Reviews: Echo1 M16A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Stag Arms Licensed Trademarks

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Model: AEG-E1-JP04

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by Justin M. on 2008-06-30 13:13:23
"never mind my memory betrayed me..... regard my last comment.

Pro Arms 3 Round Burst Module

* Easy to install
* Replaces existing AEG wiring
* Changes semi auto to a 3 round burst function

and its $115, which isn't bad if you have to have it. Eamil to special order it.
by Justin M. on 2008-06-30 13:06:51
"you can get a wiring and selector plate set to make your gun go: safe, semi, and burst. Its made by systema and kinda expensive and a pro should install it.
by Nicholas M. on 2008-06-30 12:30:23
"This gun has full auto, not burst. just semi and auto (and safe).
by Scott C. on 2008-06-12 15:57:29
"this is a good gun. lets put that out there. this is a VERY good gun, with some flaws. lets put that out there.

if you are looking at merely how the bullets fly--i literally cannot recommend this gun high enough. it shoots ridiculously straight (no joke--straighter than my utg master sniper) and has good velocity as well. and the bullets go pretty fast for a gun that has had no mods added onto it.

unfortunatly, like everything, there is a downside. this gun is huge. large. giant. big. the barrel is very long (making it very accurate) although this can be troublesome in close quarters battle (CQB). as well, i am 5'9 and i still has a little difficulty lugging this thing around---but dont get over depressed. just imagine walking around with the weight of a laptop 7 years ago (this gun), to one made last year (m4/g36 lets say). so as long as you are not:
A)light assault--running like crazy over large amounts of terrain
B) CQB--it is difficult to turn corners with this gun
C) going through dense foliage (think DENSE) (like u can kinda kinda see through)--its awkward to have to bend this way and that so that the gun doesnt hit anything.

the battery. doesnt. fit. in. the. stock. u have no idea how annoying this is. takes me about 10 minutes to get in. and sometimes, if it is not placed corectly, than it does not shoot (although i think this is my individual gun....), but a nice little tap and its shooting

now as you can see the cons are MUCH longer to write than the pros. but this gun is AMAZING. the only reason i dont have a lot on the pros is because its sooooo awesome that it would take forever.

PS: if u are under 5'7 this gun maybe a bit big---but still easlily managable.

PSS: i probably over exaderated the size. its really not THAT big.

PSSS: this is the longest review i hav ever seen.
by Gavin N. on 2008-05-04 17:26:49
"This is a very reliable gun. Its very durable, definitly hard to break. This gun is very accurate with .20 gram bb's. If you use .12 gram bb's they will break in the gun and when you shoot the bb will go all over the place. I have a red dot and a silencer on mine.
You get a large type battery that comes with it and fitting the battery in the gun sucks. This gun has a huge stock but this little space to put the battery in. That is the only flaw in this gun. This gun is actually not as heavy as I thought it would be.

Displaying 25 to 29 (of 29 reviews)

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