Reviews: Magpul Licensed Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System Airsoft AEG Rifle by A&K - Black

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Model: AEG-Masada-B

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by Austin S. on 2011-12-29 07:42:36
Bad Ass

Average fire rate
Kind of heavy
Folding stock doesnt stay folder if its bumped
by Katie S. on 2011-12-26 22:31:29
"bought this gun on friday and it feels amazing! havent had a chance to chrono it yet but i dry fired a few times and it felt like it had some kick my only problems were that my other m4 m16 type magizines were a tight fit and im not sure if they will feed well, when you pull the charging handle it releeses the pmag it comes with, and the bolt releese screw/nail came loose and now the bolt releese goes down a little farther then i think it should. other then that this is an amazing gun i can fit a 9.6 almost flawlessly. 9/10 evike great job!!!
by Constance C. on 2011-12-25 12:16:52
"i got this gun today, it is a very solid build and just the write weight. i have only one complaint, my mag does not feed very well, it is getting better but is there anything I can do besides shoot more until it feeds smoothly? webmaster or anyone else please answer, now for the pros and cons

Good weight
easy access to hopup
quiet when shot
plenty of room for a 9.6
sturdy construction
fast trigger response

mag problem (see above)
stock rips to full if more that about 5lbs is pulling on it
rear sight is wobbly, no problem for me because im buying an eotech for it

Overall the pros far outweigh the cons, if anyone has an answer please respind and im not sure if this is gonna say connie or not but this is her son Nick, merry christmas
wobbly rear sight post (Dosen
by Kim B. on 2011-12-16 14:08:18
"This is a must for all players

good fps
good material
looks sick
turns heads

by Austin L. on 2011-11-23 17:11:29
"So the external quality of this gun is superb. Mine came with full trades and shot decent.
The only thing is the hop up did not dop much and the range was aweful at first. But I rigged the hop up so it actually affects the range and now.... well... I am very satisfied with the gun.

Very good price and a very comfortable/light weight gun.
by Chris S. on 2011-08-17 11:11:51
"I have the new version of this gun (the one that shoots around 400 fps) and i lowered the spring to shoot 365fps and this thing is a beast
1) fastest rate of fire of any gun ive owned (faster then my CA AUG A1, Echo 1 G36C, SRC XM8, A&K SAW, JG G3 RAS, etc)
2) Very nice weight, realistic
3) Pretty accurate with .20g bb's even though i use .25's right now
4) Overall an amazing gun

Worth every penny
only problem is that the selector switch on mine is very loose and doesnt click into place on semi or full auto but thats just mine because my friend's selector switch is fine

by Sam R. on 2011-05-23 19:40:07
"Buying this gun is undoubtedly one of the best choices you can make for purchasing an AEG. This gun is fast, powerful and accurate. Only con is that the slixe will want to mess with your mind, meaning it works fine but after a few cocks it will begin to really wear down. Use lube and dissasembe gun to make the bolt cover smaller, other than that perfect gun. 9/10 evike!
by josh k. on 2011-05-10 11:33:42
"I've only ever had the chance to use one of these types of guns once and let me just say it was the most comfortable experiance while using an airsoft weapon. Just to clear up a few questios from previous reviews, yes the barrel is -14mm counter clockwise, and no unfortunently this gun does not come with a battery or charger. Alright back to the gun, the look and feel of this weapon is quite impressive no trademarks though but that might not bother some people. The high impact polymer lower reciever is great very durable, nice weight, and the full metal upper reciever is a bonus for realism and durability. The MAGPUL PMAG that comes with the masada is great, very solid construction and with no feeding problems. Although I will admit the foregrip is a little hard to get off to get the battery in, after a while though you get used to it. ROF is great, internals could have used a touch up. Time for the pro's and con's of the A&K Masada!



Full metal upper and high impact polymer lower



Battery is hard to get in the first couple of times

No battery or charger with package
by Adam F. on 2011-03-27 14:02:45
"First impressions on the gun: love it. It looks very awesome and feels great. I've used it in many matches so far, and it has performed flawlessly. However, a couple weeks ago, the trigger was making a "clicking" noise when the selector switch was on semi. That was an easy fix by moving the gearbox forward a tiny bit. Stock, it was shooting 390-400 fps. Pros and Cons:

Excellent feel
Awesome looks
Full metal upper receiver and barrel
Clear hop-up (u can see if it jams or just watch them go)
BBs never jam (at least not yet)
Plastic parts feel high quality

Trigger made a clicking noise on semi (just my case)
Somewhat slow motor (ROF is low)
Adjustable stock rips open to the 7th position when on a sling

Overall 5/5 because I love it and the performance is outstanding.
by Sheelone V. on 2011-03-25 18:05:38
"Just got it today and right off the bat it feels cheap! you hold it a little longer you start to appreciate the sheer quality of this rifle. I use an Intelect 9.6 and its a beast. Range and accuracy are all here, Lightweight and durability make this rifle a must own. Modern Warfare 2's Best gun in my opinion! Handguard is easy to remove and put back on, not as hard as "Tim" on Airsoftgi says.

-Nylon Fiber + Metal Body
-Quick Detach Barrel
-Holographic magpul PTS Logo on th gun
-The hi-Cap is awsome
-Included Iron sight
-Flip up intergrated front iron sight
-Flat top rail
-Rubber butt pad
-SCAR style PTS stock
-Working Bolt and Bolt catch
-Rubberized grip
-Easy disassembly
-And removale of handguard is not as hard as "Tim" on AirsoftGI claims

-Rear QD sling swivel is too low and cannot attach a sling swivel
-iron sight comes loose sometimes
-flashhider has no hex key to unscrew and remove the flash hider, so your gonna have to ruin it to put another flash hider on the gun Its threaded 14mm CCW
-Flash hider looks super ugly! yuck! Get a Gemtech QD Mock silencer
-Nylon fiber will irritate your hands so I recommend wearing gloves
-"made in china" is printed in white paint on the right side of the upper reciever Ugly as well!

Other than that its the best gun I have ever had, i was gonna get a Tar-21 but I don't have until April, This gun is a great substitute though and well worth the Price. Straight Modern Warfare 2 Look.
by Akmal K. on 2011-03-25 15:50:46
"my friend got me this for my birthday and i can say this is one of the sickest looking guns ive ever owned, i've had it now for like 4 months and totally dominated the battlefield.

good range
very powerful
full metal top rail retractable stock! (just found that out)
accurate (sorta)
lots of metal
i feel like im in modern warfare 2

no bottom rails
not too accurate, needs tighbore barrel (probably just me)
gets heavy after a bit
a little long

I totally reccomend this gun to eveyone, preferably to older people because of its weight. Oh and guys, please stop asking questions, just email the sight. these are for reviews not questions
by Aaron S. on 2011-02-28 16:30:27
"This gun is okay, but not 100% great. Looks awesome, nice quality polymer fiberglass outer body. About 60 % of this gun is all metal. It does not come with a battery, so you need to provide your own. The barrel does not have threads, so you cant change it out for a smaller barrel. Flash hider can be changed out, just be sure to use a wrench to get it off, cause its glued on. I agree the FPS is not great, and the ROF is kinda bad, even with a 9.6v battery. Speaking of battery, its near impossible to get the thing in, cause the front handguard comes off and you gotta get the battery in there and after put the hanguard back on. All in all 3 of 5 star rating.

-Looks Awesome
-Hi cap pmag included (everyone loves a PMAG)
-Metal orange flashhider included
-Feels good and is very light
-Nice quality iron sights
-The tip of the barrel is threaded so flash hiders can be switched out

-FPS is about 320-330. I expected more form a 300 dollar gun.
-ROF is pretty bad. Never use an 8.4v on this thing. Always use a 9.6 or 10.8v to raise the ROF to its fullest.
-Battery is near impossible to get in
-Barrel does not have threads, and cannot be changed out for a small one.
-Flash hider is glued on, need a wrench to get it off.

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 43 reviews)

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