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by Joseph V. on 2013-03-21 15:01:08
"I have now had this rifle for just over a year. I love this thing! The three round burst is perfect, it DOES take M4/M16 mags (I have a Lonex flash mag, and it works perfectly), and is the perfect weight (at least for me)! I have done no upgrades to it, and the ROF is amazing (on a full charge), regardless of the fact that the battery compartment can only hold a Stick Type 8.4v battery. The accuracy is also very good, probably better than both of my friends' M4's. If you don't completely flail the thing around, the bipod should hold up.

Weight (about 7.8 pounds)
Flawless 3 round burst
Bipod is good enough craftsmanship
Iron sights are just fine

Can only hold an 8.4v stick type battery (mine has about 1/16" wiggle room)
Can't get any quad rails (kind of expected for a unique gun such as this)
You can find a scope mount, but they're pretty hard to find (I've only found 1, and it was in Asia)

I love this gun. I think that the Pros FAR outweigh the cons, and for a unique rifle that no one else on the battlefield will have, with a functioning 3 round burst, $160 is a very good price.
I hope that this review was helpful.
by John T. on 2012-06-14 10:27:02
"ordered this Gun and i am quite pleased with it... a few things that caught my attention right away was there are very few external mods for this gun such as rails. while looking over the gun when i got i niticed a few weak points such as the hand guards and the bipod which can break(it did on mine) i also found the gun to be front heavy but with some added weight to the inside of the buttstock the problem was fixed. the 3 round burst can be used as a single shot as well which is a feature i really like so you can use stealth and still be able to put out rounds fast if needed

Overall i give it a 4/5 for the Gun worth every penny for the Gun

Good weight
strong construction
very accurate with iron sights

Front Heavy
weak Bi-pod
trigger sticks occasionally
only can take a stick battery
no ability to add rails optics or other attachments

one last thing the flashhider is a 14mm positive i do not believe that is listed in the product description
by Michael B. on 2012-02-19 12:30:55
"I have got this gun a year ago with the holy cow special. The gun is all metal except for the hand grip where you put the battery. People say its hard to put the battery in but just look at the picture in the directions and it shows you exactly how and its easy. Ive also heard that you cant put in a 9.6 well that's a lie as well, just did it and it shoots amazing. The only bad things are that the semi and 3 round burst only works for a little while after your battery is freshly charged after that the trigger will stick but all you have to do is keep pressing it fast. Other than that the guns good its not to heavy and if it is just take off he bipod , it makes a big difference.

Pros: 9.6 upgrade goes hard
Shoots a good distance
Can use m4 mags if you hold the mag itself
Bipod comes with it

Cons: 3 round and semi are not to good
Can be heavy for weaker people :p
Trigger Sticks sometimes

Over all i recommend it to anyone looking for a unique gun, if anyone know please tell the size of the scope rails and where i can get a scope.
by Dominic G. on 2011-12-30 19:17:59
"This gun is great. I recommend this to any player, be it CQC or long-range.
It has fairly good FPS and is insanley accurate, making it good for CQC or long-range. However, the best feature about this gun is it's RPM; the RPM on this gun is higher then an average AEG and feels as if it were made for accurate spraying.

-High FPS
-Good range
-Deadly accuracy
-Great iron sights
-Works with M4 magazines
-Compatible with Tokyo Marui parts
-Working 3 round burst
-Easily accessible hop-up
-Comes with bi-pod and a good magazine
-Full metal

-The battery is annoying to get it
-The bi-pod it comes with is fragile and can break easily
-When the battery is fully charged on automatic, the gun will shoot faster then the magazine can feed
-The gun is much heavier then an average AEG, about the same weight as airsoft LMGs.

Over all the gun is more then worth the buy, since (working) 3 round-burst guns are around $200 and up. This is by far one of the best guns for it's price. (I'm actually surprised this gun isn't more then it is).
by Caleb K. on 2011-12-01 17:51:58
"this is very good gun it is wickid it is like a light machinegun whith its bipod and the 3 round burst is awesome i recomend this gun to any buyer
by Daniel V. on 2011-12-01 17:35:45
"this guns alright, everything falls apart after awhile (well atleast mine did). If your gonna buy a gun at this price get an M4, its better in my opinion.

3 round burst

battery is hard to put in
battery cover is hard to put on
by Alex G. on 2011-12-01 13:40:06
"There is a lot to say about this gun, first off, if you have any doubts about it's maker, it's BE, yes BE the cheap china gun company, but they manged to hit the target in the bull in the case of this gun.

Pros: The rifle is full metal besides the plastic rubberized fore grip, stock, and pistol grip, everything else is made out of a mix of aluminum and zinc. While not the best metal it is it's metal none the less. Which is the main reason this gun is so light. Compared to the Ares G36 it feels about as heavy, So points for being light weight. Which adds to the combat effectiveness of the gun. Another thing that adds to this is the working three round burst and folding bi pod. For most guns to have a burst fire you have to buy an burst wizard to get this. Even guns like the G&G FNC that should have it, fall short here. But the type 89 actually dose have it, and it works with out a hitch.And the guns magazine, it has holes on the side of them to do a quick ammo check. And it lets you know when your running low on bullets. And this gun CAN i say again CAN take M4 mags.

Cons: This gun is not with out it's flaws however, just as with any gun, there's going to be some problems one of which is the fact it can ONLY take an 8.4 AK stick type battery. thus keeping the rate of fire a little on the low side. Also the Parts made of zinc in the gun tend to break. Mainly in the sights, and that's the other thing, the sights are way bad. And your pick on scope mounts is down to TM for the moment. But the middle of the scope mount will fit a .22 rim fire or BB gun scope. And on the one I received the trigger would tend to stick on semi-auto. And the barrel is 6.08 not the best, and I would suggest getting a better one, rather then trying to use the stock one.

I have seen and use A LOT of air soft guns in my time playing, and out of all of them this one stands out as a unique modal in both looks and ability. This is a diamond in the rough kind of gun, but it can stand it's own on the field against other guns.
by mitchell w. on 2011-11-21 15:16:58
"I like it a lot that's all I have to say about this amazing gun.
by Kurt G. on 2011-06-03 18:23:00
"I loved this gun, very well built. This gun is full metal except for the fore grip, stock, and (trigger) grip. Nice and lightweight. The 3rd burst is flawless. Good quality although the trigger got disconnected from going over a speed bump. Internals are okay, not the best. Smells good like a new car.

nice fps
awesome rof
super accurate
nice to have M4 mags work
nice mag
great hopup

Hard to get the battery in
Can get wires disconnected very easily
heavy (i guess this could be bad)
Hard to find a scope rail
by Kevin F. on 2010-09-19 09:07:26
"Does this gun have a working bolt (charging handle)?

This gun looks SICK I really want to get it.

Its either this, the D/BOY SCAR-L, or a full size imitation wood M14. Probably this. Just wonddering. Also, how much is metal, how much is plastic. Thanks
by erik F. on 2010-03-02 16:33:24
"yes it can take m4/m16 mags dont use reviews for questions it says everything in the discription
by Craig A. on 2009-09-30 15:22:57
"Bob, those supposed letters and numbers are in Japanese for the fire selector switch. The 3 is for three round burst.

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