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Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armament Polymer XCR-C Airsoft AEG Rifle

9 Customer Reviews

by Daniel G. on 03/20/2017
"Really great starting gun for CQB.

Really sturdy, no wobble on the mags at all
Shoots accurately at 380 fps out of the box
Comes with a stubby grip, 2 hi-cap mags and a 9.6v 1600 battery that fits perfectly in the stock.
looks more interesting than your standard M4
No annoying iron sights to get in the way of any sight you might want to put on it
Plenty of rail space
Surprisingly good trigger response

Stock wobbles slightly
The plugs at the end of the stock where the batteries are kept WILL fall off. Either super glue them in place or cover the holes with electric tape or you might expose your battery during play

All in all, this is a really great gun, gives you everything you need to start playing. The only minor downsides come from the stock, which is easily and cheaply replaceable.
by Shawn B. on 06/04/2016
"This gun is a pretty nice gun, I just have a few cons. To begin it is basically all plastic, but it has a good weight. It comes with two metal magazines, but they aren't that great of quality ( sometimes they make weird noises, like they are unwinding themselves). The battery goes in the stock, and it kinda peeks out a little so I just put some electrical tape on it, and the stock cover is very difficult to get off. The gun shoots very well and is accurate with .2 gram bbs at 100+ feet. The gun feels super solid. It does not come with sights. The gun shoots like a dream, I would highly recommend this gun to ANYONE!
by Nick M. on 03/10/2015
"I give this gun a 5/5 because its just an all around great gun!

No cons..not that i have noticed haha.

Really great gun for the price.

Actually one thing dont get M4 Mid-Caps it is tough to get the mag in and out of the gun. Just stick with the High Caps.
by louise l. on 03/03/2014
"absolutely love it even after few problems it is still well worth it

Light weight
decent rate of fire
the fore grip is sturdy
body is sturdy besides stock
barely any mag wobble

stock can come loose but easily tightened
isn't the most accurate but good enough
tight mag-well so mags are harder to change

With the mad-bull hop up bucking it has great range but you need to first break it in
so if you get this gun don't get mad when it barely shoots 50 feet out of the box
that can be fixed by shooting it a lot After about firing 1500 bb's through it i was getting a good consistent 200 foot range with .20 gram BB's but i recommend using .23's so they have that extra power behind them

sadly mine is currently broken, after borrowing a friendly's drum mag and not letting go of the trigger until i have used the drum and 4 midcaps i striped the motor
by Susan E. on 01/14/2014
"First off this gun shocked me out of the box with its great build quality even though it is made of plastic it has some weight to it which means it is defiantly not cheap. Also this gun is amazingly accurate and shoots fast for a stock gun.

Shoots fast
Shoots perfect fps 350 which is good for outdoor + indoor
Perfect weight about 4 pounds
Version 2 gearbox

Stock is a little wobbly

This is a great gun and I would recommend it to anyone
by Rittir f. on 06/06/2013
"i purchased this gun about a month ago and let me say it has preformed way better then i expected, its very accurate and has a decent rate of fire, (you can easily hit someone at 120ft plus). the crack in the body on the pictures is not there. the stock will loosen up after awhile but is very easy to retighten. now for a pros and cons list:


good weight
good fps ( around 350-360)
very accurate
very sturdy
included a 9.6 two mags and a grip
very sleek looking

stock loosens
external parts cant be exchanged very easily
theres these pugs in the front of the stock that will fallout
the bolt is on the wrong side for me
semi will jam up occasionally but can be fixed by switching to full

overall i would give this gun 10/10 because the problems are all preferences or are very minor, i would buy this gun again in a heart beat. i highly recommend this to any one looking for a good fun gun to shoot.
by Eduardo M. on 02/12/2013
"This gun is great ! Very affordable, light weight, has a version 2 gb so you can put any internal upgrades. Thats all I look in an airsoft gun.

Light weight
easy to upgrade

by joshua g. on 01/16/2013
"this gun for one. IS AMAZING. it fires perfectly, has enough weight so you know your holding a GOOD quality gun. there is --NO-- crack in it.

heavy, but not too heavy
high quality polymer
comes with TWO(2) mags
comes with foregrip
fires fast AND accurate.

none that i have found so far.
by Jayrwin L. on 06/14/2015
"This was my first AEG, however, I've been playing for about 5 years now. I've had it for about a 9 months now, but I didn't use it during the winter because we don't have any places indoors and it can get to -40 Fahrenheit up here in Michigan. I think I've got about 30k rounds through this thing though. It's a great gun, but I've had a few problems with it.

First problem isn't all that important, but it still annoys me. The spring for the charging handle came out somehow and I've spent about 3 hours trying to get it in there so the slide works properly, but I haven't had any luck. The dust cover can slide back and forth freely and makes a noise that can give away one's position.

The second problem was that the little caps in the stock fell off, so I have to use electrical tape to keep the battery from peeking out. Due to this, I'm having a wire problem where the gun's battery connectors are all bent and I can't bend them back in place right now. It sucks because I like this gun and now I can't flippin use it!

I didn't notice that there are no sights for the gun, so I had to just use the rails for the first couple weeks with it. I don't like the foregrip it comes with, so I got a replacement. I haven't had any troubles with the mags and the battery is pretty nice too. I might add that it's larger than other butterfly batteries though. No idea why.

My favorite thing about this gun is the slight kick you get when it shoots. It just feels so good. ROF is nice and the FPS is about 320 with .25 grams. Another thing I just remembered is that it will lock up if you're shooting it on semi auto after a while. The stock seems to keep losening itself, even after I tighten it up with a screwdriver in the buffer tube.

All in all, It's a nice gun, my advice is to not mess with the charging handle and to not lose those caps in the stock as they will prevent problems later on. Solid weapon.