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Model: AR-MR733

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by Owen K. on 2012-04-21 15:18:37
"This gun is pretty good. The fps is high and I like the range. This gun comes with a red dot sight, that is pretty good. The rail on top of the back handle makes the iron sights useless, so use the scope. I was able to hit a can from 20 yards, so the accuracy is great. One thing is that the scope won't attached tightly enough and will move a little. Also the front rails are a little loose, so I give this 4 out of 5 stars.
by Aaron H. on 2010-11-06 06:40:00
"Holy Crap. I was at my friends house and I shot it. It felt smoother the my echo 1 p90 custom AEG. I was amazed. EVIKE GREAT JOB. One question, I saw that this hold 28 rds in the mag, is it Hi-Cap? And can it support this mag too?

Awesome gun, I shoot it through like 2 pieces of cardboard at 20yds
by colt w. on 2009-09-08 15:20:58
"this gun looks good shoots good and is an overal good gun to have.
by joe s. on 2009-03-15 15:16:26
"if ur lookin for a gun to play arround in like a back yard or something this is the gun for u. the red dot is cool the gun is accurate and powerfull. sling= gay tho. use .12 if u use .2 ur a complete dumbass(like conor). if ur looking to use a gun in the woods tho its not great.i would suggest an aeg. making a review soon on youtube. account: GITMairsoft
by Vincent L. on 2009-02-16 18:31:25
"I already own this gun, and I bought black bb's [bad choice considering i cant see where they are going!]

The RIS is kind of wobbly but it is sooo fun to play with!

Referring back to the black bbs. I cant really test the accuracy with it but I am happy with this gun, more or less because my friends say it hurts like crazy whenever i shoot them.
by Vincent L. on 2009-02-03 17:39:20
"I just got this gun yesterday AND IT WAS STRONG. The red dot scope doesn't even line up but I use it as reference, however there was one problem. When I got the gun it was a little wobbly, then it became so bad that the little plastic cap that is located where the barrel and the RIS system meet. I later found out it was used to keep the rails sturdy, I tried to fix it with crazy glue, but overall this gun is sick!!!!
by len d. on 2008-12-19 11:07:18
"this gun is overall pretty good PROS: accurate, good woodland play, very quiet, cool looking, the flashlight is sick, it hurts, its an m4 CONS: red dot doesn't line up, free sling is cheap
Really good gun if u are looking for a spring rifle
by Aaron M. on 2008-11-29 08:30:47
"Very accurate, very durable, nice balanced weight, great for training with a rifle platform without putting wear on your AR15 fire arms, or on your nice AEGs. Just don't try to take it under-water like me and my buddies did with some spring guns. It'll lose its pinpoint accuracy.

- Excellent accuracy and range
- I've taken out people wit AEGs COUNTLESS times with this
- Decent, balanced weight
- Never jams/always feeds
- Durable, over a year of hard corps abuse.

- Doesn't work out of a salt water bay :P
(I didn't really expect it to last it; it still shoots okay though, not much accuracy though)

Overall: if you are nice to it, I don't even know how long it will last and perform like
a pump action AEG. This is actually more accurate than a lot of AEGs. This thing has
taken kills at 130-140 feet with arced shots (kudos to my sniper who pulled it off).

WILL BE BUYING ANOTHER (of the one without the funky forgrips) oorah

(The guy didn't think he'd get hit, so he just laughed when he shot at him, and then saw the round hit him in the chest. lol)
by josh m. on 2008-11-04 16:06:50
"This gun is freakin awesome. the bbs shot from about 30ft embed themselves into thick cardboard. this gun is powerful and accurate, for the price. this is one of the best rifles i have ever used and one of the most convenient. the magazine has a reserve chamber that holds around 400 bbs and can be used to load the gen by shaking it. the red dot scope is cool, but don't buy the gun just for the accessories. the flashlight on my gun would not work and i cant find the battery chamber. it doesnt matter that much to me though because i probably never would have used it anyway (i have it on now just for looks. this gun also comes with about 100 bbs and a 3 point sling. this is the best spring rifle on the internet for the price. i had some doubts about performance and whether or not the price was too good to be true. but luckily i was wrong. this gun outperformed all of my expectations and then some. THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE $30!!!!!!!!!!
by Josh H. on 2008-11-02 06:52:00
"Okay, and this is to david s. this is what is called a "spring" gun which means that you have to pull the bolt back before you shoot everytime. if you want a cheap electric gun go to the "airsoft electric rifles" and go to LPAEG which are really cheap. people are so retarded these days
by david s. on 2008-10-25 13:37:42
"is this an automatic or semi?? i want an automatic thats somewhat cheap. does anyone know another one around this price that would be automatic if this ones not
by cindy s. on 2008-10-20 15:10:41
"this is a beast gun lol it works wicked amazing lol i was like picking people of wit it left and right lol this gun is beast lol

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