Reviews: New Version JG AK47 RIS Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

$120.00 $96.00

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Model: AEG-CM028A
Location: L5-013 WO7-M06(RL)

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by Nicholas P. on 2012-03-05 12:11:31
"This is a great rifle for its price. its very affordable AND effective within its range. it features a very high rate of fire (assuming your using a 9.6 volt battery) and pretty good range once you adjust the hopup. of course it could be better but that is why you can buy better internal parts and make it better over time. all in all, you cant be fooled by the low price. this gun is VERY good for its price and will serve you well. and once you get some money into upgrades, it can be a fantastic rifle
by frank e. on 2012-02-24 01:21:21
"amazing jg ak47 love it!!!!
use it at cqb games and the fps is good, good rof. overall
10/10 staars easily
by TImothy B. on 2011-12-20 13:37:42
"Really good gun in all,
- Battery is hard to get in and out of gun
- Weight is heavy for airsoft wars.
- The stock sight is horrible!

- Mostly metal
- Good rate of fire
- Durable
-Great Semi-Auto
by Ricky L. on 2011-12-04 13:46:00
"Purchased this gun as a primary gun. It is amazing! It hits hard and the rof isn't too bad either. The safety doesn't really work though and the front Iron sight wobbles after some time on the field.

-Looks bad ass!
-RIS system is helful
-High FPS
-Decent ROF

-Iron sight becoming loose and isn't centered
-Safety doesn't work
-Pretty heavy

P.S. I just got the SRC AK-47 in my Box of Awesomeness, they seem to perform the same but I haven't fully tested the SRC yet. The RIS makes this gun an awesome AK!
by Robert H. on 2011-10-28 08:25:44
"I got this gun several days ago, haven't gotten a chance to use it in a match yet, but I really like it.
I've fired about 600 BBs out of it so far.

-It has a nice and heavy feel, like holding the real thing.

-Really good rate of fire, can fill the air with quite a nice amount of BBs.

-Fairly accurate, and you can adjust iron sights and hop up to correct accuracy issues.

-Very solid

-I swapped the sling as soon as I got it, but the sling it came with looked reasonably decent; it's now on one of my other guns

-Selector switch feels loose when I tap it, but doesn't slide around, and locks in nicely.

-Seems to be metal in all of the places that the real guns are metal, and use similar quality materials to the real ones.

In short, this seems to be an excellent gun, and I recommend getting it if you are looking for a less expensive gun with a lot of bang for your buck, or a quality AK model.
by Keita N. on 2011-06-15 14:48:37
"I just got this gun today and it's just awesome!
This was my first airsoft gun and I love it!
But don't forget to buy some bbs cuz I forgot and I only have the one that came with it
so I need to get some bbs ugh
Get this gun now!!!
by Nick S. on 2011-01-10 12:14:21

good rate of fire
good accuracy
high fps
high cap mag
you dont have to put it togethor
full metal
there are much more but i cant name everything that is amazing about this gun.
and the battery it comes with give you a long amount of play!

some parts are wiggley out of the box but alls you have to do it tighten them up :)
thats pretty much all of the cons!!!!

by Joseph D. on 2010-09-28 08:01:48
"I got the gun about two weeks ago, and here's what I think about it.


-Good rate of fire
-High fps, probably about 350-380
-mostly metal (rails, grip, and stock are good quality plastic)
-Super accurate with .20s and .23s, just adjust hop up.
-max range is about 350 feet, effective range is about 150 feet.
-battery doesn't rattle around
-Comes with a decent sling, metal clips


-Not as good Rate of fire as my friend's M4
-Battery is a little hard to get in
-It doesn't actually come with a foregrip
-the mag is a little wobbly


The orange tip does come off, it's a reverse thread (Right is loose, left is tight) and it's glued. Just use a wrench to twist it off.

I like pie :P

Overall, I'd give this guy a 9.3/10
by Luis R. on 2010-09-22 19:47:31
"I like the ak-47 but the sights are not great. NOW THIS GUN IS MOSTLY GOOD. It has good damage firerate not bad range. great for starters. low priced auto fireing gun. close range is better than longer range 4/5
by Ted C. on 2010-05-02 08:02:25
"Me and my friend both bought this same gun, its way too high for CQB (which is what I used it for, mine chronoed at 500 when I bought it with .2s, A lot higher than it says here) and is about 3 feet in length and had to get the spring downgraded. But this gun is AMAZING, it lasted 3 years of continuous use without any upgrading or anything, It's accuracy is right on with .25s. My friend's however had some problems after a few weeks and it cost him like 50 bucks to fix.

Feels Great to shoot
Great Price
Will last a long time
Just overall a great gun

Battery is bad get a good one
by Therese M. on 2010-04-08 17:12:05
"I bought this gun about 2 years ago and its been my primary since then. It was great out of the box but I did have some problems within a couple of months. I left it in the closet over summer (not smart, don't do that, the heat gets to the battery) and when i pulled it out it didn't work because of a bad selector switch. Other than that it was a very good gun and the battery that came with it was EXCELLENT!!!! Just recently got a new 9.6 volt and it barely outperforms the battery that this gun came with! And it was a good 9.6 so dont say thats why. FPS was about 350 with .2s. I cant be too sure because it has a new gearbox and spring now. ROF was any where from 10-15 per second.

Only con was bad accuracy. I highly recommend a tightbore. At 150 feet i would get 10 ft diameter groupings. That sucks. On semi they would be smaller but still. Thats not good.

And also, the airseal and hop-up that came with this arent the best. They were fine when i got it but have gotten much worse. I have an m130 in it now and am barely getting a .2 through the bottom of a soda can.

Overall 8/10. Power and rof were good but accuracy was the downfall. But its only like 40 bucks for a good tightbore so thats no problem.

One last thing, I was never able to get the orange tip off. I am not sure if it is threaded or not but please let me know if it is.
by Eric C. on 2010-04-03 13:58:56
"is gun is great out of the box has a high rof and high quality. the only problem it has is that the battery sucks so bad that it exploded in my hands today and i charged it with my smart charger i dont know why it exploded. i suggest u get a good battery.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 35 reviews)

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