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by Andrew R. on 2015-10-07 17:18:13
"Here's the most in-depth review you're gonna get!
I bought this specifically for a springer only game to give to a few of my friends and I must say it was worth the $9. The total package includes the Mauser, one tiny 6 round magazine, one larger 13 round magazine, and the tiniest little spring m9 I've ever seen. Seriously, my hand is bigger than the entire gun! To top it off, the magazine for the m9 is about the size of my pointer finger and only holds 6 or 7 rounds :D

-Very cheap price wise
-Unique. Not many other Mausers out there.
-Absolutely hilarious looking. I've had people fall down laughing when I shoot at them (no joke).
-Suprisingly stays together. Very very fragile though, cock carefully.

-Terrible range
-Terrible accuracy
-Super cheap plastic build
-Weight inside rattles... don't you dare even think about taking this gun apart to fix it. I took it apart (you have to break some pieces to get inside of the gun) and the whole internal firing system fell apart. I subsequently spent the next hour trying to figure out where each little plastic piece went. Just don't bother, trust me. In the process I learned that there is a spring which releases the main spring when the gun is cocked that is held in simply by tension. Long story short, the internals are a bomb waiting to go off.
-OK it's probably worse than the $1.50 springer limit one per order. Seriously terrible. Probably cost half a penny to manufacture.

Overall I'd say if you're looking for a few cheap springers go for it but don't expect anything amazing. Performance is extremely poor. If you're looking for a good prop Mauser go for the $15 metal one. This purchase was very situational for me as I just needed a few cheap spring pistols. I wouldn't recommend it really for anything else; not even as a prop.
by Christopher S. on 2014-10-25 12:36:46
"Believe it or not the little spring pistol is pretty accurate and is a lot easier to use than the Mauser. It is a $9.00 gun so you can't expect much, but i was shooting some targets and i tried pulling the spring back. As soon as i did the back half of it broke off. It's very delicate so if you buy it be extremely careful. It does make a good movie prop though.
by karen k. on 2013-08-13 10:20:13
"The fps is closer to 200 than 250 on this gun. the large mag holds 14 and the small holds 6. i don't like how the mags need to be loaded by hand(even with a pistol adapter on a speed loader). This gun is really only good for a backyard war, or a movie prop. buy the $10 pistol, it's alot better. The bonus pistol (sold for $5 on evike) is a piece of gardage that holds 9 rounds.
by Mark H. on 2012-12-15 14:02:35
"Just got this in the mail yesterday. Good looking gun.

Looks good
shoots hard
Extra Mag

Main mag is small
second gun that comes in the box is a piece.
by adam h. on 2012-09-25 17:00:35
"this is a great cheap wwii collectors item, but in a fight it should be strictly for intimidation


low fps

I would definitely recommend this to any airsoft collector
but not to someone looking for a good sidearm
this gun looks great against my matrix mp40
by Lynn R. on 2012-06-02 19:24:24
"this gun is nice for a spring pistol. it can leave a welp on someone 30 ft. away with jeans on

extra mag
well built
looks cool
good fps

extended mag feels cheapish

Overall half descent for a springer
by Devon B. on 2012-04-07 13:09:49
"I got this gun yesterday, and I was expecting a cheap Chinese made gun but instead I got a decent single shot spring pistol…

_Includes an extra magazine…
_Requires no gas or battery…
_ Decent construction…
_Low cost…

_Barrel Hard to get on…
_The large magazine a little flimsy…
_Single shot…

This is a good entry level gun and a decent gun for collectors, the one thing I really don’t like is the separated barrel…
by Carlos B. on 2012-02-24 16:31:46
"I just got this gun today and its pretty good. All I have to say is BUY IT.
by daniel m. on 2010-11-05 13:45:58
"This mauser is pritty good its pritty cheap but for 8 bucks it worth it it loses it range pretty quick i played a battle with this baby and it lasted me the whole time 2 words: buy it
by Alejandro T. on 2010-09-07 23:14:32
"really strong and actually made a dent in my wall.......i got mine today and i was wowed......its just a cool gun i mean its a freakin mauser..........i got it just to play around........i like the smaller mag better cause its heaver and stronger. Great play toy overall
by Shawn K. on 2010-05-08 06:16:18
"Hahaha....I got this gun about a week ago and wow, it's awesome. Being $8, it was expected to
suck. Wrong! It's actually pretty legit. Ths fps is pretty normal, maybe a little higher than the
everyday springer and the accuracy/range are both there if you know what you're doing and are
using .2 gram bbs. I would not recommend using any type of bbs, except for .2 grams because the
fps is not good enough for heavier ones and .12 grams fly all over the place. Soooooo, what it came with was two magazines, a 6-7 round mag. and a 13-14 round mag., a weird little red stringy thing (I have no idea why that was there, but it made me laugh because I am pretty sure that it is a key chain), the gun, the barrel extension, and some crappy .12 gram bbs. In the pictures, the barrel extension is black. That is not what mine came with. Mine came with a neon orange one so I spray painted it black. I believe that the entire gun is plastic and beautiful. For $8 it looks amazing, and performs amazing. BUY IT NOW.

P.S. The review that wrote something like, "just run through the hail storm of bbs coming at you and pop 'em in the face" was not only funny, it was awesome and made me want to buy the gun.
by adam g. on 2009-02-27 13:19:10
"this gun rocks its only 8 bucks and its durable. its really weak but who cares just run threw the hail storm of bbs coming at u and pop em' in the face.

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