Reviews: G&P "Scar Face" M16A3 Full Metal M16 VN Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ M203 Grenade Launcher

$380.00 $304.00

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Model: AEG-GP299-GP
Location: L5-923 L1-M01

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by ANDY N. on 2008-11-01 13:14:40
"I agree with Paolo and Alex. Got this gun a few weeks ago, I would have gotten it a LOONG time ago but I just had to be sure what I getting cause it didn't have a weapon description until I called and emailed evike for the info. Anyway, GREAT GUN right of the box. Very durable, heavy(not for me), realistic feel and very strong abs plastic.

Maybe to add on to what Paolo said earlier, to make it into a efficient sniper AEG, you could add a right bore barrel, and maybe even a barrel extender/surpressor/silencer to make it a long heavy sniper AEG with a awesome ROF ANDD with a M203 lol....I would pee myself if I saw it lol
by Alex N. on 2008-10-30 12:52:26
"ok i own this gun although i did not buy it from here and this is what i think of it

-nice fps mine is 375-380 out of the box
-M203 works just need grenades unless you have some 40mm
-metal body, sights, outer barrel, hop up, charging handle, flash hinder, M203 mounts and barrel, gear box and gears
-great ABS plastic stock, hand grips, and heat shield
-durable can take a betting

-bucking failed but easily replace
-black wire leading to motor was just a hair short and just need to be extended and works great now
by Paolo M. on 2008-10-28 23:20:30
"I'm so sick of people not giving this a 5 star! I own this gun and this gun will never ever fail you!

+High muzzle velocity with .25 gram bbs
+Incredibly accurate
+Can become a sniper if given a scope
+It is the true G&P warrior AEG!
+Crazy rate of fire
+Full Metal
+Better than G&G's custom M16 ( which can be found here in )
+Reminds many of us of Call of Duty 4

-It is too good to be scratched
-Not very good at CQB
-Not li-poly ready ( li-poly batteries can only be used if this gun is upgraded BEFORE using the li-poly battery )
-Dust cover of the upper reciever does not work the way you expected

Things you can do
*Turn it into a machine gun with the use of a drum magazine or box magazine and a barrel mounted bi-pod
*Turn it into a sniper rifle with a good scope of any brand
*Make it better for CQB with a red dot scope ( option ) and retractable crane stock
*Turn it into the " ULTIMATE WARRIOR VERSION 2 " by upgrading the fps to how highy you want and replacing the M203 heatshield and giving it M5 rails ( not M4 or Mp5 rails )
*Make the dustcover work the right way by buying a working upper reciever

Things you cannot do
*Fixing it by yourself if you are not experienced
*Using it as a sidearm

All in all I give it a 10/10
by brian n. on 2008-10-26 19:28:46
"now i know that i shud have added this into the previous question that i asked but i had forgot... can anyone tell me what kind of mag it comes with and what battery i can use in it? thanks to alex tho.
by Alex A. on 2008-10-25 05:55:04
"Kip s no idea what he's talking about. First off, all G&P are full metal. This gun wouldn't be 400 dollars if it was ABS Plastic. Second, the G&G gun has a plastic echo 1 launcher whereas this gun is a full metal G&P Launcher. The G&P is better by far.
by Kip N. on 2008-10-24 04:36:33
"The G&G is much better quality for the same price. The G&G is full metal, but I suspect the G&P is not. The G&P does not even give a item description to tell you anything about the gun.
by brian n. on 2008-10-23 21:17:19
"is this better than the "evike custom g&g scarface m16 with viet front and nade launcher"??? i cant decide so i need an experts opinion. thanks.
by Paolo M. on 2008-10-15 05:22:48
"This gun now shoots .25 gram bbs at 380-400 fps.. It can shoot farther than 160 feet range and I pimped mine up to have a tri-rail scope with laser and a flashlight, silencer type bb tracer, a barrel mounted bipod and a 5000 round box mag. Now it looks like a Barret M82 or M107 with an m203
by Alex A. on 2008-10-07 16:00:50
"Tim- Im not sure what size rail it has but you must get this gun. It's amazing! 380 fps and it's very accurate. IMHO i don't think it needs upgrades. Just use .25 bbs instead of .2 cuz that will extend its already amazing range.

Patrick- No i'm afraid this gun does not come with 3 rnd burst. It's a very descent gun. Honestly, you can not go wrong with it.
by Patrick B. on 2008-10-07 12:33:30
"Does this gun have a 3 shot burst on it because if it does I might consider buying it?

by Tim Y. on 2008-10-07 09:40:31
"im looking into getting this G&P and had some Questions about it, i have read all of the reviews and just makes me want it more i have a Echo1 jp/mp5 and looking for something with more kick to it. i wasnt sure what size rail it has? and is there good upgrades that Evike can offer for this m16A3 please let me know thanks so much.
by Jacob S. on 2008-08-27 00:26:21
"This gun is great for long-term use. The jungle style 203 took me a while to get used to, but once you get it down, ain't nobody taking you down!
I would advise the 60 round King Arms grenades that they sell here.
As far as specs go, this gun shoots a solid 360-380FPS w/ 0.2g BBs however, for full effective range and accuracy, I'd advise 0.25s. They add a good 20 feet to the guns already spectacular effective range!
If you're gonna treat it right, you can use one too, but don't go messing up my favorite gun! ;D

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