Reviews: JG Enhanced LiPoly Ready M16A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-JG-6610-M16A3
Location: A1-223

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by Jeff C. on 2008-07-07 05:08:11
"Some people like the fixed carrying handle because of it's look... If you never need to take off the carrying handle it doesn't really make a difference. The real M16A2 is a very popular rifle and I am sure many who used the real one will want the A2 instead. The A4 does give you the option to low profile your scope tho...
by chris ?. on 2008-06-30 08:14:34
"does this gun shoot a three round burst? b.c i kno the reak M16A4 does. but does the airsoft M16A4 do the same. if it does im getting this gun.
by Dennis W. on 2008-06-25 17:44:10
"This AEG is pretty much the Tokyo Marui M16A2 with a removable carrying handle. Shoots higher fps than the Marui and the package comes with battery and charger. I recommend getting a 3000mah battery for this thing to shoot at higher cycle rate. All and all, its like buying a Marui for $115. I put a zombie killer metal body on it for $70, now its out shooting my friend's M15A4 and they are jealous
by Dan P. on 2008-06-24 20:31:34
"well, pretty recently my pop bought this gun for me, it's a great gun, but it's blown up! that's the only reason why i give it a 3!
the dust cover broke, the gearbox is f**ked up,so i can't go semi,
the sight blew up, (but we fixed that)
and it started to blow up after 8 days(so PLEASE can you fix it for us evike people)
by brett s. on 2008-06-20 17:27:49
"this gun is the one of the best guns i've ever used. i can drop my target from 100 ft away. get the leappers scope for this thing and it will be a nice sniper assault platform
by Julian S. on 2008-06-02 21:47:07
"Hey, joining an airsoft team in southeastern PA. I have this gun I am good at airsoft. IM experienced. Im 11 but mature_ email if you have a team in southeastern PA
by Andrew T. on 2008-05-30 20:01:54
"I bought this gun not to long ago and I am pleased. The biggest problem I had with it was the barrel is very wobbly. I re-ran my battery wire under the shelf for the battery and it's easier to get in now.

-barrel wobble
-battery compartment
-wish it had higher FPS

-Good for the woods
-hop up is easy to sight in
by Trevor p. on 2008-05-22 15:33:02
"This gun was my first AEG purchase. For a beginner, this gun is perfect. It is at a perfect price. You get a battery charger and some cheap bb's. The Matrix bb's are as good as Airsfot Elite. This gun has a long range and the hop up is easily accesed. It's not good for CQB however it's perfect for the outdoors. The removable carrying handle has a nice full metal picatinny rail for any optic you want. Mag holds 300 rounds and is full metal.
by Nicholas M. on 2008-05-03 12:15:15
"Pretty much the same as the other JG M16's, it has high accuracy and is just a great gun. I put metal bushings and shims in this. Great gun for the money and can compete with high end AEGs.

Displaying 37 to 45 (of 45 reviews)

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