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Classic Army Full Metal M16A1 M15A1 - (Package: Rifle)

8 Customer Reviews

by Kevin David H. on 02/25/2018
"This is a really nice replica for the price, i really recoomend it.
-Full metal, nice alluminium receiver, steel sling points and front sight assembly.
-6.03 brass inner barrel, 509mm long.
-Accurate Vietnam era A1 receiver.
-Decent quality paint.
Lightweight(Under 3 kilo).
-Very good battery space.
-Good feeling handguard, stock and pistol grip.
-Mosfet installed.
-Pretty good internals.
-Decent motor.
-Nice range and accuracy.
-Gearbox is Blowback ready.
-Working bolt cath.
-Charging handle is a little loose.
-Mock bolt uses a metal guide in top of the gearbox(same place as you use for blowback) and that metal guide broke on me(i slam charging handle a with strenght lol) making charging handle really hard to pull, however, it was an easy repair.
by Kolton T. on 12/01/2015
"I received my M16 and was ecstatic. The more I look at it, the better replica it appears. It shoots nicely and is easily the nicest airsoft gun I have ever owned. Non-fenced lower, correct Delta/slip ring, A1 upper receiver, correct markings and trades.

I believe I was sold a display model as it was already dirty and had some minor scratches, but I will still give a five star review for the product itself and write Evike a strongly worded yet coldly polite email.

Buy it immediately.
by Anthony W. on 07/24/2011
"I have the battery and mags from my jg M16A1 and it broke, so I ran into this. My friend has a CA M16A4 and it's realy nice! I was looking for a VN style gun and since I have a large type battery, I'm getting this even though the XM177 looks sick. CA is a great brand and I can't wait till I order this rifle.
by perry k. on 01/08/2010
"Ok first, to the Review to the person below me, Armalite was around in the 60's, Also the 50's, They Developed the AR-10 and AR-15 series of rifles, They sold both design's to Colt in 1959. Which colt Improved and Wich got adopted by the Military as The M16. Armalite Still makes M16 rifles but Civilian versions called AR-15.

And also puting that the Hi-cap is only 190bb's, Did you not read the description?

Ok now for my review:

K I bought this from a different site in Febuary 09 when the X series came out, I wanted it soooner but couldn't find one. I love the First Models of the M16, They are Beautiful, and IMO, more comfortable to hold. I also go with a Vietnam Load. The Rifle is Great, Nice Accuracy, decent Hop-up, Good RoF thou I'm usually on Semi. This aeg is also durable, I know cause I have smashed into tree's fell on the gun, and droped it many times. Couple of scratches, but I dont care. The internalls still work great, I left mine stock, Its shooting around 353 fps with .25g Bio BB's. Also My 2009 version has the Serial number of .000008, Which is awsome.

Good FPS
Good Internals
Great Externals
Unique ser #
ArmaLite logo's

They could of made the stock assemble on the Reciever better.
by Lucas N. on 03/06/2009
"Extremely well constructed and very solid out of the box, this gun has been a welcome addition to my armory. I purchased this weapon to complete my Vietnam War load-out and after putting a Prometheus tightbore barrel into it, it's range and accuracy are now above and beyond my other AEG's. Not many people like the unique triangular grip that comes along with this style of M-16. It's not much to look at but the grip definitely feels better in your hands than the newer circular grip.

Solid working AEG right out of the box.
Range is superior to assault type weapons.
Classic Army internals and externals of the highest quality.

The body is not authentic to the time period. Armalite wasn't around in the 60's.
High Cap magazine that comes with the gun only holds 180 rounds due to the small size.
by Wyatt W. on 07/26/2008
"Great Accuracy, probably the best gun I've used at an airsoft competition. If you want a good gun with high FPS keep this gun in mind.
by sloth i. on 06/28/2008
"I have to say this is one of the best airsoft guns out there now obviously it being a classic army gearbox its gunna be sick but I can't say besides looseing the butt plate I have ever had a problem with this thing except the mag well came a little loose but the Fps is great and the rate of fire is also great !!!!! Sweet buy for anyone looking for a airsoft gun thats cheap

- sloth out
by Todd P. on 09/10/2015
"DOES NOT WORK - Received mine yesterday but it does not work. No power, no sound, no movement.