Reviews: Classic Army Bushmaster Licensed M16 Predator Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-BM-BM15PR
Location: L4-012

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by Jansen K. on 2014-04-08 15:51:41
"Alright, so I got this gun last week for a DMR base. It's a pretty good gun, but there are cons as well as pros to it.
FULL metal front assembly
Its got great looks to it
Good ROF (18 +/-)
Hits hard (Headshot first day and he started bleeding at about 40 yards)
Fairly accurate without a scope
FPS is more less than what is listed... more like 310 with .20's
Range out of the box failed to impress because I could barely hit a target at 40 yards
Performance with a scope sucks, even with it sighted in correctly, the BB's are going all over. Without a scope on, however, I can easily hit longer range targets.

I really like this gun. If you're looking to get it and have money for upgrades, get this rifle and a 6.03 tightbore as it triples the range, a magnum motor, a M130 spring, and maybe a new gearbox. Definitely go for that 100% air seal, too. It does become a truly amazing gun after simple upgrades. Recommended to any new player or advanced players looking into the DMR role.
by pete s. on 2013-11-24 10:07:40
"Terrible gun. Awful gun. Out of the box, did not work. The front of the gun moves around. A lot. If you were to hit something, with the front of this gun, it would bend and wreck in inner barrel. The hop-up was about the junkiest I've ever encountered. Really, this is just not a good gun at any price. And I paid $100 for it. Save your money. Get a ICS, G&P or a KWA, just avoid this gun.
by Jeff M. on 2013-06-14 14:36:11
"I didn't buy this gun my friend bought it but what Jose said above is wrong and caused me to recomend the wrong bushings to him the bushings are 6mm not 7mm

feels nice
awesome handguard
functions great when upgraded

plastic spring guide
plastic bushings
low quality gears
seemed like a 100 spring (depends if thats a con to you)
comes with no sights

over all nice gun for the price it will work if you plan to run it stock and it will also perform great if you upgrade it just have to get a few parts for it. The range I got out of it with a few mods and angel custom 6.01 455m was around 225 accurately just fix the compression with teflon tape mods or get a double o ring cylinder head for it and depending on how it fits in there you can see if you need to teflon tape it or not.
by Jose G. on 2012-12-03 13:55:08
"This is a legit gun. It has a very nice feel to it and the cnc hand guard is very comfortable. The only down side to this gun though is that the gearbox internals are horrible. They are made for speed rather then power so if you want to make it into a DMR your going to need to change out all the internals. Another thing too is the bushings in the gearbox are plastic. If you want a example of how to make it a DMR here is my set up.
M150 Spring
Matrix Super High Torque Gears
Guarder Half Tooth Polycarbonate Piston W/ Matrix CNC Ported Piston Head
7mm Classic Army Metal Bushings
Angel Custom Full Ribbed Cylinder
Matrix Double O-Ring Cylinder Head
Matrix CNC Air Seal Nozzle
Matrix Ball Bearing Spring Guide
Lonex A1 Motor Long Type
Madbull 6.01 Ultimate Tightbore Barrel(510 MM)
Matrix 11.1v 1600 Mah Li-poly Battery
by Thang n. on 2012-09-13 15:05:33
Fast ROF(take off Large Type Adapter and it'll have a original small type tamaiya) shoots 22-24 with 9.6v mini type batter
Bushmaster licensing
Good DMR
300 fps
Made by CA
Battery compartment is big when using a Mini/nunchuck

Have to remove stock to sucessfully connect a 9.6v mini/nunchuck
No RIS Rails for grip, etc
Hassle to change batteries even though its quick
Gun is very long and not good for CQB
Doesnt shoot around 340-350 fps
Material used doen't feel high quality

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