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Model: AEG-E1-JP01-MB

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by William G. on 2010-10-14 14:46:15
"First off, this gun is A TANK! it takes a beating from me and it has only small nicks on the outside. It will short semi-straight with no new barrels needed, but if you are the Marksmen AEG in your squad (like me) you'll want to get a tight bore gun. And the gun has plenty of room for a larger battery if you need it. And as an Echo 1 M4, it will take all your mags so that won't be a problem.
its a TANK
Fps (great for backyard battels and compitions)
upgrade ready
plenty of metal parts

none that i can think of.
by Kristin W. on 2010-04-03 17:42:58
"5 Stars! great gun! The gun is so durable and a great gun to upgrade! If you get a scope, tightbore barrel, and bipod its beast! It'll be even better when i get the m160 gear box, matrix magnum motor, and li-poli battery! I might even get a custom camo paint job!
by Tyler L. on 2010-01-18 19:38:15
"Stag Arms Full metal M4...... Worth every penny.
Got mine a few weeks ago and used in an outdoor skirmish. It worked flawlessly. Best gun out of my usual players who mostly have jg's or E1's. The only thing you need is a tightbore (preferably mad bull), some midcaps (i use the 130rd MAG ones), and a new battery (intellect!). As someone already said the stock inner barrel cuts off at the front sight where the outer barrel unscrews, revealing a 14mm- threading.

If you want to stay a step ahead of your enemy's jg m4, get this, and get it while it's in stock- I got mine for $230 here on Evike and the price is already up to $245! A DEFINITE BUY- ECHO1 HAS OUTDONE ITSELF!
by Charles L. on 2009-10-12 08:29:12
"I got to say I love my M4. I baby this one a lot. Just give it a different flash hider, a vertical grip, and a red dot scope. The gun although is absolutely........inaccurate out of the box.. The inner barrel is no 363 like it says. The inner barrel is like 300mm or just a bit longer than a Tokyo marui stock p90 inner barrel. It says 363mm :[ I had to give it a new barrel. I recommend mad bull barrels or systema if u have the money. DONT GET JBU BARRELS.
overall nice gun. havent had a major problem with it yet. But this website needs to know the specs of each gun exactly.
by Joseph W. on 2009-09-16 22:20:00
"Well since there are no reviews on this, I will write one.

This Carbine is simply amazing. Once the hop up is setup correctly, this gun is very accurate(I shoot 0.25). I have added a UTG RIS(Do NOT listen to anyone that says you have to shave it down to get it to fit) and a King Arms ACOG replica. Very nice setup in my opinion.

I highly recommend this gun. Worth every penny.

Displaying 13 to 17 (of 17 reviews)

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