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JG G3 T3 SG1 RAS Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: OD Green / Rifle)

15 Customer Reviews

by Zeb Z. on 11/28/2017
"I got this gun almost 6 months ago now and it is without a doubt my favorite gun to use. As soon as I got it I put a 6.03 Mad Bull barrel in it and I just recently flat hopped it. Those are quite literally the only internal upgrades I have done to this gun and I'd say it now has a range of at least 250ft with .25 bbs. As I said before, Absolutely LOVE this gun. Only negative I've had with it was when I was trying to get the original barrel out of the gun. It looked and seemed as though the original inner barrel was glued in. I was still able to get it out but it was a pain in the butt, just a heads up. Definitely recommend this gun for Everyone. Great value out of the box, and with a few upgrades you'll have a gun that will rival quite a few, if not most, higher end guns.
by Allan A. on 11/12/2017
"Definitely a great starter gun. Just know that it is a little long and therefore is a better gun for laying down fire and not so much for sprinting around. The accuracy is good for the price I payed but could it use an upgraded hopup and barrel. I does shoot really fast though, I was really surprised by how fast it shot. If you use this gun, get a 11.1 volt Lipo with it as it makes the gun so much better. One thing you probably need is a red dot or scope for it as its hard to see the bbs when using the iron sights. That also means you will need a scope mount. I never was able to find the correct one for the gun and had to rig up one to make it fit on top. Overall, great gun and I recommend buying it for a starter airsoft gun.
by Michael S. on 09/07/2010
"I have been using this gun for a while now, and I got to say it is an awesome gun. Some words of advice as most of us already know your not gonna buy a gun right off the shelf and be completely satisfied with the way it performs. Now with this one in particular, I got it with assault and long range marksmanship in mind. It has the assault part down no problem. The gun is the size of a sniper rifle, but this is a marksman rifle. The biggest problem I found right a way was, that hey other people are shooting just as far and accurate as me whats going on. Closer inspection showed that they were nearly fully upgraded and their limit was this gun stock. So all I did was put a Matrix Tight Bore 6.03 510mm precision inner barrel in the gun, I cleaned the gearbox and used good grease, and replaced the bucking with a Guarder 50% Hop up bucking. My gun was shooting 380 + or - 15, now its shooting 415 + or - 10. The range increase was phenomenal, I switched to .25s which brought the fps back down to 380, and this gun can out perform snipers easily, in fact im now the designated marksman and the sniper has been retired to a back up weapon. It out performs guns that have nearly a $1,000 invested in them. The stock gears and parts work wonderfully with no signs of wear or premature failure any time soon, and the power this stock gearbox puts out with the tight bore is more than enough. The stock ROF is amazing, you will find yourself saying Holy **** I went through 500 rounds already.

All in all I love my G3 RAS it is by far one of the best guns to get. I have hit people at 150 Yards(300 ft) in one shot.

Simply put a matrix 510 mm 6.03 tight bore its $30 from evike and a guarder 50% hop up bucking which is $5.99 from evike and use .25 or .28's and you will impress anyone including yourself with the performance you get from this gun.

10/10 great gun to buy
by jarrod b. on 04/14/2009
"i just got this gun in today and it said it shoots 338 wich is a fine fps but evike and airsoft gi said it shoots around 400. i mean yeah its a awsome gun i have no regrets on buying but i just wanted to know if it actually shoots around 400 fps.

feeling of gun
metal parts
good fps
nice magazine
no wobbly parts
nice ras

abs plastic
...nothing else

also the length of the gun goes both ways
by jake f. on 11/10/2008
"ok heres the truth about this gun for all you worry wartz like me.....i have this is lie. This gun is not as accurate as they claim but the rate of fire is more than you would imagine. Their are sling mounts on either end of the gun and a mp5/g3 claw mount is required to be purchased seprately if you would want to mount a scope (recommended).
Their are drum mags avaiable for this gun while i prefer 120-500 round mags because they are less noisy. this gun will hit your target up to 0-75 yards away.(farrr).....yes its possible to make a 100 yarder but ull need to take about 3 shots to hit...which is still simply amazing. The internals are exremely good due to the fact that the gun isnt metal(some people may tell you that if it was metal it would be just as good intrenals) this may be true but all of my full metal guns encountered internal issues 25% faster than my abs plstic guns what does that tell ya?....this gun has a negative 14mm barrel on the end incase you want to add a silencer...doesnt look right personally....
this gun is overall 9/10...the only reason why i give it a nine outta ten is because i was expecting a little more range and not so much of a kick a$$ cqb gun...more a auto sniper....but hey...i dont have a minuet where i regret buyin it.....sooo with that said any other questions about the gun are welcomed......and by the way......DONT BY A LI-POLY BATTERY for this WILL fry metal gearbox and bushings....this gunis also fully upgradeable incase anything at all breaks it is easly and cheaply replaceable.
by Oscar C. on 11/04/2008
"does this gun come with a sling and sling mounts by the way this gun looks really good
by Jeffrey K. on 10/06/2008
"its kinda odd/funny that the g3 rifle is more expensive than the sniper variant......anyhow.......very durable and hurts like hell.
by donovan b. on 09/24/2008
"alix hey i would fork out the extra 30 or so dollars and get the vector arms Ak-47 cuz it comes with a 120 upgrade and the motor rapes the g3 hope this helped- though if you do get this gun let me know how it shoots
by Alex N. on 09/20/2008
"i had an echo 1 m16a4. now im thinking about getting this g3. am i making a good transfer?????
by Pierre M. on 09/20/2008
"To mount a scope, get a G3 / MP5 Claw mount. There are like ten types here at for different heights and looks.
by Craig B. on 09/19/2008
"hmmm...... i wonder if that rail would fit the actual G3 assault rifle......
by Alex N. on 09/19/2008
"i had an echo 1 m16a4. now im thinking about getting this g3. am i making a good transfer?????
by James C. on 09/14/2008
"This is a G3 fully decked out! Shoots very accurate and powerful. Hit a penny 30 feet every shot. The RIS is very nice, the classic Army G3 RIS alone will cost you this price. The internal seem pretty good, shoots smooth for its high power.

The gun comes with a standard battery, recommend getting a higher ampage or a 9.6V.
by Ahmed F. on 06/08/2017
"OOOOOOOOK wow alot of old reviews this gun is long now dont think thats bad they give that grip which helps im 5'8-5'9 and i can fully weild said gun. Now the grip is another story it fits and all but its plastic and its wobbly it holds the weight of the gun buttt its wobbly what else oh the stock is plastic and i swear to god i fear one day it will snap, now they give you the 11.1v battery you have to remember its sightly big and it will take a bit of pushing to fit it into the stock without damaging the wires.
by Kelly S. on 09/11/2008
"I was wondering, does this really come with an intellect battery?