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Echo1 RedStar Operator Combat Weapon Airsoft AEG Rifle

5 Customer Reviews

by Michael G. on 03/14/2015
"I've had this gun for 3 months and yet no problems!

Full Metal (aside from stock, flash hider, and pistol grip)
Good FPS and range
Very durable
Cheap mags
2 Battery positions (Stock in buffer tube & under dust cover)
Crane stock for nun chuck batteries

Rails are "sharp" (get rail covers)
hop-up gets moved back by charging handle (just sand down the hop-up tab)
Buffer Tube wobbles (+ screw in the bottom easy fix)
Fire selection lever is kinda ehh (moves or doesn't lock very well in fire mode could just be me)
by jake a. on 01/23/2014
"I absolutely love this gun! echo 1 outdone themselves this time. the gun is exactly like the picture. plenty of room in the stock for the battery. mags are good thought I recommend beta mid cap mags sold here on evike. has good weight to it because it has full metal rails. an issue I do have with it is its lack of sling points. I belive it doesn't have these because it has ambidextrous cocking handles but any matrix ones should fit and I have a buffer tube one and a rail mounted one. a great thing about this is the unscrew able orange tip. this gun has 14mm counter clockwise threading and once you pull out a pin I recommend doing this with a small pair of tweezers and then just un screw it. you can then put it back on when you need to and take it off when you don't so then you can mount a suppressor or flashider instead the stock is a bit wobbly but nothing to be too concerned about. the quality goes the internals too. the craftsmanship of this is just outstanding!!!!! and as far as if tried this is isnt mag fussy so most magazines will fit in. the sits are adjustable out to 1000 meters. so for those of you looking for something a bit different but still want that ak platform this is for you.
by Lars Oddne P. on 12/08/2013
"I've had this gun for half a year now, and I haven't had a single problem with it. I've played with it at tempratures down to 21 degrees fahrenheit and dropped it in the snow several times with out having any trouble with it. It has an incredible durable full metal body and good accuracy. For that price it's a fantastic deal. Only bad thing I have to say about this rifle is that the stock and the buffertube is a little bit wably. Best gun I've ever owned.
by Jeff Z. on 07/20/2014
"This gun has served me for almost a year. I have had no internal issues with the gun. There is absolutely no wobble in the gun, except for the crane stock but that is to be expected. This gun has a good amount of rail space. This gun is definitely for someone looking for a M4/AK cross. The main problem with this gun is that it is picky with the magazines. I made the mistake of buying the wrong magazines and wasted $50. My gun had a defect where the side rails were not 20 mm. The gun performs great though. Range is absolutely amazing if you get the hop-up right, however, the charging handle messes with the hop-up.

Build quality
Rail space

Picky with magazines
Charging handle messes with your hop-up
by Christine h. on 04/09/2015
"Ok this is gun is pretty good ...decent range....the one major problem that i have with this gun is the gears....After using this gun in the field ....maybe bout 12 games....the gears stripped out broken teeth.......for a 250 dollar gun you get pot metal gears....after doing some investigating alot of guns have crap gears like this one.....

the gun as is just ok and i challenge evike to take down the phrase that says this gun can handle all day milsim style games...........let me tell you ...NO IT CAN NOT ...

so after putting in a 6.01 barrel
madbull 120 spring
steel gears with the correct engagement angle
now its a beast.....
but if i would of know that i would have to put so much money into it... i would of went with a vfk mk18 or kwa sr10.. i feel the money would have been better spent on one of these guns