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by Ethan E. on 2016-05-30 20:49:21
"I have had this gun for 8 months now, and I am going to be completely honest here and say I did not buy this gun with very high expectations. In addition to playing airsoft at fields, I also occasionally have a large group friends over to my large property to play some casual airsoft, and most but not all of them have guns, so i bought this as sort of an extra weapon I can loan out to people should one of their guns be temporarily broken or they are in need of something to use at some point, mainly because it was inexpensive, looked pretty cool, and I wanted an AKS74U anyways. I already knew that CYMA AKs were really good for the price, so I went ahead and bought this with a few extra mags. But I have to say, upon receiving it I was pleasantly surprised at what just over 100$ can get you.

The whole thing is a block of metal, with the exclusion of the handguard and imitation wood grip of course, which although plastic, it is very hard, durable, and does a good job of replicating wood. The sights are mediocre, but close to true to the real AKS74U. It feels overall very sturdy, and comfortable to hold. The folding stock also closes very solid on the side of the gun with a a very satisfying clang both when being folded and unfolded. So I decided to rig up a sling and when you keep it on your back with the stock folded, it is almost like it is not even there. It is very compact and comfortable to carry.

The gun also comes with pretty astounding accuracy and velocity out of the box. Mine shot between 410-415 fps on my chrono with .2s, which is very respectable. WIth .25g bbs from a range finder measured distance of 150 feet on my range, I could hit 12x12 inch paper target on semi-auto a pretty decent amount of times, about 7 out of 10 shots always hit this target. This is definitely a gun that can be used in woodland, but CQB might give you a heartache with the FPS limits at some courses. I've heard of these things chronoing much higher than the one I recieved, so it seems to vary.

The only cons I could find with this gun were pretty minor. Like mentioned in the last review, the front sight does wobble, but on mine it only wobbles a slight amount when it is touched. It is almost not notable in my case. I don't really see it as anything to be worried about, and I see many ways to fix it if I really cared about this minor issue. The only one that really bothers me is in the disassembly process. The gun is very upgrade-able obviously, but when removing the hop up and barrel assembly from the front part of the gun, one of the two screws holding it in place is very hard to remove efficiently, because of the fold up receiver on the gun being in the way, meaning you need a very small, short screwdriver to remove it, and even then, getting enough torque to get it out from that angle is a pain, and I can see desperate attempts at pulling this screw out leading to stripping of this screw. It is fine on the right side as the cutout for the charging handle allows a path to fit a full size screwdriver in. This does not affect getting to the gear box, but I prefer being able to maintain my hop up easily. Obviously the top cover not coming off is true to the real AKS-74U, and makes handling the gun easier during battery changes, but as far as I can tell, there is no easy way to remove it from the front of the gun to get it out of the way for maintenance.

So what does this add up to? Well for the price, it is simply amazing. For just over 100$ you get a very durable, compact aeg that has a very effective hop-up and a good velocity, and in turn an accurate gun with decent range suitable for woodland. This gun makes a great primary, and it is what I see as a good choice as a starting gun. It also a makes a great secondary, and I can speak for this, as I have personally have run it as a secondary before on a 2 point sling alongside my PKM, which I know sounds pretty ridiculous and too hardcore, but it is very manageable and effective to use in that manner in my case. But if your not willing to carry a heavy kit this weapon alone still makes a great all around primary for outdoor gaming. In more advanced games. I see it being very useful where vehicles are in play. I have had this weapon slung on my back while driving a vehicle around a map once, and it really works and feels like one of the best weapons for such a role.

Although I do understand that the quality control of guns in this price range does vary, and I might have gotten a better one out of the batch, I was very happy with what I received thus far, it has exceeded my expectations, and I have already used it quite a bit. I highly recommend this gun to anyone, whether a beginner or seasoned airsofter, looking for a really good, accurate AEG that wont break your bank. I look forward to going ham on this thing with the upgrades soon.
by Matthew T. on 2016-05-09 20:58:19
"I received this CM035 from Evike a week ago. i called to inform them of the front sight wobbling. I tightened the screw as I was advised to do. Took it out, shot it, problem repeated itself. Apparently the TINY screw and the place where it threads into is all stripped out. The front sight wobbles and not the inner barrel assembly does as well. Sending back to Evike. Such garbage.
by Andrew A. on 2016-03-30 13:01:43
"I will try to give a fair review of the product from the perspective I only paid 116 for it.

The stock, receiver, dust cover and front assembly are all metal. It is composite metal but it is sturdy and will hold up to a pounding. The front handguards are plastic "imitation wood". They look OK but nothing special. There was some wobble in the upper handguard which I easily fixed with a small bit of tape on inside of the handguard. The flash hider is all plastic with the entire flash hider being bright orange.

Takedown of the gun is easier than the old Marui AK47. The receiver is taken down just like a Marui with the 4 screws. The front handguards are taken down by opening the dust cover and sliding the handguards off. This is the improvement over the old Marui AK47 design. Also, the dust cover is attached to the receiver via a hinge. This makes it so the dust cover can be opened without it falling out.

The gun takes stick type batteries but they can be pushed all of the way down into the handguards, which is a great feature. Almost all standard round stick type batteries will fit. Regardless of how long it is. LiPos are trickier to find because they are not always round in dimension. The metal stock is excellent. It snaps into place with no wobble. Cant ask for a better stock.

The hi-cap it comes with is junk. Its thin plastic and feels like it will break if it took a hard knock. The hi-cap will probably find its way to your spare parts bin. It also comes with a garbage wall charger and BBs. Both should go in your trash can. No need to jam your gun or burn your house down by using them.

The gun does not come with battery.

-Excellent value
-Mostly metal
-Stick Batteries extend into handguard for extra battery space
-Zero wobble in the stock
-Solid FPS and ROF out of the box

-Upper handguard wobble was present
-Handuards are just OK looking
-The charger, BBs and Hi-cap that come with the gun should be sent straight to your trash can
by AUSTIN D. on 2015-09-14 18:38:45
"this gun is a lemon as soon as i brought it out to the field it broke every other shot would go like 15 feet at most. and it was only shooting at 320 fps after i fixed those problems i took off the flash hider on the gun and the threads on the gun stripped also the metal on the stock is crappy it bent after i put a one point sling on it. but i have to say the battery included is actually pretty good and the rof is not bad i actually really like that feature on it but that doesn't help when its in accurate.
good rof
nice weight

bad hop up
cheap metal
not accurate

i would suggest spending the extra money for a kwa, e&l, g&g, or an evike custom made gun
by Mac O. on 2015-03-29 15:09:26
"I've got to say this gun is an excellent bang for the buck. The gun is full metal aside from the pistol grip and the handguards. The handguards feel a little flimsy, but I changed them out anyway so it doesn't matter. The gun shoots fine and it will serve me well.

-Mostly metal
-Quality built
-Great for those on a budget.

-Flimsy handguards (I would recommend the real wood version unless you're just going to change them out.)
by Riley D. on 2015-01-28 17:19:21
"This gun out of the box is simply amazing. The riveting is really nice, the rate of fire even with an 8.4v battery is pretty high, the stock is very sturdy for being a folding stock. One thing I don't like is the loose sling point on the stock and the magazine is not super high quality, other than that for the price you get an amazing deal and, you probably will not find another like this.

1. Loose sling point on the stock.
2. Low quality Magazine.

1. Just about everything else.
by Leanne T. on 2014-09-27 17:46:40
"Does it come with a battery? or should I but one?
by Zachary S. on 2014-05-12 07:46:49
"I got this AKS-74u last summer and before I shot even one clip the gear box broke. I returned it and Evike sent me a new gun. This AK has full metal construction, except for the handle which is a very hard plastic and the fore grip which is imitation wood, again very hard plastic. The butt is full metal and is very sturdy both extended and collapsed. This gun is very rugged. I've dropped on tree roots laying across the ground and I've fallen on it while running. It comes with a CYMA v.3 gear box. The fps is pretty impressive, around 450. The Russians made this gun due to the fact that the fight was transitioning from open fields to urban warfare so it is great for CQB though some may argue that the fps is to high I would say that the fps is great for CQB and open skirt sites. The only reservations I have about this gun is that the muzzle brake is attached by a screw that is about half a centimeter long and will get loose sometimes. Also the fire selector gets loose after turning repeatedly. Lastly the aft sling ring jingles a lot unless there is a sling attached and the noise is loud when your walking and gets annoying (but you could tape it down.) So here is my take:

Full metal construction
Very rugged
Impressive fps
Great internals
Nice weight
Takes almost all AK clips
Adjustable sights

Muzzle gets loose sometimes
Fire selector gets loose after repeated turning
Aft sling ring makes can be loud

This gun is a must for all air soft arsenals whether your a beginner or a expert at air soft this gun is so good that I personaly think that the price is too low and should be raised to at least its original price. I encourage anybody and everybody to get this gun.
by Danny M. on 2014-03-05 23:07:33
"I used this in a winter game and it worked great. After a day of 12 degrees and a foot of snow, most of the weapons we were using were starting to fail, but this gun was working just as well as it was out of the box. Only problem I've had is that I couldn't put my scope mount on it right away. I had to take a metal saw to the back sight in order for any mounts to fit.

Overall, it's one of the best low price guns I've seen. I recommend it
by Jeannette D. on 2013-05-13 22:34:04
"Great gun, full metal so it's very sturdy. the handgrip is a very hard plastic, but it took me a while to notice.

Full metal
great FPS and ROF
9.6v battery

the mag it comes with is not good

This is an excellent gun, Buy it!
by Scott P. on 2013-03-01 22:06:28
"CYMA really makes great AEG's whether you're new to airsoft or not. The internals are great. Needs re-shimming if you're increasing the ROF (like I did). Perfect for CQB . The external body is full metal and a very sturdy build. The foldable stock is great for mid to close transitions. Battery compartment is a good size. Stock battery is not bad at all would definitely recommend a 9.6V though. Lube up the hop up and the bb's fly smooth (after a few hundred rounds). Tight bore needed for better grouping. Other than that its dead on. I'm very satisfied for the 74u's stock setup. Great buy. Worth every penny.
by Jerold P. on 2012-03-21 10:26:14
"For it's price it's very good. I just played with it outside and the distance is impressive and it hit's quite hard and good ROF with 9.6v. My friend shot my other friend up close and it made him bleed...

Extremely Sturdy
Shoot's Hard
Work's well Outside
All around good Gun for $130

The button to release the chamber that encases the battery will shoot out sometimes (easy to put back in)

Mag isn't very good... Not horrible but I would get Mid Caps or a different High Cap (I like Mid Caps way more personally)

For $130 definitely worth buying very good gun but i do suggest getting spare mags and a new battery.

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