Reviews: Umarex H&K Licensed Full Size USP Airsoft Spring Pistol


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Model: AP-UREX-2273000
Location: U12-177 Y10-M15 Y6-M13 WO10-M08

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by Jason H. on 2012-02-05 13:53:26
"The truth. That is all I shall speak today.
The umarex h&k usp spring pistol is an excellent replica except for... The weight.
The weight is really skimpy. It is an okay pistol, but I do not recommend this pistol for
you die-hard gunmen. if you like the h&k usp, it is very functional, moving ejector port,
good-looking mag, & light weight. Fps seems a little... 'Bouncy', if you get my meaning.
It shoots right, but it just seems like the bb will bounce off of the target. Overall... 3.5 stars
by Danny K. on 2011-06-08 17:51:42
"I have 9 spring pistols, and this is in the top three for sure. I am a Sniper and this is my favorite sidearm because i never worry about it not functioning. It is reliable, 25 round clip, accurate(i hit a chap stick tube from 25 feet away 3x in a row with .2 gram BB's), the fps is not very high (240fps), the slide isn't smooth but that doesn't effect its performance, the grip fits really nicely in my hand, and plus the factor that it is a USP .45 (my favorite pistol) so All in all great spring pistol, recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good side arm and maybe doesn't want to spend $100 on a high end gas pistol.

-25 rd clip
-great performance

-hard to find extra magazines
-low fps

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)