Reviews: Soft Air Licensed Full Size Heavyweight FAMAS-SV Bullpup Airsoft Sniper Rifle


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Model: AR-SA-40720

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by Oreo L. on 2009-09-13 11:41:37
"This is an amazing springer. This was the first airsoft gun I bought and i have had it now for 4 years. I spray painted mine and Arctic job. I have 3 mags for it since their only like, 10 bucks. I highly recommend this gun for any starters and as a backup for any level airsofter.
by Blaise R. on 2009-09-03 13:50:53
"This gun is beast!
Large mag capacity
Accurate Sights
Just plan ol' accurate
Sturdy construction

2 BBs spill out when I remove an emptied clip
FPS is a bit lower than expected.

Other then those 2 cons it pretty much kicks @$$.
Totally worth $30.
by taylor r. on 2009-03-05 17:37:40
"really amazing gun GREAT FOR BEGINNERS easy to reload fast to cok and shot good accaracy very nice gun
by Murray W. on 2009-02-25 17:12:55
"My friend has 2 of these, and 9 Clips for Each.

When I play in "our neighbor hood clash". I use one of his and we put on a bunch of camo,
and other things... He gave me this gun.... and 3 Clips because he got a sniper and he didn't need
the other famas, and so when i was using the famas, It dominated...

Spring is Strong,
Gun is Accurate,
Magazine holds good a good amount..
The FPS is about 390 with .20 and 350-370 with .23
adjustable hop-up system.
VERY GOOD Cock back system...
Magazine does not wabble...

Gun Kills jams after if you Spring and Shoot 3 Times in a matter of 3 seconds..(which I have done)
but other then that.. Just do not spring it back too fast and you will be fine... Great Gun... 5/5
by Daniel S. on 2009-02-12 16:07:36
"Haha, you should see mine right now. Its got a big scope on it so it IS the Halo Battle Rifle. Pretty accurate after a while, but don't ever use .12 bbs.
by Parker W. on 2009-02-07 14:25:50
"The Famas is really a SMG mixed with a FCW.
So you really can't look for one that goes over 400+
So don't get your hopes up,
but this is a really good gun,
Great Pinn point. and SVGFD Aeg Gear Box
So 5 Star for this Killer
by elias l. on 2009-01-04 21:13:24
"This gun kinda reminds me of a HALO Battle Rifle with out the mag in it... lol yeah well ive owned one of these guns before and i am fairly impressed. with 12g. it flys up and when with 20g. they shhot more straighter and harder. mine was clear though and could hold up to 75 rounds, and for some reason mine never had that mag problem that some other peeps had, maybe they just didnt put the mag in right, or they just got some screwed up one, and you can also buy this gun at WALLY-WORLD for the same price, but is clear, i got mine at Sports Authority for a present, for like $70, ha what a rip off, and when i told my mom she was like wtf. idk maybe this one might too. but im also planning on buying 2 more of these and will have some fun taking my friends down. this gun, i would recommend for begginers and for peeps who like spring guns. but overall this gun rocks and is one of the best spring guns on evike. ;) have fun airsofting, and Good Luck!
by Zack P. on 2008-12-10 16:26:51
"Very accurate gun. I hit a pigeon....sized target....from 50 ft. away. I clocked it at only 300 fps, though. Then again, that was with .2 gram bbs, and evike probably used .12 grams in their test. I'ts worth every bit of $30.
by bob c. on 2008-10-15 21:29:15
"This is a great gun but its not vary accurate with point 12 bbs its very accurate with point 2 bbs for a cheep spring rifle this is very accurate and powerfull another down side is that it ownly holds 45 bbs all in all this is a great gun and i recamand it
by Jared P. on 2008-10-12 18:09:06
"when you are using .12 bbs it doesnt work well at all. otherwise very powerful and hurts like a bitch!
by Bud M. on 2008-10-04 14:42:51
"I love this gun!!!! I have a scope on mine so i can take people down from long ranges. Very accurate with .2 gram BB's, not very accurate with .12 gram
by John M. on 2008-08-16 08:27:45
"Very cool! Great price, great weight and very accurate gun (probably due to the very long inner barrel that starts before your grip).

I put a ring of electric tape around all my airsoft mag where it goes into the well to prevent it from falling. Unfortunately, just like real guns, magazines can fall...

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 30 reviews)

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