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Red Star Echo1 Full Metal AK47 RAS Airsoft AEG

38 Customer Reviews

by chris d. on 10/27/2008
"by far the greatest ak47 in my collection i strongly recommend this gun
by Johnny L. on 10/05/2008
"Lori, are you thinking correctly? Do you think Walmart will loose a lot of business if Toshiba don't want to include battery with their radios? First of all, ALL ECHO1 Vector Arms AK RAS don't include battery, no matter which retailer you go, it is packaged that way from Echo1. (This goes with all Marui, G&G, G&P, Classic Army, VFC, SRC, ICS and other high end AEG brands.)

Besides, this gun is pre-upgraded, if you get a 8.4V, I still recommend you buy a 9.6V anyways because the gun will shoot sooooo much better.

Evike is just a retailer specifying if it come with battery or not, they are Echo1's biggest distributor, but they are still not echo1.
by James C. on 09/30/2008
"This is a great AK.

The motor has nothing to do with the power / fps. To lower the FPS, just lower the spring, there is nothing else need to be done other than the spring if you want to lower velocity. Only "raising" it would require some reinforcement of parts, if the stock parts can't handle the increased power.
by Don D. on 09/28/2008
"i BOUGHT THIS GUN LAST SATURDAY AND IT IS AWSOME!!! The only sucky part is that it is too damn hard! Man yesterday I went to the field,and they chroned my gun right,so then they said it was too hot! I was like,DAMN!! It was 402fps!!! But everything is tight!And also for future buyers of this gun,don't cry if the switch for full/semi auto will scratch up!! It will do this after changing and changing. And people who bought this gun,how can i lower the fps? I want to buy a less good spring for around 350-360 fps. But this is the first time I'm upgrading(or degrading)my gun,so if I get a new spring for 350 or 360fps,will it get higher because of my guns motor? So please help me find out how to lower my gun,PLEASE!! :)
by Barb D. on 09/28/2008
"does this thing come with the battery? the description doesnt say if it does or not. also the 'large type' thing that means that the connector is a large type tamiya connector right?
by kyle d. on 08/23/2008
"I love this gun. I can honestly say this shoots about 400-420 fps. It can be very accurate simply by adjusting the hop-up which is very easy to do so. Very high rate of fire. It is very hard hitting, accurate, reliable, and i have yet to have any problems with it, and i have owned it for a little over 6 months, with a lot of play though. Very cheap as well, so if you think you might want this, DO IT!
by donovan b. on 08/01/2008
"this gun will rock your socks off. it is fast and powerful it shoots 420 410 with .25 and it sucks to be on the recieving end of this gun. the only bad thing about this gun is that it is kind of inacuate at the end of the shot but you can throw out so many bb's that its cool. this gun rivails those that coast twice or triple the price. i give this gun 5 out of 5. hope this helped

by Enrique Z. on 07/24/2008
"Well this is a great gun over all. Great FPS and heavy so it feels realistic. Sadly it doesn't come with a battery or charger. I recomend buying a systema spring and a custom AK 9.6 battery. Oh, and don't forget to buy a red dot. One last thing, since the gun shoots and has flyers, buy a 6.03mm tight bore inner aeg barrel (455mm). I haven't tried putting a new motor but I will soon enough. Add all those upgrades, and this gun will get people wishing they were you.... Unless you completely suck.
by Carl C. on 07/23/2008
"Okay before you purchase this gun see if you have 4 more dollars. If so Then go to custom guns and go to AK series and you will find the package deal for this gun that is only 4 more dollars! The package comes with 2 high cap magazines, Gun chase, and red dot scope. Its only 4 more dollars! SAME GUN, BUT A BETTER DEAL! Now about the gun. I ordered mine 3 days ago and its coming tomorrow. The gun (what we call) is a beast! It shoots 400 easily and its RPS is a crazy 15. It hurts enough from long range to feel it, supper accurate. The guy below me says its a "beginner gun" but it is more likely in the hands of an expert. You can upgrade it with new motor, Spring. battery for 100 dollars and it will raise the FPS to 500 and will shoot 20 RPS! GREAT BUY! GO TO THE PACKAGE DEAL!
by Justin S. on 07/05/2008
"When you get this gun, do you get a battery and/or charger? I need to know so I don't spend like 50 bucks extra for this gun. Thanks in advance
by Kevin m. on 06/28/2008
"With a large to small tamiya adaptor (in wirnig section) you can use a 10.8V 2000mah. It will work if you watch your trigger. Don't hose the gun too much because 10.8V is pretty high up there.
by Michael H. on 06/28/2008
"i'v never tryed any thing higher than an 8.4 4500mah battery. you could try it as long as u have the money.
by donovan b. on 06/27/2008
"can this gun take a 10.8 battery right off pleases get back to me
by Michael H. on 06/06/2008
"I have had this gun for a year and it is still awsome. 400 fps and still no problems, heavy but worth it. know i have a Classic Army Star AK Grenade Launcher, Matrix Steel 2800rd Drum Magazine, and finaly PANORAMA 4 RETICLE ELECTRO RED DOT. this gun is an AK useres dream. u can see why i give this gun a 5-5
by Joe M. on 06/04/2008
"When you need a hard hitting AEG in the AK variant, look no further. This is a fantastic weapon, amazing power. Looks great, and it is rock solid. 400 fps is a low number, mine is much hotter out of the box.

Now the bad, this gun is very, VERY heavy. Lug this sucker around for 8 hours and you will understand. You will need a sling of some kind. I used a single point and didnt like it. Go with the three point tactical.

You dont need to waste your money buying the other brands AK47. This one shoots hotter, is all metal, and looks awesome. The only thing I plan to do is get a tight bore barrel.