Reviews: Echo1 SOG-68 XM177 Vietnam Limited Edition Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-E1-JP74

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by Andrew M. on 2016-05-26 18:28:52
"I just got this gun the other day and I love it! The FPS and ROF are solid right out of the box. It is super compact and easy to carry around while also having a decent weight for a polymer gun. I recommend a new battery and charger (I prefer Valken).

Good FPS (390 out of the box)
Decent ROF with 8.4 battery
Awesome Vietnam design
Compact and easy to maneuver
My bayonet still works on it
Completely vertical magazines
Hop up
Comfortable triangular grip
adjustable full stock

None that I found so far :)
by Shawn P. on 2016-05-06 07:16:43
"I ordered this gun as an epic deal for $99. At this price, it's an amazing deal.

The gun fills the gap between cqb and field applications. It shoots around 340-360 with .25s, has a decent rate of fire with the provided 8.4v battery, and is maneuverable given the compact size. The fact that the platform is very customizable adds to the value. I've fielded the gun three times in skirmish games, and have not been let down at all by the performance. I would recommend this gun to intermediate airsofters who are on a budget.

Pros: versatile, solid fps and ROF, maneuverable. Straight m16 mag and short profile provide a unique look

Cons: poor trigger response on semi with the stock 8.4 battery. Tight battery compartment, but not as bad as the echo1 g36.

Overall this gun is ready for skirmishes and performs well as a mid range gun that could function in both cqb and field applications
by Cody G. on 2015-06-02 10:18:29
"This gun is great! It may not be full metal, but it has very good performance to make up for it. For a 6.06mm barrel it has pretty good accuracy with 0.2g BBs. I use a 9.6v battery in mine and the rof is perfect. I used this gun in a 7 hour competition and got plenty of kills. It comes with 2 magazines, which really came in handy! I kept the stock retracted because I love how compact it is. It makes climbing trees a lot easier! Overall, this gun is a great choice for field and cqb. Thanks for the awesome deal, Evike!
by Luke S. on 2015-05-02 18:56:44
"This gun shoots accurate, feels sturdy and great, and has worked perfectly. I can't believe it's $100 and the low price does not represent the amazing quality of the gun itself. Echo1 is a great brand and their craftsmanship is superb. Only slight con is putting battery in but besides that the gun is great. Recommend getting a smart charger rather than the wall charger included. Great gun, great price.
by Isaiah M. on 2013-12-17 10:43:51
"I love this gun so much it is AMAZING!!! I have taken it a lot of events and it has preformed incredibly, the only can is that the battery is hard to put in
by Drew M. on 2013-10-03 19:04:16
"Well to start let me just say WOW this gun is incredible! its incredibly compact however not uncomfortably small! It is made from all polymer but it still has a good weight to it and is VERY stury feeling. You may think that because of the size of this gun it is only for cqb but you couldnt be so wrong! you could easily take it in the field!
Good FPS (around 380)
Incredible range!
very accurate
lightweight but yet still nice feeling
good ROF with an 8.4v
Li-po ready!!
VERY crisp magazine well
almost zero wobble
carrying handle is fixed
cant fit a 9.6 in the handguard :(
other than that none!
Buy this gun! its worth every penny!

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)