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G&G Sportsline GR16 R4 Tactical Carbine Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

9 Customer Reviews

by Nick T. on 07/09/2011
"Great gun. utterly love it. the Full stock not only provides awesome support but also allows you to house a larger battery, which will let you stay in the field all day.
some of the Features i like about this gun are:
-Full stock
-Full metal rails
-Balanced feel
-Fun to shoot

Some of the things that i found that i didnt really like were....
by SHERRY S. on 02/13/2011
"Ok so i just got this gun yesturday, not from evike but from a local store for the same price. i was actualy looking for a standard g&g combat machine but the man who worked there didnt have any in stock so he showed me a few of the guns he had and after being disapointed for a while i found this one. i love it so far. havent seen action with it yet nut by the end of feb. i should, pretty good accuracy with it so far havent even adjusted sights or hop up yet. rate of fire is above average i think.

metal ris
big battery space in stock (large type connecter)
very durable abs plastic upper and lower recievers
adjustable front and rear sights ( mine did not come with front sight adjustment tool)
fire selector clicks very nicely
very solid nothing wobble but the mag but what mag doesnt wobble a
little (nothing duct tape cant fix)

mag wobble
450 rd mag ( i preffer 300 )
flashhider is hard to get off theres a little allan screw on the bottom of it.
butt plate on the stock isnt too comfortable
grip isnt the most comfortable thing out there nut it gets the job done. im hopen to get a magpul one
really theres not that many cons about this gun over all its worth the money

one more thing, on the this website i think it says like 360 to 420 fps or somthing like that i chronoed it and its really about 320 to 340 but dont get me wrong you still have amazing range and accuracy and you could even use it on a cqb course. and remeber to use matrix .20 bbs because it does have a tightbore on it.. i think its like $10 for 5000 of them good deal... so if you can i would suggest getting this gun if youve got the money and get a 9.6 large type battery fro it because it doesnt come with a bettery or charger.
by Joey k. on 09/20/2010
"this is an amazing gun in shoots fast and very accurate but my gun was set on pre order so i didnt get it for a while. I totally recamend this gun to all those who like to get into close combat.
by Tyler S. on 01/18/2009
"This is my best rifle out of my little collection. it is so freaking accurate i can hit people 150ft away in the leg through a hole! But back to the gun the stock of the weapon is externally well built but one thing i didn't like was that the battery compartment more than likely wont fit a 9.6 or 10.2 because i can't push the battery far enough back right now i have a 8.4v in it & that works just fine. The adjustable sight that comes with it works great. the mag is a 450rd so if u can control ur fire it will last a good while. the RIS has VARY LITTLE wobble to it even when u use the fore grip. One thing that pissed me off was that the flash hider was glued onto the barrel & i couldn't get it off. But other than that it was a great gun in all conditions.
by Daniel U. on 10/09/2008
"This is a great rifle hands down.
Just got mine in the mail today and it's flawless, nothing on the gun looks or feels cheap which was a very important detail to me.
I bought it with the battery+charger deal and it's not a crap battery like you may think. Mine came with an 8.4v 1500mAh which takes 5 hours to charge (get a smart charger and it'll be done in 2.5 hours)
Although it says the rifle doesn't come with a foregrip....Mine did! and it's very sturdy as well.
Another fine quality is that there is no wobble around the barrel AT ALL. It's very solid and sturdy feeling.
I did find a little bit of wobble in the magazine port but I rather have that than a super tight fit. (I put a piece of tape around it and it fixed it right up)
Once again, this is a great rifle in many aspects and is worth every penny. Take care of it if you decide to purchase!
by Jacob O. on 09/28/2008
"i have this gun and i take it to Hollywood sports every friday it blows all of the 350 to 400 dollar m4 and m16 away
by Jason Z. on 08/22/2008
"Generally, in close quarter, you want your weapon to be as short as possible. (A full stock is a bit longer than retractable stock, but if you are comfortable with it against your shoulder (like, if you are somewhat tall) then its not a big difference since you would have your retractable stock fully extended when you are moving.

This rifle is light weight and very durable. In my opinion, a M4 will work for both indoor and outdoor for it's length is perfect for both.

Full stock will enable you a bigger battery = faster cycle rate = longer battery duration. So in return, it is increased tactical advantage.

The silencer, will be for look, you can always detach it during cqb game anyways.
by Eric R. on 09/08/2009
"Not the highest rate of fire or muzzle velocity out of the box, but this gun is much more durable than other entry-mid level plastic guns that I've seen. The plastic is heavy and durable enough that at first touch, the receiver feels like metal.

The RIS has a slight side to side wobble, but I don't notice it when I'm on the field. The foregrip this comes with is solid. It also comes with two rail covers for the rails you're not using.

After playing with lots of other low end rifles (most everyone seems to have JG/Echo1), I still prefer this because it's so well built. The full stock is also nice because you can put a large battery in and not worry about running out of juice in the middle of a game.

If this shot slightly harder out of the box, I'd give it 5/5. However, the included tight bore barrel makes it just as accurate as lower end, harder shooting guns. Excellent gun.
by Nick S. on 09/13/2008
"This thing is great!! Full Metal RIS/RAS!! It shoots about 330-350, it has a nice rate of fire with a 8.4, the hicap is great 450 rounds! The only problem I have is the hop up dosent stay where I adjust it but its no big deal. The plastic body isnt crap its a really nice nylon fiber!

Overall this thing blows any JG or echo out of the water!! save up that extra 30 bucks and buy this its great!

4/5 Just because of the hop up problem mine has.