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Model: AP-U988BH

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by DAVE B. on 2016-05-22 07:06:51
"At only 12 feet using 0.20 bb's, this... "thing" (it's definitely NOT an airsoft gun) hits a full 8 INCHES high. If you translate that over the length of a room, if you aim at the floor you're going to hit the ceiling. I can throw rounds with my feet more accurately than this atrocity shoots! If you're building out a WWII costume and need a convincing 1911, yeah this thing will do, but don't ever pull the trigger because it'll probably end up shooting backwards and hitting you in the face somehow. Boo this gun!
by Josh H. on 2016-05-12 11:55:00
"The grips are the correct chocolate brown plastic not the light almost tan pictured so that's a big plus. The slide is metal the rest if plastic. I really like it. The slide is nothing to pull back despite the other reviews I've seem, but I'm used to real ones I guess. Perfect for mounting to my PC for backup. I don't even remember it's there until I need it. Mags work great, you can store BB's in them and not wear the spring out until you pull down and load the spring so another big plus. Easy to load in general. It fires straight, not long range or anything but it shouldn't hurt anyone and it's great for close quarters. I'm really happy with it.
by Carrie Y. on 2016-04-27 15:06:45
"This is the best you can get for $25. It is full metal like it says, and the grips are plastic. The grip safety works like it should, and the grip is quite comfortable. The only reason I gave it four and not five stars is the magazines. The bb compartment in the back is exactly 12mm wide so two bbs can get stuck, and there are some nooks inside that bbs can get stuck in. I would prefer it if the mags were a little bit better quality, even if it meant only getting one magazine with the gun. If you are looking for a cheap spring 1911 this is the one to get!
by Danny P. on 2016-03-15 19:03:47
"Very Nice, Way Better Than Expected

I recently got this gun and it shoots just as well as my brothers CO2 gas blowback pistol minus a little fps. This gun also has some weight to it so thats nice. The one problem is the mag quality is pretty bad, but acceptable, and the mag makes a lot of noise because of the bbs in the compartment on the mag. This gun is also very acriet.

Very Good FPS
Acriet (Accurate)

Orange Tip
by Rajbir D. on 2016-02-14 15:33:19
"I have had this pistol for over 2 years now and continues to impress me.It is very accurate and reliable,also it will serve you we'll for a LONG time.However with UTG it can be a hit or miss scenario cause my pistol was flawless but friends pistol however was riddled with problems.Overall this is a great pistol if you know how to use it and if train hard enough.But you should still save up for a gas blowback.
by Sam D. on 2015-12-26 12:00:54
"Great gun for just shooting targets, but not for competition. Slide is hard to pull back and sometimes doesn't lock. Otherwise its great!!
by Sawyer B. on 2015-08-25 14:50:51
"I just got this today, so I will probably update this later to say how exactly it has worn but here goes...

The gun is, externally, really full metal. Save for the grips everything, including safety lever, hammer, and trigger, are metal. The grips are a bit darker than in the pictures, and looks really nice. Magazines are almost completely metal, the only part that isn't is the top part that holds the BBs in place. They shake around a tiny bit in the magwell, but not too bad and they do drop free. On the gun, the slide catch does not work but instead acts as the takedown pin. The hammer works, but doesn't really do anything for the gun. So far the main safety stays in place fairly well (won't turn off by accident) and allows you to keep the gun "cocked and locked." The slide has a bit of play to it OOTB, but can be bent just a bit so it works amazingly. There is a bit of takeup when pulling back the slide before the piston spring starts getting pulled back, and pulling it all the way back to "cocked" takes some effort but overall I'm nit picking...this is a really good gun even ignoring the great price. The trigger has almost no takeup, and is incredibly responsive. The gun has a very strong hop up, and I was able to get .25s to fly fairly straight. Overall it's very accurate when you know how the hop up tends to send the BBs, and it has very little horizontal spread. If you pre-cock the gun before loading a mag, you can easily load one BB without having to pull the main spring back at all, making the process faster and easier. The sights are definitely not great, but they work and you could pretty easily paint them white. It has ugly warning text on the side, but most do so it's not really specific to this gun. Upon takedown, most of the main internals are injection molded plastic, though the internals of the trigger and safety assemblies appear to be metal. It is situated such that a press check is completely possible, for those of you wondering.


very good accuracy, and can easily deal with heavier BBs (for mine, maybe other people's hop ups aren't as good)
can press check
safeties are really nice
trigger feels great
open ejection port
drop free mags (for me a pro)
working hammer
reliably feeds BBs
pretty powerful


not amazing metal
drop free mags (for some a con)
not an amazingly clean slide pull
by Chi T. on 2015-08-04 12:57:08
"I received this gun the other day and have been using it since. It really is a great gun! With a decent price for a full metal gun was one of the reasons I bought this in the first place. I was thoroughly surprised at the weight when I pick it up out of its box. Here are the pros and cons ~

Pros :
Full Metal
Working Hammer
2 safeties
Metal Trigger
2 Metal Magazines

Cons :
Hard to pull back the slide
Slide lock doesn't work
Magazines can be a little stuck while feeding BBs

Overall this is a great gun. I highly recommend it.

5/5 Stars
by Cruz V. on 2015-07-07 17:48:52
"This pistol is horrible, I bought this and when it came to my house I was going to test it out. So I loaded it, pulled the slide back all the way which is harder to pull back than and actual gun. Then I tried to fire it, nothing came out I took the whole gun apart and is basically broke into pieces. This pistol is horrible I would not advise buying it.
by Dein G. on 2015-06-25 09:02:47
"I could not have asked for better on this gun. I have always played with spring guns, because of how stealthily I play. I have been wanted to get a sniper rifle, which I now have, for ages. But, until I could earn the money to buy the rifle I wanted, I decided to buy this spring pistol. I did not expect this gun to be as good as it is! I have beat friends that are using AEGs and gas guns with this pistol. It has the range, hits hard, and feels great.
This gun is also a very good price. I would easily pay $40 for this gun.
Sturdy all metal construction
Light weight, but solid
Hits hard
Accurate and great range (I use .20g BBs)
Solid mags. Even though they are hi-caps, they dont make a lot of noise
Comes with 2 metal mags
Dropped it several times already. No damage.

You have to make sure to pull the slide all the way back, or it will jam. (Until the spring breaks in)
Paint is easy to scratch/rub off, but I like the "used" look that it gets.

5/5. If you are looking for a fairly priced, good spring pistol, this is your gun.
Happy airsofting!
by Anthony Y. on 2015-06-15 12:33:26
"It was a good gun at first but but during the span of six months parts slowly started breaking until it finally fell apart in the end.
The first problem I had was with the thumb safety, it was the first thing to fall off. I think it happened because this isn't a very good gun to shoot with your left hand as it would sometimes return to safety mode when I shot with my left hand. I also could not put it on safety when the gun was cocked.
The second was the cocking and trigger. After a couple thousand rounds this became a hazard. Somewhere after the thumb safety broke off the trigger became so sensitive that touching the trigger even with the grip safety not pressed would fire the gun right after returning the slide to its normal position after cocking. Soon after without pulling the trigger the gun could fire automatically if I were to hold the slide back all the way as if I were cocking it and let go to have the slide return as hard as it would.
I got this gun because I thought it would be very durable and it included two magazines but I don't recommend getting it for the sole purpose of 2 magazines because they are high capacity unless you are going to fill them with different BBs.
A few other small things: the hammer does move and lock when cocked, cocking is too hard for me to do it with one hand, the bullet shell ejector can be pulled without cocking to see if one is in the chamber despite it being cocked or not, my fingers would sometimes get caught in that ejector if I cocked holding the back of the slide instead of the front, made in China.
by Andy S. on 2015-05-18 16:52:49
"Nice gun, bought 5 for all my friends and we split the cash evenly. Feels perfect pain-wise. Bee sting at 10 feet away, hard flick at 50 feet away.

-Full metal
-Realistic look and feel
-Come with 2 mags (high capacity speed loaders)
-Accurate up to about 50 to 60 feet
-Pretty good fps (hurts when it needs to)
-Has 2 safety switches

-Bbs start to curve past 60 feet
-3 out of the 10 magazines didn't freely fall out (had to be pulled or shaken out)
-No available attachments or upgrades for this gun
-Can't take it apart easily for cleaning/maintenance (has a cleaning rod though)

Overall, glad I purchased this gun over any plastic one. If you're looking for a good started spring pistol for cheap, get this one. $25 bucks gets you a durable, accurate , and heavy gun with 2 nice metal magazines. :)

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