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Evike Custom KWA KM16 / M16 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Daniel Defense RISII 12" / Black

2 Customer Reviews

by Joshua C. on 03/14/2015
"I'll start off with everything that is good about this rifle. It has a beautiful construction that is very sturdy, no wobbling or loose parts. The internals are great too. It says that it shoots around 400 fps, however I believe that it shoots up to 450. It's great to use in the field, not for cqb. You can get up to 200 feet easily. The hopup is very, very precise, but it came out of the box ready to use, sighted in, and the hopup was at a comfortable level. It also comes with a small to large battery adapter. The stock is made of a strong polymer material, and is large enough for a large type battery.

Now, for the bad. The rails that come on this rifle, the Daniel Defense RIS ll. They are not compatable with magpul items, such as angled grips. This is a 250 dollar gun, but it's priced at $430. The Daniel Defense rails are $100, and then you have about $50 for labor, and the extra parts the technicians at evike put in it. Then they charge an extra fifty bucks for the brand name.

It's a great rifle overall, with beautiful construction. I don't think it's the Daniel Defense rails' fault for not fitting the magpul items. Magpul is just special, and only fits a certain type of rails. It's a little pricy, they could drop this down to at least $400. But I'm happy with it, I don't regret buying it, it works amazing, and has a strong construction.
by William James O. on 03/27/2016
"I'm pretty new to airsoft, but I'm a six year army vet. Not really sure that contributes anything, but I am familiar with the M-16. The weight is pretty darn close to the real thing. This rifle shoots pretty far, I measured it out with an app on my cell phone and it was doing around 180 feet with decent accuracy. I was able to fit a 5000mah battery in the buttstock and the RIS is great. I never had a misfeed with the KWA midcap it came with, and I fiddled with the fully auto with a 11.1 lipo in it. I think I put around 5000 BB's through it just messing around in an empty lot near my apartment.
Unfortunately, the metal near the butt stock cracked and snapped my first real match about 50 days after buying it. Not really sure what I could have done to warrant the damage. I Didn't drop it or throw it around, and i don't remember hitting it on anything while I was in the field. The only thing I can think of is maybe I put too much of my shoulder on it while I was going prone or something. Again, I'm new to airsoft so maybe the equipment isn't as durable as I thought it was, probably my fault.