Reviews: CYMA CM028 Airsoft AK47 AEG Rifle - Simulated Wood Furniture (Package: Gun Only)

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Model: AEG-CM028

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by Dillon H. on 2011-12-17 21:44:01
"This gun is beast. it is full metal except for the imitation wood but you can buy a wood kit. this thing is extremely accurate with .2s the fps is decent around 350 and the battery space is rather large and can easily fit a 9.6v battery. Totaly worth the money and much more. This absolutely owns many other AKs.
by Matt B. on 2011-12-10 12:03:00
"I have had this gun for almost a year now and it has never let me down, it is an inexpensive, but quality rifle, I have other more expensive rifles that are also excellent but require fidgeting with the hop up and sights etc... before you can play, but this gun is absolute no nonsense, quality, load the mag, and shoot, it will hit where ever you point it, hard. The only problem i have ever had with it was it not feeding properly, but it was just the mag and a new mag is only $15 at evike. I would recommend a 9.6v battery though, the stock battery is fine but the rpm and fps get a very satisfying boost from the more powerful battery.

rpm(better with a 9.6)
solid build(even though it is mostly plastic)
range (200+ft easily)
inexpensive yet quality
no nonsense
looks GREAT(people are surprised when i tell it was $110 because until you feel it it looks like real wood)

mostly plastic
butt plate comes off easily, recommend tying it to the butt stock with a little fish wire, just in case
mag(but i probably got a lemon)
no room for accessories(also something i kinda like, makes it uncomplicated)

Just an overall outstanding gun i would defiantly recommend this to anybody! Just buy it!
by Dominic G. on 2011-11-11 14:17:45
"The CM028 is an excellent rifle that I can recommend to anyone looking for a cheap, durable, reliable, and hard hitting AEG. Even though it doesn't look as good as the higher end models that are mostly metal (this models clip does look better then some of the others) it rivals them equally in performance. The range and power of this gun keep semi-auto shots and full-auto bursts consistent, and the sound of the gearbox feels safe and satisfying. This gun has easily marked snipers in woodland combat before they have had a chance to mark me. The plastic parts feels nice and thick, while the massive amounts of metal leave the gun with a solid construction. This rifle is easily the best for its price.

1. Great power, range, and accuracy
2. A lot of metal parts.
3. Excellent and durable gearbox.
4. Constant use, no noticeable decline in FPS.
5. Big battery that lasts for a while.
6. Great feeding metal magazine.
7. Great price!
8. Accurate iron sights.

1. Big battery is hard to fit in with the fuse.
2. Orange thread cover/flash hider is glued, making it difficult to replace it with a nice metal one.
by Dylan H. on 2011-10-30 08:17:22
"I've had this gun for about 2 months now and i have to say this gun shoots perfect the gun is nearly all metal. The only problem ive noticed is the magazine(clip) misfeeds but other than that the gun is amazing!

Pros:the gun is nearly all metal
:great for the price!
:pretty good FPS (around 350FPS)
:your enemys will definitly feel it Trust me!

Cons:mag miss feeds some times id say to get a Echo1 mag
:not real heavy so Pro and Con
:the Hop-Up is a little hard to use (Its kind of tight no Biggy)

All in all this gun is amazing!!
For $110 thats all i can ask for!!

Highly Recommend it!
by Tom W. on 2011-10-13 13:37:29
"My first Airsoft gun, and it has served me well for the year and a half that its been in use. Fantastic for the price, with zero problems.

Great gun for training with as a new player. It doesn't have the best range or fps (great for the price though, mind you), but that only forces you to perform better, as it turned me from a timid wannabe-strategist, to an aggressive and confident team leader. When you start playing with a high-end gun (as so many spoiled children that I've had the misfortune of playing with do) you never really learn how to play. It now serves as a spare gun for the team and training rifle for any new players we've invited.

Very reliable. As all of my friend's guns fell apart around me, my trusty AK stayed true and won many battles.

I still use it from time to time both to keep myself tuned, and for old times sake.

I highly recommend this gun for any and all new players.
by David M. on 2011-08-10 13:50:21
"This is a pretty good beginners gun! It has around 350fps and it's fairly accurate. I've had it for about a year.

Good FPS (around 350)
Mag hold a lot (around 600)
ROF is decent (about 8-10 rps)
Fairly accurate (can hit any man sized from about a 100ft easily)
Not that heavy (con for some)
Battery last about 3hrs

Not for leftys
Selector switch often changes to semi during firing
Not that heavy (pro for some)
No rails
AK mags don't fit in some pouches
There are just too many AK's out there!
by Nick S. on 2011-05-17 14:52:12
"This gun is AMAZING it has a good fire rating and shoots acuretly it has a good mag capacity and you will be beast on the battle field i am happy with this guun and you will be happy with it to.If you want a deisent realistic gun BUY IT!
by josh h. on 2010-12-02 17:58:32
"I just got this gun its amazing it has a good fps and good look and feel. I highly reccomend this to everyone. the only cons i found were the selector switch loosens after to much switching but an easy fix but if you do it wrong your gun can get stuck on full auto and not engage the safety or semi-auto. but all in all 2 words amazing gun.
by Marit Z. on 2010-11-15 15:02:01
"This gun is awesome. that's all there is to it, it's just awesome. It has a good ROF, and good accuracy. for only $100, its a great value. i am planning on making it more tactical, but i wouldn't touch the internals. this setup is really good and really reliable. My only 2 complaints would be A. the mag, of course, it's hugely long and near impossible to go prone with it... and B. the selector switch. After awhile of selecting, the switch can become loose and fail to engage. if this happens, all you have to do is remove that little cap and tighten the screw. it's a simple fix. also, almost all of this gun is metal, except, of course for the grips. the grips are cheap, thin, plastic and they flex and wobble. That's exactly why i'm replacing them... other than that, this gun is basically the perfect power for the airsoft games i'm involved in, and once i pair this with a gas non blowback pistol or a shotgun, i do believe i will be unstoppable!!!!!!!!!
by Louis V. on 2010-11-07 21:48:08
"my friends have this gun and im scared to go up against them. im gettting this gun in a couple of weeks
Are Crosman .20g bbs ok to use with this gun

Webmaster: We recommend the high grade bbs we sell here as crosman may have some decent bb but some are designed for low power clear guns.
by Zac W. on 2010-09-24 05:09:33
"This gun is worth the cost, but i would consider buying an upgraded battery, hears the one i baught
by Tammy M. on 2010-09-15 13:56:50
"I have one word to sum up this gun .......... WOW............. I got this gun last week. I got it in four days (longest four days of my life) AND there it was the World's favorite ausult rifle. It has 400+ fps not 380. I got shot in thead and it still hasent stoped bleeding.

PROS: 400fps
Feels like a real AK-47
ABS plastic
almost competely metal
high capacity mag

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 56 reviews)

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