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Soft Air Licensed Full Size Heavyweight FAMAS-SV Bullpup Airsoft Sniper Rifle

30 Customer Reviews

by Zack P. on 12/10/2008
"Very accurate gun. I hit a pigeon....sized target....from 50 ft. away. I clocked it at only 300 fps, though. Then again, that was with .2 gram bbs, and evike probably used .12 grams in their test. I'ts worth every bit of $30.
by bob c. on 10/15/2008
"This is a great gun but its not vary accurate with point 12 bbs its very accurate with point 2 bbs for a cheep spring rifle this is very accurate and powerfull another down side is that it ownly holds 45 bbs all in all this is a great gun and i recamand it
by Bud M. on 10/04/2008
"I love this gun!!!! I have a scope on mine so i can take people down from long ranges. Very accurate with .2 gram BB's, not very accurate with .12 gram
by John M. on 08/16/2008
"Very cool! Great price, great weight and very accurate gun (probably due to the very long inner barrel that starts before your grip).

I put a ring of electric tape around all my airsoft mag where it goes into the well to prevent it from falling. Unfortunately, just like real guns, magazines can fall...
by Jason B. on 08/05/2008
"This is one great gun... It's spot-on accurate... if you can see through the sights. EXCELLENT FPS; I shot at soda cans, and the bb's literally tore the cans! It's a spring gun - you just pull back that C shaped thing above the trigger. The rail on top isn't really meant for a scope, considering how high off the barrel it will be. And my magazine only holds 44. But it's still my favorite spring rifle.
by noob d. on 07/11/2008
"this had to have been the greatest airsoft gun i have ever owned. amazinh accuracy gret fps and it would be dead accurate i had it for 3 yuears than i lost the clip and my friend broke it
by Walter W. on 06/14/2008
"Mine works fine. Pretty accurate and its only $30. Want a famas but don't really want to spend the money on an AEG since most of my clips are for M4. Definately worth the $30. Now I have a famas!
by Andrew V. on 02/01/2016
"For it's price, you definitely get your money's worth. Great for backyard skirmishes, casual shooting, or even an emergency secondary on the field (wouldn't recommend it, but it's serviceable).

-Good FPS
-Charging handle is pull back
-Very accurate for a springer
-Relatively light weight (may be a con for some)
-Durable, can take a fall
-Rails for optics
-Hop up
-Sling mounts

-Rear sight is puny and can take some time to acquire target
-No spare mags, can't find any online
-2 BBs fall out when you remove the mag
-BBs can only be loaded through the included tube, or pushed in one by one

Overall, this is a great gun for beginners, and is definitely worth the price. It can be used almost like a bolt action, though the range isn't as great. Don't use the included BBs unless needed, it may jam your gun. I've gone through countless mags using high quality BBs and never once did it jam. This springer is perfect for those on a budget looking for a well performing gun ~
by Corey D. on 01/24/2011
"good gun for beginner or mid-airsofter. use for backyard airsoft battles. I like it for use as a sniper. shoots much better with .2's. good fps
by Michael C. on 09/23/2009
"This is a very accurate gun my best friend has this he now has a saw but this is a good bak up nad it look awsome i paminted it FLAT black and blue tiger its sweet
by Daniel S. on 02/12/2009
"Haha, you should see mine right now. Its got a big scope on it so it IS the Halo Battle Rifle. Pretty accurate after a while, but don't ever use .12 bbs.
by cole r. on 08/15/2008
"Great gun. i hit the same person 5 times in the mask in one day with it. super accurate. clip falls out alot though.
by Kevin L. on 06/26/2008
"The gun has almost pefect accuracy, good mag size, and looks pretty cool. But the mag always falls out, and i sadly lost mine. all in all, it is a great gun for beginers
by Jared P. on 10/12/2008
"when you are using .12 bbs it doesnt work well at all. otherwise very powerful and hurts like a bitch!
by Theresa C. on 06/04/2008
"good if you can get it to work right. the gun is a pretty good shooter but i encountered a lot of jams when using it. if you can straighten that out you'd be good to go.