Reviews: New Version Full Metal CYMA / Kalash AK-74 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Side Folding Stock - (Package: Gun Only)

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Model: AEG-CM031C-RK02

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by Chris W. on 2009-04-11 00:51:09
"Good gun overall. Great ROF and very accurate. After messing with the hop-up once, I'm dead on target every time. The look and feel of it is very good. Great weight, makes it feel like the real thing. Giving only 4 instead of 5 because the muzzle velocity is drastically over-rated. Says 390-420 FPS...With no mods except a bigger battery I chronoed mine at 246 FPS so I have no idea where the 390-420 comes from. Also the mag it comes with is not that great so I would suggest getting a new one. Other than that it's a very good gun and I would recommend it as a starter gun for anyone.
by ian k. on 2009-03-14 07:29:18
"this is a sweet gun. what i was looking at was the g36c but than changed my mind. i just need to know 2 things. is it accurate and what are the best bb's to use
by Timothy D. on 2009-03-01 15:19:25
"Nice gun, I bought it from a friend for $70. Shoots 390-400 on the PMC and has a range of about 80-120 feet. The folding stock is solid, but it is hard to unfold quickly.
by Kody B. on 2009-02-03 07:12:05
"You will not regret buying this rifle. its sturdy, full metal design makes it a very tough weapon that will not break......... the stock is also x tremely sturdy and is also all metal. none of the metal is cheap either, which makes this gun solid. The guns performance is also very good and it fires smoothly. It is very accurate and can reach pretty far out. The other brand ak mags will not fit in this gun, you can fix this by just shaving down the part on the mag that fits in the mag catch lever on the ak. If youre lookin for a nice, full metal ak at a low price, get this and the 9.6 battery.
by Noah S. on 2008-12-22 13:20:38
"I have just ordered this gun, and I am wondering if i could put a silencer on it, and if someone has this, PLEASE tell me how long the inner barrel is, i would like to put a tight bore barrel in it too

Webmaster: Tight bore barrel = 407mm. 14mm negative thread under the flashhider. (Takes any 14mm negative thread mock silencer)
by Corey P. on 2008-12-20 19:34:27
"Good Gun!
Its worked like a charm! The fps is great, but not recommended for cqb. the folding stock is cool, but not as helpful as you would imagine. and the accuracey is good for an ak, once you get the hop up adjusted correctly. this is overall a sturdy gun

OVERALL: if you like the ak style, or need a starter gun this is for you
by Bryan H. on 2008-12-11 21:48:19
"Yes that would work, but I would suggest this. It is what I use for this gun.
by Mary Pat W. on 2008-12-04 20:27:00

will work for this rifle.
by Justin C. on 2008-12-02 11:36:25
"The ICS mount MK 45 listed here on Evike will fit this gun. As for the gun its self, nice for a loaner or beat up gun, bought it mainly because I don't have the balls to crawl around in the dirt with my G&P or KWA lol... anyways rock solid and good realistic finish, kinda rough, but this is perfect for the AK. The mag sucks, get another one, (for $130 I'm not complaining), and the the stock wiggles after some use, but just tighten the back stock screw, adds to the authenticity. for those who are experiencing lack or accuracy, just remove the barrel completely and run a patch with solvent though it till its squeaky clean, oh and pick yourself up a new 9.6v bat, just for reference this gun fits any of the larger models 1400mah and up, nice gun.
by Mary Pat W. on 2008-11-29 15:39:15
"need rails for a sight on my AK. what rails would fit

Displaying 25 to 34 (of 34 reviews)

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