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by Ethan B. on 2015-01-20 18:37:27
"I got this gun for Christmas and it works Great! the sights work amazing, but heavy. this gun is great buy it you wont regret it.But if you get the 9.6v battery the stock will only go to 3 and stay at 3. But over all it's amazing in battles. BUY IT NOW!
by Aslan A. on 2015-01-16 14:46:40
"Horrible gun in my opinion, I've had this gun for about a year and a half and I hate it, save your money! get a vfc scar
by John m. on 2014-11-29 22:12:01
"I have a had this gun for 6 months about and its ok. the battery life is really good I go through 1 battery every 8 hours best way to save the battery life is to burst never shoot more than 200 rounds in 1 trigger pull.
good rof
good battery life
flip up sights
rail space
collapsible stalk
great rail space

glued on flash hider
not a lot of upgrades
screws comes out easily
charging handle breaks
trigger is hard to pull

I recommend this gun I love the way it works if you look hard enough there are some really good upgrades for your money this is good
by Matteo C. on 2014-11-14 09:49:34
"I bought this gun a few weeks ago and I used it for the first time a few days ago and it is not a good gun because the stock broke and the orange tip also broke so overall this is not a good gun, Do Not buy this gun!
by Ron G. on 2014-11-05 06:48:55
"I have had this gun for about a year now and must say that it is OKAY for the price. Gun shoots well and looks cool now that I dressed it up. Like others have stated the selector switch stopped working and mine shoots full auto only now, also parts fall off real easy like the screw supports. The battery is a pain to put in and out but after I started having issues with the wiring shorting out I ran them to the top into a PEQ box, it also made the gun look cooler. Still a good by for the price plus I get a lot of looks and drools at the field.
by mike s. on 2014-08-27 16:19:44
"This gun is pretty good for the price, but it has a few "quirks". When you get the gun and disassemble it, you will notice that it has a couple extra inches of wiring stuffed up inside the receiver. (not that bad, just cut it.), gets REALLY hot when you shoot it a lot with a lipo, the selector switch stopped going to full auto, so I took it apart and fixed it, put it back in the gun, but i had to disable the ambidextrous controls and it is still hard to click on to full auto.

Amazingly accurate
fairly solid
reliable gearbox

selector switch
front sight broke off in shipping
black gas block (they are supposed to be silver)
glued on flash hider
hard to disassemble
by patrick g. on 2014-08-21 19:59:07
"Had this gun for 2 years

Good fps
Solid gun
decent range

Can overheat
Limited batterie space
Hop up can be a struggle

This gun is very well rounded but a little pricey
by Patrick P. on 2014-04-03 13:10:44
"This was my second AEG and I like the gun, but there are a few cons, If you are just getting into airsoft, I would recommend this gun, but for extremers, this is not the gun for you. I would rate this gun a 7 out of 10.

Good FPS
Rate of Fire with 9.6v
Hop ups are easily adjustable

Bolt catch doesn't do anything
Wiring sticks out when stock is folded back
Takes some m4 mags (Pro and con)
Glued on flashhider
Battery department doesn't fully close with 9.6v
by Ragnhild F. on 2013-11-09 15:13:14
"This is a great gun. Ignore the facebook comment section because they're all ignorant and believes this is a really bad gun, in fact it isnt, but i do agree that it does have a couple of cons.

Metal upper reciever
Adept for external upgrades
Rate of Fire with 9.6v
Easily accessible hop-up
Takes most M4 mags
Extremely solid
Very ergonomic with various options to customize it

Polymer lower reciever and stock (Though it is very durable and wont scratch easily)
Non-functioning bolt catch
Polymer top rail (Still very durable, can handle a lot)
Glued on orange tip when recieving package (Im norwegian so you dont need orange flash hiders around here, but was easy to remove with a knife)
9.6v is kinda tricky to get into the stock, cant retract further than 3 (almost fully retracted, just one notch away)

Overall i really like the SCAR, if you're a beginner or are looking to buy a kind of good gun for a really good price, then i suggest you buy this. Its not of the proline, extreme airsofts, but its very good overall.
by cledith s. on 2013-09-29 21:09:44
"great gun bought mine about 4 or 5 months ago ran good right out of the box i got the magpul p-mags and a red dot and it has been my favorite so far.
by Andy N. on 2013-09-20 18:13:16
"I just bought this gun. I have to say, I love it. From what I can tell it has crazy high RPM. It drains through a mag quick without you noticing. I recommend getting high caps. I made the mistake of only purchasing 1 min cap. It did disappoint me that EVERY review I watched it came with an extra metal black flash hider, but mine didnt come with one. So my guess is evike took it and is being cheap and reselling it(; who knows really. But I have a m200 extented flute barrel on mine. It looks amazing.
The only con I would have to say it how tight the orange tip was glued on.(but thats like almost every gun. At least it doesnt have the worlds smallest allen screw like my G36c
by Robert L. on 2013-09-10 17:58:33
"I feel like I should review this again, now that I have had the gun for a while and know a bit about teching. First off, let me say this: this gun will not last you a year. It's an awesome, cheap SCAR-L for UPGRADES ONLY. If you just want a backyard plinker and/or don't mind replacing parts, this gun will be great for you, but it will start breaking pretty soon. I've had this gun for around a year, and something in the gearbox recently stripped like crazy after infrequent light use. Best part is, I can't find out what broke, since the screws on the motor grip came stripped. Over all, this gun isn't too good unless you plan on replacing too many parts than you should in any AEG. I know, some of you may not have the budget, but I would suggest you save up for a VFC SCAR-L instead of this. This would be a good upgrade gun, though.

Just remember: thoroughly research the SPECIFIC GUN you want to buy. Also make sure you look for common problems with it. Don't ever do like I did and do a bit of research on the company. That is the reason I got this and am now selling it as junk for around $80.
I am rating this a 3 out of 5, because I would love to use this as a project gun to replace all of the internals of, if I could take it apart.
Seriously, if you aren't specifically looking for SCARs, I hear a lot of great things about ICS's Sportline guns.

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