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Model: AEG-MP034

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by scott l. on 2010-03-20 06:17:39
"awesome durable gun. ive slammed it on the ground and nothing broke. my stock broke though cuz i had a P.O.S. sling and the stock hit a an angle and stripped the screw in it. so if you buy this gun get a good thing with strong metal hooks so they dont break off. i recommend this for anyone waning to shhot airsoft
by Nathan F. on 2010-03-16 14:49:18
"First Review!

Ok, this gun is very cool if you want a good gun for this price buy it.

Pros: Metal body,good weight,realistic feel, the battery it comes with, power.

Cons: Plastic hand gard,the battery it come with is had to get in,the sling is ok.

I haven't offcialy tested it for acuracy yet.
by Brandon C. on 2010-03-03 08:38:39
"Finally got the gun, must say, AGM out did themselves this time. The gun is NEARLY full metal, the Rate of fire is GREAT if you upgrade the gun the a 9.6V 1600 MAH battery. FPS is amazingly good, leaves welts all over the person your firing at. The only thing I did find wrong with the gun is that the handguard isnt metal like the description says it is. But even though, the gun is nearly flawless. I recommend this gun to anyone with the money and with the experience.

PS: Upgrade the piston to a silencing one, this one is pretty noisy =(
by dallas h. on 2009-11-15 13:57:24
"amazing gun! i've put about 10000 rounds through it and it shoot 390+ average with .25s

Displaying 13 to 16 (of 16 reviews)

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