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Echo1 Ohio Ordnance Works M1918 SLR Airsoft AEG Rifle

6 Customer Reviews

by Matthew R. on 08/15/2016
"While I do not own this rifle I have used it for a day and let me tell you, it's a beast of a gun. Now this gun is very much like the real steel down to the trades which are very nice. This gun is very accurate and the hop up is both easy to adjust and amazing. With .25s this will easily hit targets about 150-170ft away easily anything much farther and you may have to lob them a bit. The mags hold 190rds yes but they are very inexpensive coming in at about $20 which honestly isn't bad. Now with all these positive things there come negatives too. This gun is very heavy due to the metal parts being steel. The wood is polymer but feels nice. Now I get into the pros and cons.

Amazing range and accuracy
Metal parts are metal
Amazing hop up and gear box
Suprisingly quiet
Has semi auto as well so if you wanna take it into CQB and lower the spring you can

Heavy (could be a pro)
With a 9.6 there are really bad feeding issues use a 8.4

For the rifle your getting at the price it is it's well worth the money. A good more budget friendly option is the Matrix one that I plan on getting but definetly get this if you have the money
by John R. on 12/29/2012
"My BAR arrived yesterday and WOW! WW2 choices have been few and far between for many many years or were so prohibitively expensive as to be completely out of reach for us mortals. When they did come up with a decently priced WW2 replica they just didnt function well enough to be skirmished with. The D Boys Kar 98, The Hudson Grease gun GBB, The Marushin M1 GBB or the JAC BAR. Finally an AEG BAR was made available and at under $500.00 was tempting enough to order. It is an offering (along with the AEG Garand) that we WW2 airsofters have anticipated for over a decade.

With all that anticipation I am NOT disappointed. The ECHO BAR is a worthy reincarnation of the iconic BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE. It is near exact clone of the $1,200.00 plus VFC BAR with the main difference being the simulated wood in place of the VFC real wood. The FAUX wood looks fine in my opinion. As mentioned earlier Id like to see an easier battery access and the only other comment is I personally would have preffered low caps or high caps to the hi caps it comes with.

The gun is not as heavy as the real BAR (which rivals the weight of a BUICK) but it is appropriately heavy for an airsoft weapon. The bipod is spot on and well done, The gun is solid and features authentic details. It shoots hard at 396 FPS with 20 gram and is everybit as badass as I hoped.

With the recently released ICS Grease gun, the assorted Russian PPSHs, the upcoming Garand AEG and the british Sten and new gas bolt actions (Mosin Nagant, Enfield, Springfield etc. WW2 airsoft is finally viable.

there are a lot of us WW2 fans who are thrilled to see this trend. If this BAR is any indication of whats coming keep it up!!!!!!
by Thomas M. on 12/28/2012
"My BAR arrived yesterday. It came with a stick battery and two mags in the box with the gun. It is what I would expect for a $400 dollar gun. This gun is heavy. One may choose to remove the bipod to lighten it up a bit.

The fake wood stocks are okay. The color is right on for what a service grade rifle would have. The front hand guard does look cheap, so I may replace it. There are original wood parts available from gun parts dealers.

The battery set up is kind of clumsy. It takes a stick or a standard battery,but you must unscrew the butt plate to get at it. The cleaning kit trap door which correctly opens inward, offers no real way to get at the battery.

My gun arrived with one sample defect....there was a spot about the size of a thumbnail on top of the barrel where the paint was rubbed or chipped off. It is easily touched up though.

Overall, a nice affordable gun for WW2 or heavy weapon fans.
by William S. on 11/26/2015
"I have had this for 2 years and though I have had some problems(significant) but after taking it apart and putting it back together a bunch of times I have finally got it reliable.

Pros: it is a BAR, and a very good clone of the real one with similar weight and size
- rate of fire is appropriate for a support weapon
- adding a tight bore barrel that extends the full length of the outer barrel makes it a full auto sniper, remove bucking with new barrel or it will jam, bucking has no effect on accuracy (ghop, rhop) I have tried them all
- good upgrade platform, replace bearings, gears, motor, and mosfet after the internals ate theirselves. Super Kong mosfet is a god send as you can dial down the rate of fire to be realistic, or dial up and it will empty the magazine in 1 trigger pull. Leave cylinder as it is proprietary and I have not found a suitable replacement.
- after replacing all the internals minus the hop up it is reliable and accurate.
- excellent support from Echo1
- frame built like a tank, once you lock tite all screws it won't move

- feed issues, feed issues, feed issues! I own 8 magazines and all have issues. If you spray silicone into the feed chute in the mag it helps, if you put your hand under the magazine it will help a bit too. It is a design issue, the magazines catches are 1/16 to low, gonna weld a tab and see if that helps, just not gotten around to it.
- you have to take apart the butt plate to access the battery, should be made like a Thompson with a catch
- fire select is wonky as another reviewer stated. I am still working on this one, I think it is the design again and the type of switch they use.
- the bolt cove, supposed to move with the charging handle, again bad design. Just take it out you will never get it to work beyond the first two cycles of the charging handle, it will snag the gear box and get stuck back. It has no effect on how it shoots, just for looks.

I know it seems like a lot of issues and mods to make it reliable. You have to understand I shot it weekly, 2000 rounds a day, probably more than most people would do. However, it is a unique weapon and everyone wants to see it, a way to separate from all the M4 drones😊
by Sean C. on 01/09/2013
"Got this beast 2 weeks ago and have played at a local airsoft field and one 3 day WWII airsoft game. Over 2000 rounds so far and so good! Solid M240B gearbox with no stress marks, 8mm bearings, decent RoF. A solid construction with a milled aluminum receiver, steel bi-pod, steel carry handle arm, and steel rear sight which is adjustable. The bolt handle is satisfying! Accuracy wise it is similar to most M16's and has a bit more range. The mags use M16 VN hi-cap internals so if your mag breaks you can just use M16VN internals.

The only drawbacks follow. Weight and size, for a person such as myself, 6' 01", the M1918 is a beast to carry for weight and size. The stock is very long and is near impossible for my brother, 5' 4", to shoulder. Another issue is that the magazines do not seat well, I have 4, 2 with the gun and 2 extras. All the mags misfeed if they are not solid, sometimes you have to hit the mag again to reseat it.

Overall, I love this gun, feels like a beast, gets alot of attention!
by Andrew E. on 03/09/2014
"I got mine last year and I was a little dissapointed.

Lets look at the pros first.

It is a beastly looking weapon. It brings a lot of attention during pre-game and post game. It is great as a team support weapon, and as a prepared-position weapon. I used it with it's bipod in a built bunker and let me tell you, it was awesome at holding the other team off. People really didn't want to come up on it. I found the best way to use this weapon is to carry a sub-auto or small rifle to accompany it. This is NOT a primary weapon. Find a line of sight, prepare the position and either sit with it and defend, or leave your position with your smg/rifle and come back to it later.

The cons:

I found that it had some serious mag-feed issues. it might fire 1 out of 10 shots. Even if it could fire, the only mag available is a 90rnd Hi-cap, which is attrocious for a support weapon. Isn't so effective when you have to change a mag out every 10 seconds. The other problem I experienced is that it had a sticky trigger. It would continue to fire after I had released and sometimes even started firing on it's own. I accidentally shot out my car's side mirror when I had it laying on the ground on the bi-pod and it started firing. I also felt the construction was a little flimsy. The gun had a lot of flex between the barrel and the motor housing, but that might be expected on such a large, heavy gun. Lastly, know that this is a very heavy gun. I become greatly winded after a match if i'm humping it around the entire time.

Overall, the performance is mediocre and I would classify this weapon as a show piece or "intimidation" weapon.