Reviews: G&G M4 Carbine Special Editions M16 Combat Machine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Tan)

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Model: AEG-GG-CM-T
Location: L2-006 WSO6-M12 V4-M4

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by Kelly S. on 2014-09-28 16:10:25
"To start off, I give this gun a 5.0/10.0.
This gun might of just been a fluke, but it still sucks that i spent 140$ on it just to have it start falling apart 4 months later, (only used it in 3 games).

Light weight
lots of battery space
Decent Gearbox
Nice look
1000 free .20g bbs G&G

Bad wiring (got into my magwell)
Body was slightly misaligned
When battery got low it would skip shots or simi while on full or vise versa
Hard to disassemble
Does not come with a battery turns a 140$ in to 180$ after a charger

All in all it's not bad, but i would save up 50$ more and get a Cqr.
by Tanner S. on 2014-01-07 11:58:46
"This is an awesome gun! Very accurate right out of the box! I'm glad I purchased this, great for beginner and expert airsoft players who want a great gun right away that's easily upgradable. Love this gun.
Pros: great fps, durable body, accurate, easily upgradable, great gun.

Cons: aluminum inner barrel, short inner barrel, front iron sight not adjustable.

Overall this is just a great gun that everyone should own!!!
by Dustin S. on 2013-07-24 23:05:03
"I write very honest reviews. I don't leave anything out.

For starters I'm going to say, This is the best starter M4 on the market. Hands down. Go to youtube and ask the other famous airsofters, They all say the same thing. Not saying other M4s are bad, but this thing has my likings. The accuracy, Is amazing....Mine came with a brass 6.035mm tightbore. Others have said the same thing that there gun came with one. The rate of fire is pretty good on a 9.6. The gun Has a pretty solid body, no wobble. The polymer is very very durable. This gun shoots at a lower FPS, but it works pretty good. I used this gun in many skirmishes and It performed really well against higher end guns. Here comes my beef. The gun's magazine well is so loose. the high cap that came with it is very wobbly in the mag well, and its not the mags fault. The other beef I have is that the gun's barrel isn't really secured down. It broke off and fell in the middle of a skirmish.

-Amazing accuracy. The accuracy is on par with very high end guns
-very good ROF
-Light weight. very very light.
-Just performs amazing for 140$

-Mag well is loose. I haven't fount a mag that I haven't had to tape yet.
-Outer barrel isnt secured down good enough, maybe this was just mine though.
-No battery.
by chris c. on 2012-04-08 09:59:26
"Overall this gun is amazing. It's really cheap, but the ABS plastic is the best quality that I have ever seen. I bought a 9.6v battery along with it and have gotten way better at airsoft while using this weapon. RIght out of the box it shoots about 330 FPS, but after about 6 months it shoots 300.

Battery is pretty easy to get in
Uses any M4 magazine
Simple to operate
Great for both Field and CQB
Short and light
Flash hider is of very strong plastic
FPS decreases significantly over time
WAY too mainstream
very wobbly
only 2 places to install rails
by Christopher M. on 2011-11-24 09:45:06
"Great gun, perfect for cqb. Also good in outdoor fields.

Good fps good for cqb
Surprisingly good range
Strong nylon fiber construction
Awesome blue cylinder
Great fire selector not very loose

For scopes you need rid riser or carry handle rail
Should get a tight bore barrel (got 500mm angel custom + suppressor)
Definitely get full metal hop up (I'm getting a G&P)
Strong delta ring

Overall great gun thnx evike
by Ronald G. on 2011-07-17 17:59:42
"Great gun for backyard wars with friends

Pros: accurate, fast fire-rate, heavy duty, long lasting...most of the things you want out of a gun

Cons: The battery and charger doesn't come with it (when i bought the battery and charger it came to about $215 but i got a smart charger) it's hard to get the battery in and out (i get my dad to help with that) after about seven shots on semi-auto, i have to reload the bbs by spinning the mag (but i think the mag could be broken)

fyi: the orange tip is purposely chipped, thats how g+g make their guns, i thought it broke until my friends told me that its supposed to be there
by blain h. on 2011-03-23 15:10:33
"great gun fairly reliable i have had hop up troubles (the bucking is really soft) i upgraded the motor to a matrix turbo and it shoots nearly as fast as a lipo. I also installed a matrix free float and the barrel wobbles a bit but its fine looks great and is a great gun for cqb and field play
by Matthew L. on 2011-02-19 20:19:29
"I bought this gun about a year and a half ago and i must say its working as if it was opened yesterday. This m4 is one of the best airsoft gun ive seen. I have had 3 past m4s from matrix, echo, and some china made company :D. Unfortunetly all of them broke within a span of a year and then i bought this gg m4 and so far its working like a charm. There has been no need to repair anything and all i have been doing is upgrading it :).

I recommend this gun to any beginner airsofter who wants something powerful at the same time simple to use. I must admit that gg makes one of the best airsoft guns around.


easy to use
full metal
very durable
long lasting
consistent firing rate
rarely jams
common gun (therefore the parts for this gun is abundant and cheap)


low fps (thats why i suggest the 1st thing u do is to upgrade your hop up spring)
may need to get a scope rasier for your scope mount (i needed to)
mag in mag insert is kinda rattly but ignorable

by Garrett S. on 2010-12-21 18:54:12
"Got this gun a month or two ago and im very pleased with it. The gun has many metal parts and only a few plastic parts such as hand guard, stock, hand grip, and the upper and lower are made of a polymer or nylon so pretty good build. The gun comes with an all English manual, cleaning rod, mag, and the gun. The guns ROF is pretty best with a good 8.4 battery but with like a crappy old one it doesnt do so good, if you get this gun you might want to up grade your battery just so the ROF is greater along with the distance. The gun does not come with any tactical rails its just a plain jane rifle which allows you to design your own gun. All in all great rifle for under 200$.
Lots of Metal Parts
Good ROF
Great Distance
No tactical rails
Plain jane rifle
Might need to upgrade battery
by Chris w. on 2010-08-31 09:21:58
"ok I actually own this gun and it is Asome!!! Just saying but the guy with the other reveiw the upper reciver isnt metal. This has a nice feel and everything is solid. The stock is the only downer for me and thats not even very wiggly.

Overall great gun.
by Nathan T. on 2010-08-26 15:17:58
"Allright people, I don't know why but EVIKE wouldn't let me review last time so I am going to try again.
Here is the review for the G&G M4 Combat Machine I currently use.

Lets begin with the externals.
Metal Parts.
Barrel, fake gas tube, upper receiver, carrying handle and rear sights, front sights, stock tube, and trigger.

Plastic parts.
Flashider, hand grips, lower receiver is some kind of nylon.

The gun has no wobble what so ever, the paint is solid, [I bought the tan, painted it black] and it does not come with the Marine Corp logo expressed in the picture. It feels really good, and has a nice weight to it, same size as the real thing. Front grip holds the battery, while the retractable stock slides back and forth, and has no wobble to it. Another complaint was that when you pull the charging handle back, it doesnt open the magcatch. So the little door that protects the hopup doesn't open unless you get something to open it with, like a knife or your finger nails. This can be a problem, but once you get the hop-up on spot you won't need to change it again.

G&G was spot on with this gun, very smooth firing, no springy sound or gear grinding, it is full metal, and reinforced, and can handle most upgardes and lipo batteries. When I opened it up, it was a little bit over greased, but everything looked very, very nice. No rust, copper, bronze...or ugly colors. Nothing but steel.

My only complaint is the spring, which needs to be beefed up, it fires anywhere in the neighborhood of 330-350fps.
It is pretty accurate, but nothing to write home about, nice tight groupings up to 100 ft.

Combat performance.
Lugging this thing around was no big deal, and game performance was superb, I would frequently get comments on the accuracy of this gun, and I had a very good idea of it. It fires pretty fast, but I am not a speed guy, only occasionaly switching to full auto during stressful situations.

It performed when I needed it bottom line, and dropped those who needed to be dropped.
My only issue again was the fps, I am not a guy who upgrades his fps to get more of a reaction out of a player after I shoot them, I just want greater range. That plus it would get frustrating watchign someone dodge your bb's.

Though it was adequate it did leave welts and perfomed its job.

It is an amazingly simple gun, and has a lot of potential I am currently exploting right now.

In short.

Pros. Solid, no wobble, great internals, very accurate, is there when you need it.

Cons. Low Fps, needed RIS rails, little bit of an accuracy issue at some times. Thats the only reasons why I give it a 4 star rating

Overall. 4.5 Stars A good gun well worth the 140 dollars it costs.

Recomended upgrades.
Inner barrel, 6.03 or 6.01
Higher Fps spring
New metal RIS system so you can mount equipment.
Red dot sight.
All of which I have or am getting, really good gun though, cheers gents.
New Motor to handle the spring!
by John O. on 2010-04-29 18:19:29
"I just got this gun in the mail today and I am extremely impressed by this gun. Absolutely no wobble anywhere and incredibly sturdy. This gun is so accurate I hit a fire hydrant over six houses away. The magazine is also very sturdy compared to those of my friends and it is very quiet compared to those too with no rattling. The FPS is accurate as in the description of the gun. The only bad parts are that there's a chunk missing from my flash hider and the lower handguard is also hard to reinstall after putting the battery in. The weight falls right in the middle because it can good or bad. Overall, an amazing gun for the money. 10 out of 5 stars!

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