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Evike Custom Class I G&P M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Fighting Cat (Package: Foliage Green / Gun Only)

7 Customer Reviews

by john M. on 05/04/2017
"I bought this gun awile ago and the treding on the rail was put on incorrectly but i just fixed that with some WD40 and when i tried to fire the gun one of the o rings was coving the barrel from the inside and i just had to take the gun apart and fix that with took me like 20 min but after that there was noting wrong with the gun and i have consistently ben using this gun for the past year and a half and i can't stop using it it extreme fun for indoor air soft parks. how small but versatile it is and the last this is that the mag that came with the gun didn't work for me but that just of ben the mag that I receved for the gun but if your BB's are not feeding into this gun then I recommend getting some new mags for the gun.
by Brady S. on 12/13/2016
"I've had this gun for a year the only problem I had was the hop up broke but it was my fault because I was running a lighter bb than normal this gun is over all amazing it shoots amazing the only part I don't like is its stubby it shoots faster than your normal g&p I really recommend this for kids or just for some really fun cqb arenas i really have fell in love with this gun and will only buy g&p rifles they don't need any upgrades they run amazing right out of the box there is nothing to hate about g&p
by Alex I. on 06/29/2016
"Ive had this rifle for about 3 months now and have used it in 2 games. So far I am loving it. It's definitely a looker and very unique. This thing is the most solid aeg Ive ever held. the only thing that rattles is the fake bolt release, nothing else moves. Full metal receiver and the fighting cat end is very heavy duty. The dust cover cannot be made to stay closed, kind of just satays open, but this doesnt bother me. Its a little heavy side for its size, but that just adds to the solid feeling of this weapon. All of my magazines work flawlessly, from my G&G high caps to my MAG mid caps, with a little bit of wobble. FPS was a little lower than expected, shooting at 352 with .20, but the hop up is great and has good accuracy. I only use this for field play, and it may not be the best gun out there, but it does just fine. Rate of fire is outstanding and the super short barrel makes this thing sound awesome. Overall I am extremely impressed with this rifle. Great combination of size and firepower. I have 4 other aeg's, and this is my favorite one to use. Easily 5 stars.
by Brian G. on 02/03/2016
"this gun is a 5 out of 5!!! i have had this gun for a couple of months now and haven't had a complaint yet. it is nice and small which i love and is great for indoor and CQB battles. i love this gun and it is great for optics. i recommend this gun to others and hope you have fun using it.

.easy handling
.very accurate
.fast full auto spray


and that's all i have to say about this beautiful gun and i hope you guys have fun shooting it!
by Silvestre G. on 06/06/2016
"Just received my gun. First impression looks sick. Upon further examination I found some things I did not like. For one thing there is a lot of mag wobble with the magazine it comes with, I use MAG 130 rd mid caps and those had a lot of wobble with this gun as well. The stock on mine IS NOT cable of housing butterfly type batteries, will need to buy a stick type. Doesn't come with carry handle. Non functioning charging handle (door stays open, only use for adjusting hop up) but not an issue. I have only test fired it so far and in semi it tends to get stuck (just switch to full auto and back and gets unstuck). It came saying the fps was 335-345 (was hoping it would come at ~380). Have yet to use in game but have high hopes it will perform great. Accuracy looks pretty good with .25 bbs (about ~100 feet). Overall it's a G&P, looks great, has sling mounts, feels good in hands, very maneuverable and uses m4 mags. Weighted in at 4.82 pounds with no mag or battery.
by Jackie B. on 03/03/2013
"I got this gun and i was really pumped up because i play lots of cqb and its perfict also one tricky thing is that you have to pull the stock all the way off to put in the battery (pain!)


shoots fast

very loud (indimidation is a plus)

lipo ready


accurate :) for cqb

good trigger response

good hop up

300 fps cqb

light for being full metal


motor jingles around it pistol grip

semi sticks but to fix it turn it to full auto and back

wobbly mags
by Barry Y. on 02/09/2013
"i got this for christmas from my mom and dad. this gun is a pretty good gun sometimes semi gets jammed wile playing then i just put it on auto and it works fine.
at first it was hard to find where to put the battery.

pros: lightweight (once u get used to it)
adjustable stock
functions well
nice hop up system

cons: i would get a hi cap mag for it
doesnt come with a battery