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by justin s. on 2014-02-04 15:33:56
"This gun was my first "good gun" i had the Full Metal version which has been yet to be discontinued. I had this rifle for a year, with alot of play. This gun was dropped countless times from me being clumsy and tripping/sliding ALOT. And yet it was still kicking. My first few months of having it went TERRIFIC, one day i decided to take this out to test out the gun, one shot then stop. I sent it in to get a look at it, the trigger contacts burnt out. Was a heart break, not a big tech guy so i couldnt fix anything being inside the gearbox. But it's nothing serious. I'd recommend a MOSFET with this bad boy. i ran an 8.4V for awhile and got amazing ROF, then switched to a 9.6V its like dropping a corvette motor into a POS car. It was an amazing Increase, This gun is more for the beginners, especially since its a poly body. Yet just a few days after it's one year mark the gun had the same problem, the wiring harness went out, AGAIN. I wasn't too mad as i bought the gun from the local retailer for 100 and got my moneys worth in the year. Time for the Pro's and Con's

low Fps (in my case this was bad)
Great Build
Compatible with almost any aftermarket externals, i magpuled it out.
Internals are great but the wiring
motor is great for stock

horrible range, the gun had a tiny inner barrel.
low fps, wasn't my specific need
trigger contacts burnt out twice on me
other then that a great gun
by Dustin B. on 2012-04-04 16:47:10
"GET IT!! This is an amazing beginners gun and i totally recommend it to anybody who is just getting into airsoft. Shoots great and is really accurate, if you are having trouble trying to get it on target at far range, adjust the hopup. The ideas are endless of what you can put on this gun, red dots, nade launchers, barrel extensions, anything. I have nothing bad to say about Echo 1. If you are ready to upgrade from wal mart guns and are will to spend some, get it. I recommend getting a smart charger, as the stock one can overcharge the battery and ruin it.

high rate of fire
many attachment capabilities

stock charger is lame
by Jace Z. on 2011-11-04 18:52:46
"Well, this was my first PRO airsoft AEG. When I got it, it came in a nice looking ECHO1 box. I opened it up, and wow. The rifle was like nothing I've ever seen before. (Remember, first ever AEG.) It has a good weight to it. 5 months later I have not upgraded anything, and I've had quite a few problems with it. First, the stock became EXTREMEly wobbley. I took it apart, opened the buffer tube, and it turned out the screw had came undone, and the screw was stripped. I put it back in and its been ok ever since. Second, everything above the delta ring became so loose to the point i coud turn it a good half-inch. I took it apart, tightened it, and well-ah, it was fixed. I still gave to continue to tighten it after every use. And lastly, the whole handgrip fell off. This was my biggest problem. I put the motor back in, screwed it back in and discovered it would not shoot. I took it apart and put it back together and it started making a RRRRR~ noise when I pulled the trigger. But, performance wise, it is decent for a starter gun. I loved it at first but after a couple months I'm getting pretty tired of the gun. So overall, Great starter gun!

Decent accuracy....
GREAT starter gun
Nice heft and feel

Not the greatest accuracy with stock barrel at all...
Mostly plastic

Overall, 4/5 for starters, but definetly would NOT reccomend for veteran players. Put a little more money into a better gun like G&G or some of ECHOs better guns.
by T.J. P. on 2010-09-25 15:12:53
"Wow!!! This looks amazing,beastly,whatever you want to say. In just two days I'm ordering this bad boy! Sadly I have a $220 budget and my cart now has $220 worth of stuff. I'm getting a 9.6v 1600mah battery even though it comes with a stock 8.4v 1100mah. Trust me my whole life of airsoft I've used that crappy 8.4 and you do not want to use this in your primary gun. If you're knew to airsoft heck yah the stock battery will be all you need. But later on as you and your friends get higher up in the airsoft league you will need to upgrade. A 9.6 is perfect for anybody because unless you go to wal-mart (awsome store by the way) your gun should be able to handle it without upgrades. Now when you start wanting to upgrade because you notice you are being beat by some of your friends you can keep a 9.6 that is fine but I would reccomend a new gearbox CQB: Matrix Tornado Speed $110.00 Field: Matrix M150 $110.00, then a motor CQB: Turbo motor (The blue one) $45.00 Field: Magnum motor (The red one) $45.00 Those motors by the way are long type. You don't have to buy this but tightbore barrels are perfect: Matrix 6.01mm 363mm tightbore barrel. Like I said you can keep a 9.6 but since you have a high-speed lipoly ready gearbox you should consider an 11.1v lipoly battery. Since you have a high-speed gun you should be able to get atleast 20 rounds per second. If you hit 30 or higher then I would be scared of you. I hope I answered your questions. By the way batteries bought that didn't come with the gun don't have chargers. Some do but they will tell you then and you will notice the price is a bit higher. Guys and girls please wear gloves when you play because I went around a corner of a house and litterly got shot 3 feet away with a $40 wal-mart gun and of course I wasn't wearing gloves and thought my fingers were going to fall off. Bruises and welts for weeks at around 200 feet per second. Learn from my mistakes because I literly screamed and cried for a second but I got back out and shot him with my more high powered gun in each knee and they were purple for weeks. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!
by mike r. on 2009-12-17 14:55:46
"Great gun got it about a month ago need it as a new/quick gun, blew my expectations away. Stock barrel is ok, but i highly advice buying a tight bore
Mostly strudy (little woble but its good enough)
Fps is field acceptable 360-375
Trademarks look great

Fuse is a bit lose but no big deal
Needs a tightbore

Overall great gun for everybody
by eric l. on 2009-09-21 18:48:18
"hey whoever is looking at this gun should get it. I have had this gun for over a year now and it has not failed me yet. The only default it has is that my buffer tube came loose but that can easily be fixed by tightening the screw on the inside. this gun is a really good deal and it is very reliable i love IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GReat FPS also
by Aaron R. on 2009-09-04 15:18:27
"hey guys does this gun come with RIS rails on the foregrip cuz i might be ordering it very soon and i need to know plz answer!!!!!

Webmaster: This has no rail system just a standard hand guard.
by thomas l. on 2009-04-20 11:06:41
"Iv had this gun since september 08 and its still working.This M4 is great for firefights.The rpm(rounds per minute) is fast as hell.If u put a AR 15 handle mount and a BSA red dot, its amazing.I got so many head shots in one battle.Over all this is a good gun for great price.
by chaos T. on 2009-04-10 18:50:09
"Everyone, get this gun. I have had it for almost a year, and it is in good shape. The only thing you might need is an r.i.s and maybe a metal body, because that's just the way echo1 is. Haven't had any problems other than that.
by Daniel G. on 2009-03-31 05:56:33
"My brother owns this gun, and I will be comparing it to mine, which is the G&G m4 (full metal pro series)

Good things:
The RoF is EXCELLENT. It actually shoots a tiny bit faster than the G&G.
Extremely accurate, once again beating the G&G out by a bit.
The price. It is a great bargain
The stock is very, very stable, the sling mounting point is affixed to prevent rattle
Trademarks look considerably more realistic
The charging handle makes an extremely satisfying "CLICK-CLACK!" when pulled.
Fairly powerful stock, although here the G&G triumphs by a considerable margain (50-60 fps)

Not-So-Good Things

The externals are, for the most part, bad. Almost no metal, the handguards look cheap as heck, barrel wobble is present.
Classic Army, Star, G&G, and D-Boys mags are ALL incompatible without modifaction.
The battery that comes with it is not only extremely bad, but barely fits in the handguard
The wiring job is REALLY bad, they need to be reattached wheneve you put in the battery.

Conclusion? If you have the cash, go for the G&G, they simply are the cream of the crop. If you are an airsofter on a budget, GET THIS GUN! it is, and I believe will be, THE staple airsoft gun for the next few years.
by Reginald H. on 2009-03-26 08:56:11
"I bought mine back in '06. It's still straight out of the box no upgrades. Hasn't lost any of it's performance. Shooting about 355-360, but I do have an older version. Did buy an 8.4v 1200 mini battery and I use the 1100 it came with as a back up. I've never used the high cap mag it came with, instead I run MAG 100rd mid-caps in it. Haven't had any problems with rounds feeding. I think I'm averaging around 980-1200 rounds per game through it, a little more at fields with no CQB element. It's a great weapon for any level of Airsoft player.
by Tyler L. on 2009-02-09 15:50:18
"Anthony i have had the same problem with and have had mine for a bout a year too. I have really upgraded mine got a lipo battery for it......king arms red dot acog.......500 rd extended mag......tight bore barrel. and i have a peq 2 box(for lipo), metal body, and metal 1 piece Hop up by g p on the way.

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