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DE M291 Full Metal 1911 Full Size Airsoft Spring Pistol

2 Customer Reviews

by Keith B. on 07/08/2017
"the contributing factors that caused me to buy this gun were the price and the overall look of the weapon. This is my Second Airsoft purchase and also my 2nd Spring powered Airsoft gun. The gun is by far a well constructed and sturdy gun. I am a collector of 1911's and this is a welcomed addition to my collection. The clip is much better than the UTG 1911 clip in that it is much more well constructed and it feeds the gun far better . It shoots accurately and packs a bit of a punch. The handle is weighted and almost feels like the real thing
This gun will definitely not disappoint you , I can't seem to put this thing down,,,
by Wesley B. on 11/27/2009
"Great airsoft pistol with more pros than cons.
Here is the run down;

*Heavy weight, one of the heaviest spring pistols I have seen.
*Many metal parts, Slide is one piece like the UHC 1911 and made out of metal, the plastic parts are as follows; Grip panels, dovetailed front and rear sight (removable and adjustable), Takedown/slide lock lever, back strap of the pistol with lanyard loop, internals, outter barrel and grip safety. everything else is metal.
*ambidextrous safety, works really well
*Great accuracy and good FPS/Range, it shoots aproximately 240~260fps
*Great hop-up

*Grip safety can be pressed in but the weapon can be fired without pressing the grip-safety in, it is also made out of plastic
*not fully compatible with the UHC 1911 which the design is copied off (not the exterior but rather the interior design)
*an internal metal piece bends rather easilly due to the spring tension, I worry that it might break, sometime the gun is not operable (piston will not lock since the sear is too weak), I noticed the best solution for this problem is to grab some pliers and bend the metal piece that aids in cocking the piston, this is the metal piece mounted on the frame, not the slide.

Overall, I wish the internals were made of more resilient material and a little more FPS would have been nice but it dents cardboard boxes and shoots through thin cardboard, the weight is realistic and I wish it had a functioning grip safety and slide lock/release lever (which only takes down the gun).

But this is a very good deal and will be a great sidearm, if you own a UHC 1911 you can interchange magazines, I believe this would be a great sidearm in a game, better than the UHC due to it's higher accuracy.

I do think the durability is lower on this product so beware.