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Model: AEG-AEG002-BAMF

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by Jonathan L. on 2013-08-14 15:07:50
"I recently ordered this gun shortly after the 100$ door buster deal expired :(. But let it be said 120$ is a steal for this gun. Even though it is a JG, and people are not pleased with the internals and such, as a base gun, you cant go wrong. This is THE best gun to start a build off of. 120$ for a full metal body? Buying receivers alone and the front assembly would cost 120-150$. To start off i will just replace the hop-up with EVIKES G&P 1 piece steel hop up. I will most likely re-shim and re-grease the gear box so i can run a 9.6 - 11.1 lipo effectively. So as far as I can tell with previous reviews and countless hours of research a pro and con list would appear as so...


1. Full metal construction (durable, realistic)
2. Fantastic build gun (due to the externals)
3. Surprisingly good internals (gold eagle gear set, ball bearings [some have said], durable poly piston
4. Price!
5. The ability to use almost any brand of m4 parts (internals and externals)


1. JG (lower QC than leading brands, lower quality parts)
2. Plastic hop-up (Reportedly breaks on users)
3. Problems people have with gearbox locking up (most likely user error and the usage of batteries that are not powerful enough...9.6v+, or i imagine a 7.4v lipo+ will work fine.
4. Sling mounts reportedly break.

To sum up my review, I think that this is a very good gun, even for people that wont plan on upgrades if they are entry level airsofters. But this has a great base for a build gun and with a decent amount of upgrades and fine tuning, this will be comparable to KWA's, VFC's, and G&P's.

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by zach s. on 2013-08-07 17:59:06
"Very nice gun. It has amazing trades and great range. I was hitting a tree line from about 60 yards out off my back deck.
full metal (mainly)
good rate of fire
good accuracy
amazing trades
charging handle broke on me after two days of having the gun(this piece was the only plastic piece on the gun that I saw).
motor locks up on you if it gets past about 50 rounds of fast semi-auto firing

All in all a great gun for under $200 that is full metal, I just don't have the best luck with AEG's( that's why mines broke and have to send it back).
by Elizabeth D. on 2013-08-07 08:51:10
"The gun is great I got it a couple days ago with a 9.6v battery and it shot better than any other gun I have. It also feels great in your hands and the weight makes it realistic. So far the only problem I had was that the back sling fell off and is loose. I raccomend this gun to any player especially because of its price.
by Zack M. on 2013-08-03 21:57:26
"Got the baby out of a BOA earlier this year (2013). It was love a 1st sight. I did not have a 9.6v in it and soon found it not fireing. It would just make a click sound. A little uh-duh and I figured it was a lame 8.6v battery I had laying around. A 11.1 Lipo later and this beast hasn't hiccuped once. A lot of people in the comments are saying after a little full auto fire it stops working. It is simply their inexperience and paying little heed to the recommendations. I have only used .20 g ao far but when i get i to a real skirm i plan on .25 g for sure. Mosfit has been purchased but not installed yet. Getting new hop-up and miracle barrel for my own pleasure of upgrading. I don't think it really needs it but it will give me a good spare barrel and hop-up for my other guns if need be.

Great price for the gun you get.
Clean slate to upgrade as little or as much you would want.
Simple to disassemble and reassemble.
Good high end starter gun. (There are much worse for a lot more)

Delta ring leaves a little to be desired but makes it easy to get to battery.
Had to purchase a rear sling adapter to go over the buffer tube for better sling usage. ($9)

Every bad thing J can think of was kinda a pro for me. I like to customize and tweak thing just the way i like it.
by Patrick P. on 2013-08-01 09:32:27
"good points
-very realistic (got a compliment from ex spec ops. soldier)
-good accuracy
-full metal receiver
-with bayonet and grey flash suppressor look great
-3 chrono tests 400fps, 402fps, 408fps
-realistic weight

bad points
-you push hard on the trigger to shoot
-sling mount falls off but easy fix by just screwing back on
-some misfires

overall get this gun you won't regret it!!!!
by Matthew C. on 2013-05-18 07:09:39
"Great Gun. I got this in a BOA with six full metal magazines. It has a few cons but overall very nice.


Awesome BAMF laser imprint
Full metal Gearbox
Shoots nice

Hopup is Plastic.... Get a G&P Hopup makes things much better
Back stock ring falls off
Lipo rattles the heck out of it
by Jason N. on 2013-05-12 10:59:10
"I honestly wasn't expecting much out of this gun. It's a matrix m4 and I haven't heard the best things about them. But this gun actually has a great build quality and a halfway decent gearbox especially for the price. Trademarks are great and hop-up isn't bad. Great intermediate gun with a fantastic price for what you get.

-good accuracy
-good fps
-decent rate of fire with a 9.6
-nice feel
-no wobble surprisingly
-plastic sling loops
-stiff delta ring (pro?)
-no manual but it is pretty self explanatory
by Logan S. on 2013-02-23 17:10:26
"I have had this gun for about a year now and I would have to say that it is a very solid performing piece of equipment. this gun has a very nice metal body. This gun is powerful enough, it has enough range, and it has a high enough rate of fire. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants a very functional and reliable gun at a very affordable price.
by Chad B. on 2013-01-27 20:07:46
"This gone is AMAZING!!!

-Loud (Intimidating/can be a con)

-Good ROF (9.6 1600 MaH Nun-chuck Batt.)

-Hits Hard! (Not chronoed but, I tested it on myself) Left a welp 20 meters away.

-No Wobble

-Looks Great and Feels Great


-Rear sling holder is plastic and does not move

-Handgaurd is plastic


-Does not come with battery/Manuel

-Does come with a black flash hider/Unjamming rod
by Ramen M. on 2012-12-25 21:17:08
"Great gun, I threw a matrix red/greed dot on it and 3000 rd high cap auto winding drum mag and I am unstoppable on the field. The gun has a good feel to the weight and the rof out of the box is good but can be improved.
Fps 400~410
Full metal
Arabic checks out :)
GREAT out of the box gun
The only two i found was the gun is 170 with out the battery and 200 with it and the place where the mag touches the upper receiver is BRIGHT orange and there is a little slot so on the field it is visible and it takes the realism away from the gun
All in All 5/5 BUY THIS GUN

(p.s if you buy the 80$ drum mag you will find that you will have to buy a truck load of bb's, i recommend .2)
by Bill M. on 2012-12-08 15:18:50
"Do to the price of this gun, id have to say, when i bought it i was expecting some flaws.. But right out of the box this gun just felt amazing.. absolutely no wobble at all. The gear box is amazing and its internals are pretty good, with everything being marui compatible it is a cinch to do upgrades. the inner barrel looks like a tight bore and the looks of this gun is just phenomenal and the price is just unbeatable GET THIS GUN!!!! you wont regret it.
by Brandon Y. on 2012-06-12 11:41:42
"I got this gun about 4 weeks ago and i have to say its been the best gun I've ever played with. The accuracy is unbelievable and the rate of fire and trigger response is amazing. I recommend this gun to any experienced player as myself. I've played for 4 years now, or its an amazing gun for any new starting out player. For the price your paying its basically a steal. The gun is overall a 10 out of 5.

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