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Classic Army FN Herstal Licensed SCAR-L Airsoft AEG Rifle (400 FPS) Desert

13 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan P. on 07/23/2015
"I've had this airsoft gun for about 3 years now, and it has exceeded all of my prior expectations for the gun. Shooting at around 350-385 fps, with a high ROF and a really cool look, you'll be intimidating on the airsoft field.
Granted, there are a couple problems, which I will list below.


Shoots Hard

High ROF


Feels great in your hands

It's sturdy. It won't break if you drop it

Looks awesome


The stock is a little loose. Nothing some tape can't fix

The fire selector gets loose as well

Trigger response isn't great

Will occasionally slip into full-auto while in semi

All and all, it't a fantastic beginner/intermediate gun, that is a lot of fun to use. The pros far outweigh the cons, and if you're looking for a reliable beginner gun, this is the one to pick.
by doug H. on 01/05/2015
"This is my second airsoft gun and dannnng it has been the best airsoft gun I've ever shot my team has $400 m4s and other type of weapon and I'm the only one with a scar l. It out performed the entire teams guns with
range is 12/10
fps 5/5
Quality and strength 5/5
If your looking for a new gun for field play with range this is deffinally the gun espasally with .25 bbs
by Nicholas P. on 11/25/2014
"I got this gun about 8 months ago, it was my first gun and I'm very happy it was. I bought it to go on a week long airsoft trip with some of my friends who had 400 dollar M4's, and this Scar 100% held up with them if not out preformed them. It is very accurate with .20 or .25 bbs while also being very high FPS wise. I have a additional grip bought for it and offten times I just find myself holding the mag reciever as its very comfortable. But I do not like how loose the upper reciever is or the iron sights.

-Very heavy and authentic feeling.
-High FPS and accuracy.
-Foldable stock is very nice.

-Loose upper reciever.
-Rear iron sights are TERRIBLE!!!
by Arash A. on 07/11/2014
"This gun is the best!!!!!!!!

I got the best deal on it: $169.99
The gun is awesome

High ROF
Perfect FPS for airsoft games
Awesome color
Many features like; folding stock, flip up sights, adjustable stock, easy to use
Fully ambidextrous

Sometimes there is bad trigger response (Minor)

The gun is great and I recommend it to all airsofters!
by Austin C. on 01/07/2014
"This gun is perfect. Good weight, strong internals, and it fits me perfectly!!!
by Cris T. on 02/22/2013
"I to this gun on Monday , And let me tell you ... In the 12 guns I own , this is #1. Te feel to it is amazing and is well balanced with the weight , the full metal rails on the side and bottom are great , but it has a har plastic Upper rail. the magazine is a full metal high cap mag which is also great. My only problem is the battery compartment, it is very small so be very carefull hen you put it in so you don't pinch te wires , that's the last thing you want. The gun chronoed at about 410-415
I love the look to it , it has a very beefy
Look to it but still has manueravility , The front side is metal and has to be pushed by a small pin to move up and down , The rear sight is adjustable and removable. The peep hole in the tear sight is a bit small but not to much to worry about. All in all it is a fantastic gun and Classic Armyade an amazon Job on this gun.

Pros:Mostly metal and hard plastic
-very durable -Nice feel to it - Great internals

Cons-Battery space is small and tight

by George V. on 02/18/2013
"I recieved this gun about a week ago, and it is amazing. I haven't used it in real game yet, but i have used it in small backyard games and the feel, weight, and fire rate are very good. This gun is reliable and offers many upgradable options to it. The only bad part is that when the stock is folded the wires are exposed so the stock can't be folded in the rain or snow.

Great polymer
metal internals
great iron sights
right/left handed options
movable/folding stock with a raisable cheek rest
very affordable

Wires are exposed when the stock is folded or the cheek rest is raised
by Tristan N. on 02/07/2013
"Just recieved this gun today and from what I can tell, it's a very good gun for the price. Many different attachment options can used on this gun without any struggle finding them. One thing I noticed is that this gun has an amazingly fast automatic fire rate. It feels really good in your hands and it's made for right handed AND left handed people.

Feels great
Many attachment options
Fast fire rate
Left and right handed

None that I can tell
by trent a. on 05/13/2014
"This gun is pretty darn good for a sportline, nice polymer, high rof, high fps.
Pros:high rof
High fps
Light wieght
Strong polymer
Nice flip up sights
All mags I threw in it had little to no wobble
Cons: pistol grip a bit wobbly
Sometimes the trigger doesnt respond
Which got me shot in the ear

Over all a perfect gun for a starter to intermediate players
by Zach S. on 01/14/2014
"Bought this gun about 2 months ago and it worked great up until the upper receiver snapped on me (soon replaced the plastic receiver with a metal receiver). I have also noticed (Don't know if it is just me) that the trigger response isn't quite the best, takes about half a second for the gun to fire after pulling trigger. Other than those two cons, the gun is great and unique. The ROF is great for a stock gun. Great gun for starters. Very affordable!

Great ROF
Cheek riser

Bad trigger response
Weak plastic (my opinion)
by Joseph C. on 07/30/2013
"had it for about a year and 3 months.Worked great until the selection broke so its on full auto then the selector switches broke off the stock wobbles and then FPS drops to 275. the air nozzle is cheep as the hop up worn out fast. i had to put about 65 dollars worth of upgrades onto it to make it decent again.
great ROF
beautiful body
mostly waterproof (just don't go putting the barrel underwater or the battery area)
easy disassembly
nice piston
metal gears are not pot metal shit
takes m4 mags

broke a lot
New things are Pricy if you want them good
plastic body(but Durable)
Cheap ass spring it will wear down fast
trigger mechanism assembly
So in short buy a VFC scar.
by doug H. on 02/14/2016
"I like the body the performance (when it works) is good. Hard hits range is great feeds well with mags and mid caps.
It broke on me and wouldn't stop shooting. Got it fixed or $50 and sometimes won't fire for no reason not big battery compartment if I was to go back I would just save a tad more for better guns go for g&g this guns internals are trash (sorry classic army) and trigger response is pretty bad also it takes pretty Long to get 1 shot down range
by Garrett E. on 03/02/2015
"I've had this gun for about 2 months now and it preforms well. (when it does preform) It has outbreaks where it doesn't fire, the left fire selector fell off, it had a stripped screw, and the dust cover was broken when I got it. Straight out of the box. As for user related issues I have a few; the folding stock crimps the cord going to the gearbox when it folds back thus putting a hole in the wire casing, the hi-cap it came with broke, it doesn't fit many batteries and the ones it does fit make it so the stock has to be extended and the cheek rest has to be up, the motor grip is uncomfortable, and it is heavy (from my calculations about 7.5 pounds). My least favorite part of this is that has almost zero upgrades for it.
Looks cool

Mine is a lemon
doesn't fit many batteries
not many upgrades

In my opinion if you are a starter go ahead and buy this only if you like scars. But if you are a seasoned player go buy something else.