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by estion l. on 2010-09-17 08:40:15
"This gun is amazing i got this gun on 9/17/10 and its god like. stock the gun is great but once u though in the m120 service evike has it shoots harder and faster than my freinds kwa m4 pros: high fps ( m120 installed ) 400-425 at the most with .20 gram rate of fire about 18-22 bbs per second (matrix 9.6 highoutput battery) high accuracy - with out m120 you would be reaching your max at 140 being effective with m120 about 180 (with out tight bore) athough it shoots like it has a tight bore extremely well built not gonna break easy cons: the motor gets real hot fairly quick im gonna get a heat sink to cool it down overall: 9.0 -10 because of heatproblem and lack of tighbore highly recomended geting following: matrix9.6 m4 costom, m120 evike costom work service, heat sink p.s. thank u evike team
by Ryan P. on 2010-09-16 08:32:31
"Amazing. Just what I was expecting :) totally the best aeg I have ever had. Can't wait to go to field with it.
by david b. on 2010-09-10 22:54:56
"This gun is the best gun on the market for $140. With the M4 being the most common airsoft gun, upgrades are endless. Out of the box its just amazing, shoots very fast and really hard with a 9.6v, it shoots very accurate- almost as good as a tightbore! the feel is amazing, the weight is balanced really well, it is a really good weight, but not too heavy that it hurts your arms after a couple hours in skirmishes. I've played in skirmishes with it and it keeps up really well, and according to the people i've shoot from all different ranges, they say it hurts! It also shoots really far with good accuracy. Get a scope or red dot with zoom and you can snipe anyone.

pros: accurate
great feel
amazing accuracy
really fast ROF
good fps
endless upgrade possibilities

cons: loud

get a 9.6v battery
get a couple of extra mags

Gotta love G&G..
by Ryan G. on 2010-09-05 18:27:46
"This airsoft gun is pretty sweet. I got this gun back in like July for my birthday, after playing an airsoft game with some buddys. I used to have a cheapo M4 but I wanted a much nicer one. I at first considered a sniper but realized how much more useful an Assault Rifle can be. The look and feel are just awesome. I liked my old M4 but it didnt feel right. However this gun has a very nice weight and feel to it. I wear a paintball/airsoft mask and old Army camo uniform when I play and my friends say it's fairly hard to see me when I'm prone. I would suggest using white BB's just because in daylight you can see them (With my paintball mask I can't aim down the sights). I picked up some extra mags and this is very helpful so I don't have to wind up the clip again. One complaint would have to be is the clip doesn't always load the last BB's in the clip into the gun.
-Well balanced
-Accurate Sights
-LE stock
-Decent FPS and accuracy

-No battery included (Not even a tester battery)
-Doesn't always load last few BB's
-No U.S. Marine logo : ( but the Combat Machine logo is still cool (Stupid Trademarking)
by Gerald Y. on 2010-05-29 12:55:03
"Received gun 5/25/2010. Own Echo-1 G36C, bought 3/2007, JG G36C bought 8/2009 and JG M4A1 bought 9/2009.
This G&G gun, even thought it is G&G low end version, is VASTLY superior to every JG gun I have bought. Quality of external is amazing. The parts that are nylon fiber fell like metal and make the ABS plastic on the JG look like cheap toys in comparison.
This G&G gun is flat out solid and durable in hand. Nice heavy feel, but not so heavy it will wear you out after a long day.
Rate of fire is great. Range and accuracy outstanding! Measured 140 feet range before they started dropping down. At 60 ft, full auto, getting 5 inch groupings and 10 inch groupings at 120 feet. That is firing from the shoulder, it was so good I did not even bother with a gun stand to test it, it would only be better.
Internals look, sound and feel extremely solid. I see no need to upgrade this any time soon, until something breaks. Evike says it does not have a tight bore barrel, but it sure shoots like it does.
Compared to my JG M4 (which is supposed to be "better" with a high power srping, etc) this G&G outperorms in EVERY possible catagory. After buying only JG in the past, I am only buying G&G from now on! At the same price as a JG, buy this instead!
by Rowan W. on 2010-05-19 17:43:09
"Just got this today in the mail finally and tested it out with the 1000 pack of BBs it comes with.


Great weight/feel and looks.
It feels powerful, sounds powerful, IS powerful.
The rate of fire seems to meet or even exceed 15 shots per second.
Easy hop-up adjustment.


The only real serious con is the hand guard spring, it is very tight, which is good in some cases as it won't fall apart on you in the middle of battle. But it can be very annoying to get the hand guard off to put the battery in. But after 1 or 2 times of opening it, you get the hang of it and it becomes more easy.

Pretty much the best gun a beginner can get

Thats pretty much it and I would give this gun a 4.5 out of 5. Mostly leaving off the .5 because of Hand guard spring. But I will round up. Great gun!
by Donovan F. on 2010-04-08 09:58:59
"I love this gun has an amazing rate of fire, the fps is 350, and is made of very durable plastic but i gave it four stars because it is impossible to put the battery in but besides that its great gun buy it.
by Michelle B. on 2010-03-27 22:32:43
"Very pleased with the gun. Being a plastic model it will not be as sturdy as a body with full metal, however the quality of the plastic is very nice. For $140 it is definetly worth the money.

+Sturdy Plastic
+Comfortable Grip
+Nice/Decent ROF (with 9.6V)
+Detachable carrying handle suitable for various optics
+Highly upgradable

-Plastic (If you prefer metal)
-FPS could be a little higher but is also good where it's at (around 330fps)

So all in all, if you don't mind a plastic body, this is a great find. And if you want more accuracy or higher fps, AEG tightbores and springs are fairly cheap so that won't be a problem. Great gun for the price!
by tyler k. on 2010-03-12 14:36:51
"Great gun shoots only around 330fps but rof is high

good gears
good barrel

mag wobbles
bad spring
plastic body
by MJ F. on 2010-02-05 19:22:29
"Quick review-

This gun kicks arse!

-Great ROF with a 9.6
-Excellent grouping/accuracy
-Decent range
-Solid body, even for a plastic sportline

-No tightbore (duh its a sportline)
-No cool marine logo, it has the CM armament logo
-The stock wobbles

Other than that, this thing pwns. If you want a great gun under 200 bucks, you don't need to get something more expensive than this. It beats out all CA sportline guns I have seen.
by bob m. on 2010-01-29 07:04:46
"Not for the pros. Ive been in airsoft for 2 years and when i got this i was extremely dissapointed.
heres the pros and con


-sturdy body not gonna go anywhere
- large magazine
- sights are ok.

- plastic body break easily mine is half cracked
-internals are badly lubed
- piston broke after 500 shot
- wiring is very loose
- stock is wobbly
by max m. on 2009-09-26 21:11:43
"is there a rail underneath the carrying handle? thanks

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