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by David N. on 2011-12-21 14:46:43
"This gun, to put it simply, is extremely durable, capable, and dependable. At it's price, you may not find another AK with as much to love in a JG or even another Echo1 or G&G. It is a prime field weapon of every kind, and with the right load-out built around it, it will function to perfection. The stock battery is trash, but if you are willing to shell out a little more for a great gun, my suggestion is an 11.1v Li-Po stick, which the Gear Box IS built to handle.

All metal (cept hand guard)
firm mag well
great velocity, accuracy and ROF
quality gearbox, and internals
awesome look and finish
has never jammed

Slight stock wobble (can be fixed with hex tool)
battery installment not quick (it is easy, but takes too long to do in the middle of game)
flash hider doesn't come off (be lawful! but prevents mock silencer attachment)

Seriously, with the drum mag and scope i attached, this baby has heft. Be careful, if you are a lightweight, or simply want a reasonably weighted gun, keep looking. The weight is the price of it's durability: invincible.
by julio o. on 2011-11-06 11:25:18
nice rail system
good fps 410 to 420 with .20
has full trade marks
mag holds 600 bb's
very accurate no joke you can snipe with this gun
rate of fire really good 12 to 13 rounds with a 8.4v
couldn't think of any but this gun ways like 8 pounds so get a sling
by Raphael B. on 2011-08-08 18:59:42
"I've had this CPW for a while now, and I must say it is has been the best deal EVER for any gun you can find. It's rate of fire sounds like a beast, the fps is beastly, it has the weight of a beast, and it's looks are beastly. ITS A BIG BLACK HAIRY BEAST. I've killed entire teams before with it.

I also took it apart completely to remove the disgusting industrial grease, and replace it with my own. ALMOST all the internals are metal, but I plan to upgrade the plastic parts to metal parts. The inner barrel has a 6.08 mm diameter, which works great, but I plan to install a 6.01 mm in the future. The gearbox internals are rock solid (but a pain to reassemble!), but again, SOME parts could be metal instead of plastic. The external parts that I wish weren't plastic are the hand guards (the area covered in rails), because a small notch broke off on the inside that held the lower guard in place. I had to superglue it twice.


Beast ROF
Beast FPS
Beast Weight
Beast Looks
Easy to take apart/reassemble (completely)
Rails all over
Comes with cheap vertical grip
Has an M4 stock!


The big rail above the receiver is angled down by about 5 degrees.
Clip it comes with can fall out with a mere nudge of the support lever.
Only takes stick batteries (unless simple modifications are made).
Can't take sticks that are too long.
Flash Hider CANNOT be removed unless you break it (what blocks it from unscrewing is a welded metal pin. You can push the pin away in the CYMA version of this gun, but not this one).

Overall AMAZING gun. Just a forewarning: ONLY BUY METAL CLIPS IF YOU HAVE AN AK. PLASTIC ONES ARE BOUND TO BREAK (happened to me twice).
by Nick F. on 2011-03-05 20:49:29
"I have had it for two years and have had no problems. It has great fps and is very accurate. I recommend you get .23 or .25 gram bbs to make it extremely accurate.
by Adam K. on 2011-02-01 16:21:24
"This is an extremely solid AEG. I've owned this weapon for about two years now and I haven't had a problem with it yet. On top of that it looks plain sexy and the rails open the doors to plenty of customization options.

Hits hard: (415-420) fps
Extremely accurate: can hit a man size target from around 200 ft
Lots of rails
Fairly high rate fire for only an 8.4v battery
Full metal

Only can hold an 8.4v stick (can take a 10.8v PEQ box with some minor modification)
Heavy from the full metal construction
Stock is hard to replace if broken
by brett s. on 2010-01-31 15:34:04
"This gun is an amazing find. While I would recommend this to someone only if they had the extra coin to put on a red-dot scope (or even an x3 scope!). I did not buy this particular gun from Evike, but from a local retailer in my county.

-Powerful: Mine chronos at 405 reliably with .20 bbs. I say go for accuracy and get .25s

-Accurate: I can put in well over 80% of bbs into a 12"x1" rectangular peephole without optics

-Full Metal & RIGID!: I've fallen over and tripped so many times while holding this gun. It still shoots true and still feeds relatively well.

-Weight: This gun feels real, just like many others say, that's a plus for me (to some extent).

-Rails: You may think that the rails on this gun are a bit of overkill, but where else could you put a battery pack AND a raised scope mount on the same AK?

-Awesome package: The foregrip and the huge high-cap always give me a lot more comfort, though I may swap it out for one of those bi-pod/foregrip combos due to the length of the high-cap mag. It's plastic so I don't want to rest this gun on it and possibly tweak how it feeds or screw up the mag well.

Cons: (More than you would expect, but half of this is preference)

-Length: This gun, with the stock out to my ideal length is about 42" long. This makes it difficult to pop out of cover, line up, and take a shot quick enough to take the lead in a CQB type match. The fields I play on are either dense woods or urban, so this gun sucks for CQB. Back up your teammates while you pick players off from behind.

-Firing rate: Something I've realized while using the STOCK 8.4v battery; In Semi-Auto, the piston requires you to hold down the trigger for a full second before it goes back and fires. In close quarters scenarios, a full second to line up and a full second to fire is just too long.

-Battery compartment: This comes with an M4 stock adapter, so you're able to replace it and fix this issue, but I cannot put a 9.6v battery without grinding 1/8" off the forward part of the receiver to accommodate the battery's girth and length. I'm not that good with power tools and I don't think there's enough leeway to really grind that off. I'm paranoid about upgrading to LiPoly, despite what the site says (You never know what someone will say to sell something). Basically, my choices are to either risk $80+ on my gearbox upgrade to LiPoly, Buy a new stock and a 9.6v battery and run an extension cable all the way down to the stock or take my gun apart and do that, a possible $50-60, spend $90 on a 9.6v external battery pack possibly having to cut into the upper to run the wiring, or do nothing and leave it as is. This gun deserves more than 8.4v on a battery. I just don't like the options, so I have a question for the manufacturer at the end of this.

-Weight: You need good endurance to use this weapon. Weighing in at almost 10lbs, that plus all the other gear really wears you out in just a couple of hours.

Extra stuff:
Personally, I see no benefit in putting rails on the side other than for a flashlight (which may very well be its purpose!), but I've seen people talk about putting a scope on those side rails, which is good for defensive firing OVER cover, but not very much for anything else.

A question for the manufacturer, though. Hopefully you'll respond sooner rather than later, since my next tourney is in three weeks and I need to know soon. What would your advice be in terms of putting in a LiPoly battery (the smallest I've found on the site is 11.1v)? The vendor I bought it from says that the box slams very hard with just an 8.4v. What would I expect in terms of wear and tear on the gearbox that comes with this gun? Is it enough to recommend just replacing it with a higher performance gearbox?

I'm giving this 4 stars purely for the fire rate and the battery compartment. Versatility is hugely cut down due to having to either upgrade or put up with it.
by Matt P. on 2010-01-11 18:47:57
"Flat out best under $300 AK. Any bb from 0.2g to 0.25g bbs work best. the accuricy is unlike any other aeg ive seen. there is only one thing not to like about this gun. that is that the manual dont tell u how long to charge the battery. the formula to find out how long the battery takes to charge is this

battery mah rating / the charger out put in mah x 1.4= ##.###
so for example this is the formula for how long to charge the stock battery on this gun.
1100/250= 4.4
4.4 x 1.4 = 6.16
so the stock battery should charge for about 6 hours and 10 minutes for a full charge.

Hope this helped anyone who is looking at this gun or has this gun and was having the same prob as me!
by Forest A. on 2009-06-14 15:05:06
"The gun is made entirely of metal (The RIS hand guard and collapsible M4 LE stock are made of plastic) which makes it quite heavy, so know beforehand that you've gotta strength to hull the monster around. Another great feature about the gun is the dummy carrying handle on the gun which provides a base for scopes and optics to be attached. The magazine it comes with is a disaster all together and if you don't have a good magazine, you might be spending more than you should for a good gun. This Review applies to all individuals, whether they cant hold a heavy gun to the limit of their wallets.

- The gun is all metal to say the least
- The gun after 4 months of use was able to shoot from 387 to 399 fps.
- The R.I.S. allows for upgradeability ( Pretty explanatory...)
- It's built like a tank.
- The M4 LE stock... it can be short or long / six positions for your own personal comfort :)

- Its heavy... enough said!
- The magazine it comes with is very cheap and doesn't work at all. (I'm glad I had a spare...)
by Quade K. on 2009-05-02 22:04:27
"i bought this ak47 with the lipoly battery and a grip and scope and i have 1 word for it. AWESOME!

I was in an airsoft war with friends, I got all of them and no deaths. You can't go wrong with the lipoly battery. The rof increased a lot and it's very helpful.

Full Metal
Li-Poly Battery Compatible without wear and tear
High FPS
Lots of Rails for complete customization
Very Durable
Low Cost

Heavy( i recommend a bipod for weak or lazy people)
by kyle s. on 2009-03-19 18:35:35
"this gun is awesome!
i got this gun for my birthday and its very comfortable to shoot,
nice realistic weight,
neat logo on the side,
very accurate,
great fps... shooting well over 400 fps,
great rof even with the stock 8.4 volt battery!,
really nice metal body,
metal bushings inside!

this gun has everything i need and more!
the only thing i got extra for the gun that i recommend was a red dot scope and a spare magazine.

im going to be using this gun this weekend and im sure it will help me win many battles! :)
by pumpkin k. on 2009-02-23 11:35:11
"I bought this gun a couple days ago, and used it for the first time yesterday. JESUS CHRIST this gun is amazing!!! It never missed its mark. If you read the reviews that talk about how accurate this gun is, it does it no justice. 430 out of the box. very solid. If you like yourself an AK then you need this gun.

1.good weight (9 f'ing pounds of awesome)
3.R.O.F. is great
4.accuracy is god like
5.rails to put whatever the hell you want on it.
6. m4 if you don;t like the one it comes with you and change it any kind of m4 stock out there!
7. seemingly endless possibilities of customization.

1. I myself like a heavy gun! but if you yourself don't theeeeeen 9 pounds plus ammo and extra accessories will wear on ya.
2. don't shoot anything under .25 bbs which isn't really a CON seeing as .25 are better...(so disregard this as a "CON")
by Michael A. on 2008-12-26 20:41:42
"I purchased this weapon about three weeks ago. I took it today to a team match. I owned everyone with it.

1) excellent rate of fire, using a 9.6V 2000mah battery.
2) range is outstanding, accurately hitting torso at 150ft 9 out of 10 times, using .30 BBs.
3)durability is high also, executed several drop and rolls, no problem with exterior.
4)internal mechanics, no misfeeds, high grade metal gears, metal bushings.
5)external body, all metal upper and lower receiver, composite foregrip.

1)top rail is loose,but thats due to access to the battery compartment, which is under the rail and inside guide rod and spring cover.
2)weapons weight is realistic as possible, feels great to me, but may be to heavy for others.

Overall, excellent weapon, I have thourghly enjoyed it, and my team have the wealts to show.

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