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Echo1 USA Zombat Stryker CQC M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black

11 Customer Reviews

by Forrest G. on 08/03/2016
"This guy is amazing and here are the pros and cons

Magazines fit good
Fires pretty accurate

The tip of the gun is kind of a giveaway when you're in the fieldish
At first the stock is a little hard to take apart to put the battery in
by Jake G. on 07/14/2012
"oh my god! i love this gun. its amazing i have only good things to say for it.

pros: accuracy,rpm,compact,adjustable,easy to work on,great for any combat situation,anybody who hears it will run in fear!
by erick a. on 04/27/2012
"I just bought this gun from evike a few days ago and have already used it in the field. I am very surprised by the built quality. I have always bought g&g and kwa aegs so this is my first echo 1 aeg and I am very pleased with it. The rof is amazing and itís really accurate considering how short the inner barrel is. The gun is not picky when it comes to m4 mags either. I have used several different m4 high and mid caps and all have work fine. The gun itself has no real cons. The only one I could think of is maybe the plastic body because I know the original Zombat Stryker came with a full metal reciever. I know for some people itís a deal breaker sometimes, but a plastic m4 body has never bothered me.
by chris c. on 03/26/2010
"had this gun for a while. amazing gun with ridiculous rate of fire. this gun has good accuracy with a tightbore install but im going to tell you this now. almost posititve there is no way to put a silencer and install a longer barrel. the barrel in it is quite short and is more of a good cqb gun then a field gun. If your looking for range it is not for you but everything is unreal
by eden b. on 01/25/2010
"I bought this gun and i love it! The price is perfect and you get everything. My friend spent more on his cqb KWA m4 and mine shoots higher fps and i have a higher rate of fire. I bought this gun and the 340$ vest on here the cordor gaurder and 2 mid caps. Honestly its perfect. I carry a little jar of bb;s with me in the case i run out but im more of like a guy that likes to aim and shoot not just fire so a hi cap and 2 mid caps is fine..

There are some downsides to this:
the battery dies out fast so have a spare or a smart charger.. not big problem
Fuse burns out fast.. Theyre cheap 1$ but to put them on is hard. If u dont know how u need to take it in can take 15 - 35 minutes...

Now what i wanted to know from a moderator was,
I just bought a 11.1 Li-po Battery for this gun and i wanted to know if itll work? Let me know if the Zombat is compatable with an 11.1 lipo battery. Thanks
by eric h. on 02/19/2009
"this gun is sick. the only problem that ive had with it is it seems 2 jam every once n a while but ive decided that its a mag feeding prob.i love this gun

Webmaster: All you need is some silicone oil in your hop-up unit and you should shoot smoothly.
by Jacob D. on 02/04/2009
"OMG this gun is awesome i love it i got it just a few days ago and it decimates my other team mates they looked at me funny at first then they were all quiet. No one messes with me with this gun.
by Jon-Paul T. on 04/13/2009
"Great rate of fire for the money! Watch out where you are running with this weapon, if you drop it or fall on it, you will break something. Feels really strongly built, but the upper receiver mounting lug on mine is now 3600psi epoxy after breaking it three times. Just for S&G, you can beat on doors and walls with the Zombie Masher compensator. I have and it's still sharp!
by Hunter c. on 04/08/2009
"this is a good gun and along with the other review it is loud and my mags do need to be pushed in or else they will fall out. but with mine after a bout 2 hours into a match it stopped shooting and i didnt figure out why until i was cleaning it later that i had blown the fuse so all in all this is a good gun very cool but dont use .20s mine didnt shoot 30 with with .20s cause they kept curving upwards
by Edwin L. on 03/15/2009
"Great AEG. Almost everything is metal which gives it good weight. The PEQ box is very high quality and if purchased alone with no battery, is pretty expensive. Nice wiring job out of the back. Very differnt look and unlike any other M4 out there. Accepts all of my mags (KWA,Star,palco, etc.) Has a good rate of fire and averages between 350 and 360 FPS. I dropped a M110 spring and ported cylinder in it and it shoots close to 400. Easy to take apart with the exception of routing the external battery connection. Shoots about 15-16 bb's per second. A quick shim job was needed to make it shoot buttery smooth but not needed. My only gripe is that the upper reciever is a bit loose. Also, the upper rail was a tad wide to fit an Eotech on so I had to dremmel it down a bit. I'm guessing this was a fluke though. Great choice if you want to be agile on the field. Definately different in the sea of M4's out there. Over all, a good purchase!
by mike e. on 02/08/2009
"This gun rocks for cqb and mid range
used first time today 2 game i got 5 kills 0 deaths

high rate of fire
good fps
the batt last a long time
loude as hell ( if ya like it :)
allmost full meta

its a bit heavy
its loude not for a snekey player
my clips dont stay to good i have to hit them in and thet takes time and they heare ya realode soo whatc out