Reviews: Echo1 Full Metal Airsoft M14 AEG Two Hi-Cap Magazine Package (Imitation Wood Stock)


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Model: AEG-E1-JP46W

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by Joseph P. on 2010-06-04 06:18:10
"Quick review on the M14 Echo
Not the prettiest of guns by far, for me though this gun is really effective. With the extra long barrel 509mm plus the fps of about 400, you really cant go wrong. My friend shot me with this gun from about 120 feet with this gun. That day he had multiple head shots and proved to me this gun is worthy of praise. He ended up moving so I bought his gun off of him. very sturdy and reliable, looking forward to upgrading the gun with a spring and barrel. bring it up to about 450-480 fps

all around good gun
hi cap clips x2
rof excellent
fps 400 not bad
very reasonable price )I paid $140 =]
awesome fun gun to have in your collection
No wobbles

Long for some people
battery is tight
THats about it
by Joseph P. on 2010-04-22 07:40:49
"I just bought this gun yesterday. My first impression of this gun was its very plain, and simple. I wasnt really impressed. Then when I saw this gun perform on the field I changed my mind about this gun. This gun has very accurate and long range, rate of fire is exceptionally fast, it comes with two high cap 440 rd magz, and for the price of this gun, its well worth it. I havent used it on the field yet but Im looking forward to bringing it out to play next weekend. My firend currently uses this gun when he plays and he owns the field damn near. He shot me in the head from about 30-40 yards away.
Im really impressed with this guns smoothness, it just shoots ever bullet with precision and velocity with no problem. I bought this gun for $160.00 no tax and I plan on upgrading the spring and gears, pistons, by then it should be shooting 450-500... This is a very nice gun, if looks arent everything to you then this is the gun for you. Dont let the looks fool you this guns a beast!
by Cody S. on 2010-03-22 21:41:07
"This is my first AEG and it is amazing! right out of the box it shoots really accurate and the hop-up makes it just that much more accurate. i've already installed a UTG rail system and Bi-pod, which makes the gun look very intimidating. i would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a rifle that could easily be upgraded to sniper standards, because that is exactly what i am doing. the fact that it is semi and full automatic makes it that much better.

Pros: Accurate, good fps, full metal w/ exception of stock and heat shield, fake wood stock looks pretty real, comes with 2 hi-cap mags.

cons: none other than the selector comes loose after a while, but this can be fixed with some lock-tight. and a part of the bolt assembly broke after messing with the bolt for a while (bolt really serves no purpose, just there for looks.
by daniel z. on 2010-03-16 14:09:01
"i got this gun yesterday its very good in range 150-175 yards full metal kind of heavy roughly 9lbs. 400 fps. the gun is just very good

Displaying 13 to 16 (of 16 reviews)

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