by H&K. Thus there are trademarks on the gun itself to give it that nice authenticity feel. The exterior build of the gun is fantastic! The upper receive is full metal whereas the lower receiver and stock are made of high quality polymer. The handguard and mock silencer in the other hand feels a little bit cheap for me. Overall it feels remarkable, extremely robust and best of all it looks incredibly realistic.

This also has blowback for an electric gun. It has a very nice distinctive yet satisfying snappy sound each time you pull the trigger. The battery compartment is located on the stock so you can pretty much house a large-type battery if you want. I'm personally using a small-type 9.6v nunchuck battery. I'm also using King Arms mid-caps and they work perfectly fine with this model.

I've mainly used the gun indoors for CQB. It's the perfect weapon to use for CQB since the MP5 is quite compact and lightweight to use. I'm able to maneuver and clear rooms without any difficulty. I've managed to hit players from long distances with ease as well. Saying so this gun has great accuracy and the rate of fire is excellent.

I only encountered ONE MAJOR PROBLEM... Unfortunately the cocking lever or charging handle can snap off and it will definitely shatter your heart. I love doing the H&K slap on my MP5SD5 but one day the handle just snapped off. Thankfully Umarex was able to replace my MP5SD5 with the broken handle with a completely brand new MP5SD5! Make sure you take advantage of Umarex's one-year warranty!

+ H&K fully licensed with trademarks on the gun itself
+ Sublime exterior build (full metal upper receive; high quality polymer for lower receiver and stock)
+ Good weight to it
+ Exceptionally accurate
+ Blowback and it's quite loud
+ Nice rate of fire (using 9.6v battery)
+ Superb FPS (fluctuates between 340 to 360+ using .20)
+ Great packaging along with a nice user's manual
+ Awesome customer support from Umarex!

- The mock silencer has a really bright orange tip (I spray painted mine black)
- Annoying warning label text on the gun itself
- Dust cover wobbles quite a bit
- Cocking lever can snap off at some point

If you're a snob for licensed airsoft guns or just owning magnificent AEGs in general such as myself then this is a must!
by alexander g. on 2013-06-05 19:12:56
"I recently recieved this gun and i want to help anybod who has questions on this gun.
This gun is an amazing gun for the cost! I have not yet had a problem or misfire and it is insanely accurate!
I HAVE MANAGED TO FIT A 9.6 4000 MAH NIMH LARGE TYPE BATTERY. It has been questioned on what battery fits. This battery is a tight fit but it works. The ROF is surprisingly fast! I havent checked yer but i would say that its shooting around 18 RPS with this battery. Although, every gun is different. There is very little magazine wobble with the magazine that comes with the gun. With other mid cap magazines, there is almost no magazine wobble at all! If you are planning on buying mid cap magazines, make sure you buy more than one! This gun fires fast! Also, at first, the midcap magazines i had purchased were hard to fit into the magazine well. But after taking out the magazine and putting it back in, it will later become easier to release and put in the magazine. Overall this gun is wonderful, and if you are looking to buy one, i completely recommend buying this! You wont be disappointed!

PROS: Fast ROF (with the battery i mentioned)
Full metal upper reciever
The polymer on the lower reciever and stock and hand grip is extremely sturdy, and would take ALOT of effort to break it.
Blowback action(authentic) (mil-sim)
Gun is very compact, good for Cqb, but long enough for outdoor play!
Almost no magazine wobble
Realistic H&K Trademarks
Easy disassembly to gearbox (2 pins in stock and magwell)

CONS: does not come with top rail (not big deal)
Hop up chamber dust cover wobbles slightly (nothing serious)
Fitting the battery is very tight!
Mock suppressor has a bright orange tip

OVERALL: i love this gun and i give it 5 stars!

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)