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Colt Licensed M4 CQB-R Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

92 Customer Reviews

by Jake P. on 04/15/2012
"Great gun!! Solid buy! If you want a heavy, manly, feeling m4 for its great. The externals are clean. Love the colt trademarks, the only thing wrong with it is the ris to the metal body is loose at the d-ring but that's normal I put a $4 rail cover to bridge it and it works great. I'm a tec as for as the internals good there a 4/5. The wire needs to be at least 14gauge and it 18 gauge. The mech box is reinforced and can that a m150 no problem. 18:1 gears that will not brake. Good piston and head. Came at 363 fps and 14 rof. I put a matrix m120 spring($10) and a matrix high torque motor ($45) and as if the gun was not solid before now it kicks ... 436 fps and @ 23 rof with a 11.1 lipo 1100 in the buffer tube. Great gun. Two simple mods and a killer gun plus all the rail space. It's won for your collection.
by Dana V. on 04/13/2012
"Thos product is great. Everything works fine out of the box. The only con I have with this gun is that mine came with a flash hider that was missing a chunck of metal. I don't know of is was suppose to be like that or not, but the gun itself still works. If anyone can explain the flash hider that would be great.
by Alex M. on 04/04/2012
"I recently bought this rifle along with the AIM "Real Steel" High Grade M4 QUAD RIS Handguard w/ Rubberized Rail Covers. The rail system fits perfectly on the gun after you figure out how to set it up. The gun shoots very decently out of the box around 320-330, I would highly recomend getting a stronger spring and maybe a new bucking, lipo couldnt hurt either. I used it at the field and it fed MAG mags great, flawlessly.

Feeds flawlessly
Decent out of the box
full metal
amazing ROF with a 10.8
highly upgradeable

Stock wobbles (but what LE stock doesnt wobble on an AEG?)
motor connector wires come off easy nothing a little crimp with needle nose didnt fix.

Overall for the price its worth it.
by george v. on 03/19/2012
"This gun is a great starter/intermediate rifle as you are getting an amazing gun out of the money paid(very good price) Great for Field and CQB as its 160-180 fps out the box with 0.20s. What I did like was the bolt catch, very good.

Great metal body, really nice feel to it
Quality engravings
Has a realistic weight but you can still be running around with it
Great FPS
Quality Internals
Bolt Catch

LE stock has a quite a bit of wobble on it but is not a big deal
Orange flashider is super glued on and bolted so is a pain to take off!!

Overall this gun is very good for the price you are getting and the cons are not a big deal and don't affect the overall performance of the gun. It has a sweet FPS, great ROP and as realistic as a real M4A1.

by Zach C. on 03/04/2012
"After having this gun for a bit over a month and a half and have field tested it twice both 7 hour skirmishes at my local CQB arena.I can officially say I'm very happy with my purchase of the King Arms M4. I don't have the Magfooled out version but the regular M4A1 Full metal version. Just didn't feel like searching for it on here.


-full metal, polymer is only where it should be
-Good internals, shoots about 350 stock with .25g BBs
-Very solid feel, I feel like I'm handling a slightly lighter version of my real M4
-Has a really nice ROF with a 9.6V battery..I think I'm doing around 18-19 rps with the SP85 spring I put in.
-The high torque motor is nice, It pulled an m120 spring I had in it very well (about 365 fps on .25s)

-Slight wobble in the LE stock, but my Real steel M4 has a little wobble too
-Take down is like any other M4 AEG but the mock bolt carrier/hop up cover makes it a little difficult to get off easily, I ended up removing mine entirely because I don't need hop up for CQB.
-Would have liked a sling point to be included on the buffer tube like the KWAs but no big deal
-a little magazine wobble, fixed by prying out a little on the magazines catch.

Other than that it's a great buy for the money. The working bolt catch is a great feature if you play outdoors a lot and need to adjust hop up, I just don't need it for CQB. I'll be picking up another one of these for field play for sure. It's VERY accurate out of the box...I was really surprised. Little to no left to right variation in the shots from about 85-90 feet.
by Gabriel C. on 12/25/2011
"Great gun!


by Omar M. on 12/15/2011
"I ordered this gun about a week ago I played and outdoor game with it so far.
Realistic weight (not to heavy nor to light)
Working bolt catch
Good ROF with 8.4 ( 9.6 is great highly recommend)
Full metal (where it counts)

Wobbly stock (Fixed with electrical tape)
Stiff delta ring (Loosens up after a bit of play)
Super glued bolt on orange flash hider (makes it a pain to get off)
Wobbly magazine (can be fixed with electrical tape)

Overall the cons are no where near bad enough to persuade any one to not buy this. The price is great it comes from a great company, that is known for great quality products.
by Heidi L. on 12/13/2011
"First off, this gun is simply amazing... My friends are scared to death when they see me with this thing! It has a full metal body(not including the stock, hand guard, and pistol grip) its pretty heavy but im use to it since i run around with all the time. It has an insane rate of fire with a 9.6v butterfly battery! i use an Intelect 8.4v and still has great rate of fire for an 8.4(not stock). all in all, i would recomend this gun to others as a good field weapon but it can also be used as CQB but would not really recomened it for its size and weight.
by Nick B. on 11/25/2011
"gun shoots well for its price. it is a little heavy but thats one reason i bought it, it feels like the real thing in your hands. the flash hider tip is not plastic just the orange tip is (i took mine of with a dremal in less than a min looks sweet) the only bad thing i can say is the battery is a little bit of a pain to get in but thats what you get with those kind of stocks.
by Anthony P. on 10/24/2011
"This gun is a fantastic, well-priced, durable gun. Let's start off with the build quality. The entire gun (save the stock, hand-guard, and carry handle) is made of high quality, metal. There is literally NO wobble in the gun at all, not even in the stock. The mock gas tube keeps the hand-guards nice and firm with no movement whatsoever. The delta ring is very stiff and will need some time to break in.
Build Quality: 5/5
Next, we'll focus on the external details. The Colt trades are astounding. Perfect quality, and nicely engraved. The trademarks are all authentic, and have the 5.56mm markings on both the body and the barrel.
Externals: 5/5
Finally, the internals. The entire gearbox is full metal, and is as reliable as all other King Arms products (very reliable). The hop up system is also full metal, and it feeds flawlessly with Tokyo Marui magazines as well as Echo 1 magazines (Dogs of War). The only suggestion I would make is upgrading the bucking, because mine has already torn, but that may just be a fluke, and a small fix at that.
Internals: 4.5/5
Overall this gun is a high quality, durable, and affordable gun that will turn heads both on and off the field.
by Tyler S. on 08/29/2011
"Finally, a full metal m4 for less than $250 that has an awesome preformance! I got this a month ago and so far she is doin pretty good. It chronoed at a very consistent 367-368 with a .20g. The ROF is nice with a 10.8v and the battery compartment can hold the mini 10.8v too. The accuracy is nice too. Mine did have one problem though. The semi shoots in bursts or on full auto, but no big deal because I don't use semi enough to care. Overall a very high quaility M4 from King Arms.

nice fps - 368
good ROF
light but very well buit full metal construction
bolt catch and logo are hot!
good price
comes with an all smokey grey, easy to remove metal flash hider

stock wobble (comon with most m4's that I've seen)
semi does bursts or full auto
by Jake B. on 08/20/2011
"I have to say I have had this gun for about four months now and it has been the best airsoft gun that I have owned. A lot of my friends own the more expensive counterparts and Mine not only keeps up but outperforms. I have added lots of upgrades and all of the parts fit with ease. Bottom line great gun no problems.
by Michael S. on 08/17/2011
"This rifle is the BEST one that I have ever had. Full metal and powerful. I used this rifle just this last weekend, August 13th, and I was popping people off left and right with their G&G's and such that they have had for over a year with MANY upgrades. I have no after market mods to this rifle and I was using .25's and then traded out the flash hider to this one
products_id=29860 and it was great. Only suggestion for this would be to have a sling. It's about the same weight as the real steel so the realism is great. Oh buy the way when I had gotten this rifle it was for $200 so it was a GREAT BUY! I have found no flaws with it at all.
by Tim Z. on 08/16/2011
"I bought this weapon a few months ago and hadn't used it in an airsoft op until just this last weekend. It performed tremendously! Out of five, 30-60 minute games in a woodland enviroment, I won four. The shortened CQB barrel is great for quickly getting behind cover and running through dense brush and trees. As far as indoor battle goes, it performed just as well, if not better. I bought a carrying handle for it and attached a camcorder to it. Yes, it's more weight but it helps you train from what you've done. As for the gun, it is by far the best weapon I have in my small arsenal. And, as cliche as it is, here's some pros and cons about the weapon.


1. Terrific ergonomics like any M4 model
2. Internal parts are metal and perform well
3. Decent rate of fire
4. Surprisingly quiet (mostly due to low wobble from metal body)
5. No wobble even after five games and a lot of training prior to it
6. Included battery performs well but suggest getting a 9.6 Lipoly
7. Realistic look and weight
8. Instills a great amount of fear in opponents
9. Easy hop-up adjustment


1. It's heavy to carry for long games (but does help in aiming)
2. After a round or two, only fanatics want to keep playing against it

Overall, it is a great weapon's system. Colt has good reason in licensing it. If you are looking for a weapon that performs, has the look and feel of the real one, this is most definitely the weapon for you!
by Thomas D. on 08/03/2011
"When i first saw the evike review on this i was skeptic .
i have owned ics m4s, g&g m4's and even shot / borrowed classic army, a&k, jg and kwa m4's/

BY FAR this is the best m4 out there and i believe it gives the kwa a run for its money.

for 200 bucks you get a gun with 370 fps, functioning bolt, metal body and a great out of box accuracy

870 rps out of box with a $8 7.4 lipo that fits the handguard.
functioning bolt
370 fps is a nice balance
consistent and extremely accurate
full metal for 200 dollars

Cons: hard to disassemble for the first time