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G&G 1911 Airsoft Spring Pistol Package

2 Customer Reviews

by David J. on 12/21/2013
"Sorry for the repost, but this gun actually deserves 4 stars. It rarely jams or has any problems, and is pretty accurate. Unfortunately, after shooting a few rounds and ejecting the mag, a BB gets loose which means it acts exactly like the top loading magazines that drop a BB. This means it is no longer a 'pro' feature that I have listed in the previous review I wrote. After you get maybe 50 rounds through this gun, there are zero chambering faults such as jamming, or BBs hopping out of the chamber when cocking (happened once when I was first shooting it, never repeated itself though). Overall, I like this gun, but it gets 4 stars purely because of it's price tag. I'm going to rate it 5 stars in this review to average out my previous review 3 stars.

Hope this update helps out
by David J. on 12/18/2013
- This gun shoots straight (unlike the G226 by G&G)
- The sights are very narrow which is good for target shooting since thicker sights get in your sight picture
- The trigger squeeze is also nice and smooth
- Open ejection port allowing for visual confirmation that a BB is being chambered.
- Open port also allows for a single BB load by dropping it in the chamber while the slide is cocked back
- Very smooth cocking and decocking
- Magazine holds all BBs when ejected unlike the top loading designs that lose a BB when ejected
- Holds 15+1 rounds
- Pretty accurate with 0.20g BBs
- Hop-up is equipped on this gun even though Evike has listed that it does not have it
- Hammer is semi-fuctional as in it only is back when the gun spring is cocked. Good safety feature
- Easy cocking slide

- No weight in this gun at all. Literally all plastic with no metal (not even for weights)
- This lack of weight sometimes makes the magazine hard to come out
- No RIS rail for attachments like the G226. But it seems to be a better gun than the G226 unfortunately
- Jams sometimes due to the open ejection port design, but very easily unjammed (you just have to be aware that this gun sometimes does not seat the BBs all the way)

Overall, this gun is better than the G&G G226 springer in the design quality. the mechanisms seem to be identical, but for some reason this gun outperforms the G226 in presicion, accuracy, and durability (since the G226 broke in 10 days). Still, for $30 you can buy something much better like the Taurus 24/7 or some other $30 gun. I personally think this gun is worth $15 and the rest of the package (glasses and BBs) make up the second half of the price tag. BUY SOMETHING ELSE. G&G name has not held up which is the pure reason I took a risk with these guns (I've looked, there are no reviews on any website on these springers) Hope this helps some of you that are curious about the G&G springers