Reviews: AGM / Dboy Full Metal M4 RIS Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ PEQ2 Box

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Model: AEG-MP032A

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by Chayan D. on 2014-04-03 18:09:00
"This was my first AEG over 100$. Had it for 6 months and still works like new. Deffinately worth the money. I could hit a crayola marker from 80 feet. Everything is metal and the grip,stock is abs plastic. It is as heavy as the real thing. Im still using the stock battery and its shooting 340fps with .2 bbs. Shoots about 17 bbs per second i reccomend a 9.6 2000mah large type battery for more than 20 bbs per second. Ris is very sturdy does not budge. Perfect gun for begginers or even pros. Youll love it if you get it
by chris a. on 2014-04-03 18:08:17
"this gun is very accurate and my dad said its exactly like the real thing because hes in the air force
by Austen M. on 2014-04-03 18:04:18
"This is a good gun i own it get a 9.6v high milliahmp battery Imeadiatly it will keep it from locking up also get the Guarder infinite torque up motor increases fps rpm's and trigger response
(new tougher gearbox should be added later for better performance)

also the metal is a little soft and make sure all pins are very secure us super glue to hold them in better the fake bolt release flaps in the breeze

also the inner barrel seems to be almost an inch short on my gun if the flash hider is a biggy to you get a new one as these ones has shotty treading that makes the look bent (threads are 14mm ccw counter clockwise)

otherwise good solid gun not to heavy not to light close to real m4 weight and the sling mounts a re a little wobbley also make sure your stock is tight it also hass light wiring try not to kink or pull it it will break but

overall great gun kinda cheap paint good distance and range buy extra mags for the hell of it but a good buy fps is around 350 sends a good whack on the receiving end of fire Definite buy for a first aeg or cheap upgradeable Good gun rugged tough body Buy It!!!
by Austen M. on 2014-04-03 18:03:58
"I own it's a good starter metal gearbox gun if you want better results get the

guarder infinite torque up motor

tuff body
good accuracy
good fps
get a 9.6v immediatly it will stop the gun from jamming
also it is a good base gun just for body parts
get a matrix 8mm gearbox the guarder motor and a few higher quality mags and you have a simple metal body gun that rips
good buy of a gun
get it while its around
by marshall t. on 2014-04-03 18:03:19
"I got this gun last week and when I fired this beast, it surprised on it's range and accuracy. The ability to hit target up to 150ft + is a good for stock. That easily could make this gun a DMR or a snper weapon.
by Robert B. on 2014-04-03 18:02:46
"I bought this gun about a year ago as my first AEG. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I've purchased several rifles since, and this one has outlived the rest. its fps is fair(especially for $135(bought off a different web site)) but what really stands out is its reliability. It feels so solid I would feel safe dropping it from a two story balcony(although I would never do that) . After having it for a year its never had an internal problem. With other assault rifles I've had striped gears and cracked air nozzles.

VERY solid
great look
good fps
good price
great for starters or intermediates

um..... oh ya I forgot the battery box(when on the top rail) blocks the iron sights. lol. so I made my own ghetto version. Yes it involved duct tape. :p

I would highly recommend this for anyone.
by June M. on 2014-04-03 18:02:05
"Ok I have had this gun for about a year now and all I have to say that it was great and definately worth it. While it may not be as good as other guns same price shooting it is definately the must durable gun I've ever had. Hence the full metal. This gun has been in snow dirt and even underwater during freezeing conditions ( I fell in a river ;p ) . So this gun will definately last you a long time. However I did encounter some problems I fixed them all first a fuse was blown so I picked a pack of 5 30amp fuses (25 or 20 will do also) another problem was at times the battery would not work the gears so buy a 9.2 v battery for this. Now getting to how this thing shoots. Once you have your hop-up adujsted it is very accurate until it drops from range. Good range too, FPS is decent and fire rate is low but the durability and accuracy make up for this. I love the way it sounds when you pull the charging handle and the magazines hold a good amount. I HATE THE PEQ BOX I'm not big on looks but I just couldn't stand it. I camo taped to the button of the gun. If your wondering how to replace the fuse open the bottom rail to the gun this may be difficult do to the strong delta ring there will a cylinder shaped price of plastic inside is where the fuse is kept simply open remove and replace getting the bottom rail back on will be challenging too. Overall great gun and great bang for your buck. Still running great.
by Michael G. on 2014-04-03 18:01:33
"I bought this on another site, a good gun, but after light-moderate use, the stock unscrews itself.

I really like the stock, and was a consideration because I wanted similar to military issued M4's, however the stock has wobble.

The fake AN/PEQ2 box blocks the sights of the gun, unless mounted on side, or battery is attached using other means (I took the RIS mount from the PEQ box and used black duct tape to attach the battery to the mount, and then mounted it using the RIS on the top (and covered the battery with electrical tape for aesthetic reasons)).

Since my stock got unscrewed, I attempted to get the to rescrew it. Failed, now left with a pretty nice looking display.

The fake bolt is a nice touch, it is used to adjust hop up hidden under the dust cover. However the spring that it uses failed on me too.

The forward assist does Absolutely nothing :)... It's still fun to press though.

So a great gun for starters, but be careful when messing with internals.

Comes With:

Three-Point Sling
Mounts for three point sling
ABS Plastic foregrip.
Two RIS Heat Guards.
One Mag's worth of .20g BB's
One D-Boys Hi-Cap Magazine
Entry Level battery
by Sidney B. on 2014-04-03 17:59:56
"This gun is great had it for maby 4 1/2 months now working fine. There are some lose parts and a cheap peq box but heck its worth the money.

Good fps skirts 400
full metal
Fore grip and rail covers (not cheap at all!!!!!)

RIS is loose
Cheap peq box
by William S. on 2014-04-03 17:59:27
"Great little gun when you take care of it. This was my first higher quality AEG, got it in the mail, ordered a spare higher output battery to crank up the BPS, this gun worked great, barrel is accurate, but one day it just jammed up and the motor stopped working. I was rough on the gun, and take responsibility for it breaking. But over all good gun, great for begginers
by ben c. on 2013-03-19 04:44:11
"I have had this gun for about 6 months and it is my first AEG after many months of chairsofting. I can safely say this is a SUPER amazing beginner rifle and will pose very few problems. Mine came defective but evike RMA'ed it so it was alright.

full metal body, DURABLE
decent accuracy
decent rate of fire
decent range w/.25
easy sight adjustment
accepts a wide variety of m4 magazines

i would have to guess the gearbox will eventually conk out on me...
wobbly externals, RIS and stock wobble. __ easy fix

overall, an amazing beginner/intermediate rifle.
by lyph s. on 2013-02-27 17:45:54
"I just got the gun today and its awesome! My first AEG..i plan on upgrading it internally. WARNING do not get elite force m4/ m16 mags unless u want to spend 4 hours fileing and sanding them down to fit (that sucked) but the gun works great.i plan on doing a future review to tell u about how its holding up

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