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DE Full Size 1911 Government High Power Airsoft Spring Pistol (Color: Black)

9 Customer Reviews

by Joseph C. on 04/01/2017
"The hammer cocks/stays until fired. My most reliable spring handgun; still works after a year and a half, some 800 rounds fired. I think I even dropped it a couple times but the only thing not good as new is the logo/inscriptions which quickly wore off. Speed and accuracy acceptable for backyard skirmishes.
by Michael P. on 01/24/2017
"The plastic was so tough i thought it was metal. It is powerful. You should get it
by Ernie P. on 08/27/2015
"This gun is amazing!!!!! I bought one for my sidearm and had a blast with it!!! With .20 bbs it shoots really straight. I dry fired mine a lot and i ended up breaking it so I got another one and I now have 2 clips for it. This gun is a really good by for $12!!!
by Craig H. on 01/17/2013
"Pretty good for the money! I have had mine for over 2 years and must say this is my favorite spring pistol. The body is all plastic, but is solid. I get on average 312 fps with .12's, using Cybergun ammo. The magazine actually holds 24 rounds, not 20 as said in the description. If a springer is what you are looking for, this can't be beat.

Highly accurate
Lightweight but tough
24 round magazine
Fits most people's hands
Average fps around 315+/-
Holsters easy to find-any made for a 1911A1 will work
Spring powered-no need to buy batteries or gas

All plastic
Hard to use a speed loader-have to match up to loading port just right
Lack of spare magazines

If you are looking for a movie prop or if you play "springer only" games, you will not be disappointed!
by Erik H. on 09/16/2017
"Actually pretty good gun it has a really hard pull back on the slide, but the gun shoots fine for a while, but after a like my 7th game with my friends (not serious games) it stopped shooting but i fixed it but it works on and of but it was great for the price.
by Trey D. on 08/11/2017
"Ok so let me just say how blown away I was by this gun. For a cheap plastic airsoft gun, it is an amazing replica. Double Eagle has outdone themselves with this. It is super accurate. It has a working grip safety and the magazine looks and loads like the real thing. Heck, it even comes apart almost identical to a real 1911. I am just blown away. Yes the slide racks kinda clunky and it weighs like nothing, but that's what you find in most plastic spring pistols. As far as replicas go though, this one is great for props.
by Isaiah F. on 06/28/2017
"Chronographs new with .20 bb's at average of 199 fps. Not as good quality as the UHC 1911 but probably will last around as long. Shoots straight. Mag holds 15 rounds.
by Jack B. on 06/06/2017
"To start off, for getting this at the low price of $8, it's sort of amazing.
Now don't get me wrong, it doesn't shoot all that well, but if you're looking for a cheap movie prop, it really gets the job done.
Several features, including most of the safeties you'd find on a 1911.
Magazine slips in really nice and doesn't move around at all once put in.
You can fool with the hammer, always nice.
The only complaint I have is the slide stop. It's there, and it moves, but it's too far away to actually catch on to the little indent. Why put it there if it can't do anything?
by EMILY W. on 02/22/2017
"It is decent for a spring powered gun but it sometimes jams but I told my friends to get It for a beginner gun they asked what was the FPS I said 260 to 300 fps and it is a great gun overall that is my review