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Pre-Order ETA June 2018 G&G M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Imitation Wood / Rifle)

8 Customer Reviews

by paul p. on 04/08/2012
"I had recently received this m14, let me tell you its one of my most favorite guns i have even shot. I have owned many guns in the past from kwa, g&p, ics, etc... and this gun out preforms all of them. I had a classic army rail system added to replace the old hand gaurd piece made of plastic. the gun is accurate I can hit targets that are about 250 feet away with .25s. There is plenty of battery space in the gun for any large battery up to a 9.6. The gun is shooting at 360 with .2s. I will finish the review with listing pros and cons that i have noticed in the gun

long(can be con)
not to heavy not to light
battery space
gearbox and hop up design
excellent trigger response
amazing bolt design from g&g

needs G&G mags only
nothing so far
by Kenny K. on 08/09/2011
"Owned this beast for about 2 years now and I have to say im thoroughly impressed. The rate of fire and fps is very nice out of the box. A 9.6v battery is a must but its well worth it, makes the rate of fire even more insane and the gun roars when it fires. Whenever I use this gun all my friends are terrified. Its great.
by Sonya P. on 06/14/2011
"THE BEST M14 ON THE MARKET!!!! if you have the money get this gun!

large battery compartment
insane rof
high quality
very reliable (i have at lest put 25,000 bbs through it)
very quiet
preinstalled 6.04 tightbore (super accurate)
magazines are very hard to load (i still cant do it in 1 try)
magazines cost $33
you can only use G&G and classic army m14 magus (do not buy any other type of m14 mag!!!)

basically the only bad thing about this gun is the mags. don't let that keep you from buying it, the performance will blow you away
by David W. on 02/18/2009
"this is my first real aeg and I'm impressed. the rate of fire is crazy and the fact that its still accurate while doing so is super although a little bit on the heavy side i didn't mind because the weight is as much as a real steel rifle. the magazine is annoying how ever because of the lack of a wind key.

i would recommended a good sling since it doesn't come with one, a barrel clip bi-pod and if your going for a dmr you will need a weaver rail attachment and a scope of your choice

heres some links to rails and items mentioned above
by Patrick S. on 01/30/2009
"I love this gun. It's probably the best M14 on the market for less than 300 dollars, and far superior in both finish and function to the TM M14. The internals are pre-upgraded, so it shoots great right outta the box.

-Best faux-wood finish of any M14, incredibly realistic, and made of very tough plastic. It'll never break.
-Everything that can be metal is metal
-Great ROF, even with weaker batteries
-Great range and fps, mine's steady at about 380 fps and it'll reach out to about 200 feet with the hop-up properly adjusted
-Simple to use dial hop-up
-It's solidly built and weighs about 9 pounds (realism factor)
-Working slide and bolt catch

-It weighs about nine pounds (it gets heavy fast)
-Doesn't accept TM compatible mags, which sucks balls because G&G/CA mags are like 30 bucks
-Also not compatible with TM internals and the TM real wood stock upgrade (G&G/CA makes one for it, but it isn't sold on evike)

Overall, the only M14 on the market that has better internals is the M14 Veteran for 100 bucks more. The only difference is it has an M130 spring built in already so it shoots 400+ fps out of the box. If you truly want an M14, I suggest you get this gun and an M130 spring because it's cheaper. Even without a better spring, this gun is THE BEST. Period.
by Craig B. on 12/28/2008
"I've had 3 skirmishes with this gun so far and im rating it out of the box.

The box it comes with is very nice, and the manual is in complete english.

Using the poor mans chrono, the fps is higher than 370 but less than 420

Quiet on semi, sort-of loud on auto

Included Hi-Cap Magazine is amazing, full metal and flawless feeding. Holds 470 Rds

The fake wood was convincing enough to make some people think it was real wood until I told them

Some people say the plastic for the heat shield is terrible crap but I experienced no problems with it.

Very accurate out of box

Easy to adjust hop up, has bolt latch so you don't have to hold the lever back.

Good sights

HUGE battery compartment in the back. Held a 9.6V Large Type 3600 MAH Intellect with 1.5 inches of room to spare.


Front sight flew off after rough contact with a tree in battle, its now lost and I'll just have to buy a scope now.

Heavy at first, but becomes fine after.

Battery may wobble around inside if it's too small for the huge stock

Selector Switch may need getting used too.

No included rails of any sort

Overall a very high quality gun for the price.
by Louise S. on 11/10/2008
"i had the tsd version then i got this also the manager said voltage doesnt matter so a 9.6 volt battery will definetly work in this awesome gun
by kathleen n. on 11/04/2008
"I know i am not supposed to ask a question but does this gun take a 9.6 volt battery.