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Completed Build CAA Airsoft Roni Carbine Airsoft GBB SMG Pistol (Build: 226 / Black)

10 Customer Reviews

by Arthur P. on 04/25/2017
"Is this kit also compatible with the Barry Burton biohazard M9 Beretta semi and full auto pistol?
by Brandon D. on 12/15/2016
"Not really a review but if anybody plays paint ball this gun is identical to the Tippmann Tcr, just real quick look it up, identical.
by Richard R. on 10/12/2016
"About 2 months in and no issues except for one which took 10 seconds to fix. In the rear of the slide, a screw unscrewed itself i guess and it fell out. It's very easy to fix once you see the problem, the screw will bend so just bend it back and screw it back in. After that you should be golden. The gun kicks super hard and you can feel it when its against your shoulder. Good reliable gun.
by justin b. on 11/07/2015
"In short: I love this gun. I have had it for about 2 years. I love having thrle option of having a side arm or and smg.

Light weight
Easy to control in cqb
Still has the range for field play (75' accurately)
Plenty of rails, I run mine with a magpul forgrip, PEQ 15, and relfex
Can accept 50rd mags, big plus
The QD sling points, perfect for a one point sling
Durable, put mine through serious abuse no problem
Plenty of replacement parts
Full auto fun mode

The slit in the kit under the slide causes gas to shoot onto your had on full auto fun mode, burns your hand if you don't use gloves
NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEAN, like any gbb. I ran through a muddy tunnel and got some muddy water on the slide, seized it right up until i cleaned it. After i cleaned it thoroughly it was fine.

Over all, probably the best airsoft gun I've ever owned.
by sue h. on 10/09/2015
"mine came with the WE g17 gen 4 (semi) its a nice gun and the carbine kit holds up very good the only complants the large seam and where you go to grip the kit it rubs on the spot between my thumb and index finger and with out gloves it is painful but not that bad.

over all 5/5
by conor o. on 10/26/2013
"got this gun a couple days ago and so far it's awesome. the pistol itself was the glock 18c which had good range and such already but the stability of it is like any other pistol. the roni adds the stability and accuracy that a full auto glock doesn't have. i also order this with a 50 round mag that they sell here on evike and i have shot a full mag without running out of gas. to me thats great.

shoots great

could have been more metal
50 round mag should be included
by David I. on 05/20/2013
"For all of you wondering, mine came with a Gen. 3 G18c. It was from WE. The kit is very nice and if you are thinking of purchasing it, don't hesitate. The only con is that the seam line is very obvious because part of the gun comes apart. Other than that I have had no complaint.
by Logan S. on 07/24/2014
"Great solid kit. i have had this for about 7-8 months and it works amazing. i have nothing but good things to say about this

Pros-looks awesome, lightweight, magazine holder, compact, and cool looking
Cons-none really other than how sometimes it is difficult to put items on the rails
by Patrick C. on 02/16/2014
"Alright, so I've been looking for a good cheap gbb primary (something lightweight and compact) and originally I was looking at the WE PDW and the GHK G5. However, they were both a little hot for CQB, somewhat difficult to maintain and were relatively expensive so eventually I found this CAA Roni G-series evike custom. Okay yeah, it seems pretty stupid to compare this pistol carbine kit to a gbb rifle but hey, it's not exactly like handling a pistol. Anyway it comes with a WE Gen 3 G18C with a ridiculous rate of fire and its pretty damn loud. But that's where some of the problems start:

-Relatively hefty (lots of metal rails)
-Mag holder
-Easy installation
-High quality flip up sights (Mine came with the long range aperture but if you press hard enough on the rear sight, you can switch it to the close quarters aperture like I did. It's a lot easier to use)
-QD sling points
-5 position retractable stocks

-Seamline at the bottom under the "charging handle" that won't stay flush
-WE18C (I only use semi on it and the loading nozzle broke on me anyway. If you're getting this gun keep in mind that you're probably going to have to do work on the WE18C. I suggest that when you get it, go into the blowback unit and find the return spring guide rod and cut 3-4mm off it so that your loading nozzle doesn't break. If anything else breaks, no worries because Evike's got almost all the parts you'll ever need for it!)

Overall I'm really happy with my purchase. This gun makes a great CQB primary.
by Brandon M. on 07/10/2015
"preformed well untill about a month later. i take 1 shot and all the gas comes out of the barrel. the kit is good the gun sucks.