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Matrix AGM StG44 WWII Full Metal Sturmgewehr Airsoft AEG Rifle with Real Wood Furniture

35 Customer Reviews

by callum s. on 12/28/2011
"Well, for the most part this gun is great! Heavy, realistic and pretty close to the real thing. The orange tip is terrible and although you can get it off (14x1 LH threads) nobody makes a metal replacement.
The stock is wood but the finish is painted on which looks ok, emphasis on ok. I sanded mine down and refinished it with stain and gun oil. looks fantastic. swap out the phillips head screws for slots and put on a reproduction k98 sling, as did the real one, and you have yourself a real looker. The sling that comes with it (I didn't get one - had to chase evike for it and the cleaning rod -which arrived bent in half - useless) is junk. Shoots true and hard, but I didn't get mine to play, just couldn't afford five grand for a deactivated real one. overall I'm very happy with it.
by Jackson S. on 12/15/2011
"I took this gun to one of my real WW2 reenactment, laid it next to a REAL Class 3 full auto STG44. could hardly tell the difference, the real STG weighs just a LITTLE more than the airsoft one but still spot on.
by David F. on 10/31/2011
"Very good gun extremely satisfied with it. make sure you get stg mags more than one is sometimes required. It is fairly heavy but its expected. The mag sits rather loosely. and some of the parts wiggle, but nothing very concerning. Great buy and a very accurate and powerful gun.
by thomas t. on 10/24/2011
"This gun is totally tripindicular! the fps and the range on it are absolutely great. i have a friend that spent $500 on a g4 and this thing easily matches its range and maybe its fps. By far the best part is its construction the full metal and real wood that is easily worth the price by itself without the great internals! It has such a real feel to it! It may be heavy for some, but i hunt alot with my heavy double barrel and m1 so it doesn't bother me. Maybe its only with my gun but it doesn't have a good hop up as in it moves on me when you cock it or when your running with it, but just mark it with a pen and its easy to stock battery is OK, but i'm soon to exploit the gun's full potential with a 9.6v battery. trust me, you cant go wrong with this gun. I'm looking at getting the mp40 and luger with it!

Definitely worth the money
hard hitting
high range
full metal/wood
great internals
well balanced
easy battery compartment
great clips
good rof
so real!

the hop up shakes out of adjustment easy
lose you pins easily (black bolts fixes the problem)
hard to remove orange tip
no rails (not that bad)
miss feeds after a while but no worse than other guns (just use clamps to pinch it shut)
wood scratches easy

None of the cons are really that bad and i really scrutinized the gun.
easily a 5 star gun!!!
by Jack K. on 07/11/2011
"Amazing gun! High Power! Full metal. Not one plastic.

Good FPS
Good ROF (Depending on Battery)
Heavy (Could also be a Con)
All Metal
Sight Adjustable
High Cap Mag
Quick Reload Mag

Battery Difficult to put in
Battery doesn't last that long

Overall Great Gun.
by Blake R. on 06/24/2011
"I got this gun about 2 months ago and ive been pretty much flawless in games since, yes it is heavy but very realistic, it shoots hard, is very accurate, you can pretty much snipe with it, and i reccomend getting a extra mag because the mag is small and use .25 gram bbs to be more accurate and hit harder. This gun is a must have and i reccomend the real wood stock one because avoid using plastic. thanks evike and china.
by Colton S. on 05/21/2011
"If you are into the Germans in the second world war, or you just want an insanely reliable, beutiful, and all around great airsoft assult rifle, then you need the Strumgewer 44! This airsoft assult weapon delivers a wopping 420 FPS with .20s. My favorite part of this wuderbar AEG is the starlting range. THIS GUN HAS RANGE!!!! It is a long range weapon, and I have been used a a sniper with it at our field in Moss Landing. If you have the cash, YOU NEED THIS AMAZING GUN!!! Although its a bit heavier than othe assult weapons, it is worth it 100%! The fake wood stock on the other gun posted here is obsolite! The real wood stock is beutiful, and I get many compliments on this great weapon!
Astounding Range
High FPS
Very cool looking
Real Wood Stock
Real steel, NO plastic on this one!
Can fufill the role of a sniper's weapon
Heavy (9 lbs)
Not terribly accurate

Overall a great gun, I rate it five stars!
by Brandon W. on 05/20/2011
"Ordered this bad boy and got to open it finally today and I must say I am VERY impressed with the newer model in the updated pictures on

Fixed the wobbly stock
Very solid gun
Pulling the bolt back and letting it go has a nice clank

Lower grip sides should be wood
Fire Selector needs to move down not backwards and forward

I am very impressed with it and was WORTH the money. Evike also shipped it out pretty darn fast, do buy if you interested in this gun!
by Grant C. on 01/27/2011
"I got this gun about a year and a half ago and i love it the battery for me lasts 12 hours and i really dont know why tho cuz i shoot it alot and it has alot of range i kill all my friends with it
by Gina M. on 01/23/2011
"This gun is amazing! It's very accurate, good rate of fire, and has a high FPS. I recommend this to any WWII lover and anyone looking for a nice, high quality gun.
by Tien N. on 12/28/2010
"This gun just rocks. Everytime I deploy it at an out doors field I get looks and comments. First off this gun out shoots and ranges most guns. The only time I'm out gunned is when confronted with a Li-Po gun but then again I only use a 9.6. Yes, a 8.4 will work but your ROF will be lacking but keep the stock one as a back up to your 9.6. To use a 9.6 you'll have to mod the buttstock to take the longer battery but that is easy to do, a half in wood auger and a good drill is all you need. It also hits hard, very hard out of the box without mods, 380-400FPS. This beast is also heavy but man up and deal or do more push ups and pull ups. If this is your first gun get a smart charger and a decent three point sling or if you want a real steel look get a Mauser 98k sling. For carriage and magazine storage, the Condor cross draw vest will work because you can adjust the cover flap from the back and lengthen the over all mag pouch. Or you can go in search of an actual/replica MP/STG-44 mag pouch. The belt loops on the latter mag pouches will fit an LC-1 carttridge belt sold here on Evike but you have to wear it high or it will hit your legs when you run or crouch down. So all in all I say buy it and rock on.
by Travis P. on 01/21/2010
"Ok let me start by saying this is probally my favorite gun. it is very heavy but the weight is balenced out perfectly.

fps (350-380)
full metal
wood stock (adds so much to the mp44 experence)
the battery i got dosent hold a charge for very long
the stock is wobbly even though i have tightend it many times
the metal and wood scratches very easily
if yours comes with the front sight taken apart, its a bit of a challenge to get it back on

Overall its an awesome gun and i recommend it to any WWII collector. Dont waste your money on the plastic stock version because m (according to my friend) it breaks easily. I love this gun and i think anyone who uses it will love it too.
by Patrick R. on 01/03/2010
"I received this gun on time and rate this gun a 10. It is well made, high ROF and FPS.
It is a power shooter! Very accurate. I made a replica leather sling and purchased
from Evike a bi-pod bipod_abu_bpun1 which I attached to the barrel. I also printed
a copy of the actual operating booklet of the real MP44 which goes into the stock along
with a small rod to loosen the front gas pin. I recommend this gun from Evike as it is
probrably one of the best guns out there. I have not upgrade this gun as I do not see
the need for it. Shoots great right out of the box. All screws were tight when gun

This gun is heavy and either needs to be setup on the ground or held with the left arm
close to the body as a support.

You need to purchase this gun from Evike.
by roxy h. on 01/02/2010
"This is an EXCELLENT gun! Easily 430-450 fps and has very long range! The only plastic is the hop up and the inside of the magazine. Otherwise this is a really high quality gun honestly is FULL METAL and is very heavy. People are amazed at the gun because few other people have it. It is a very unique firearm and Evike delivers fast and its cheaper here than alot of other websites. Thanks Evike!
by marcel r. on 10/08/2009
"this gun is ****ing amazing!!!!!!!!! Okay first of all this gun is in fact all 100% METAL, it shoots 420 fps with .20g bbs. Me and and my friends play in our neighborhood and each time i would charge at them they would sprint the other way completely. The only bad part about this gun would be the cocking lever and the stock both u can fix so don't worry the stock has a loose screw causing the stock to wobble. You can fix this by screwing in a similar screw but a little bit wider. And the cocking lever is a little bit loose sometimes so in the lever there is the hole and in the hole you can fit a allen wrench and tighten it. Other than that this gun is awesome i recommend it to anyone that is a huge ww2 fan .BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!