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WE CQB Master Full Metal M9 PTP Airsoft Gas Blowback - Spec Op Edition

25 Customer Reviews

by cole p. on 06/04/2017
"awesome gun totally worth it
by Joshua W. on 09/17/2016
"Owned this pistol for over a year and it's fantastic. Accuracy is very good and only had a handful of gas feeding issues over the year of ownership.
by Max C. on 11/26/2015
"Ive had this gun for about 2 weeks now, I have played cqb with it once in that time, It is very solid, It took about a 3 foot fall onto concrete, my heart stopped temporarely, the only thing that happened is that it got a little battle scar. Very easy and simple breakdown, (look up how to clean an airsoft m9), the instructions kinda suck. The barrel wobbles a little, but Im pretty sure all m9's do that. It is not the most accurate but hey, pistols aren' t the most accurate.
by Cooper J. on 12/19/2014
"I just got this gun today, and it is a freakin' dream. It's a little on the heavy side, but that isn't hard to manage at all. It comes with one green gas magazine, and it comes pre-lubricated.
by Amy T. on 10/16/2014
"This pistol is the best pistol for the $. This pistol has time and time again (I use mid-caps), helped me out and hasnt failed yet. I really like this pistol. All of the other buddies of mine that asoft on the weekends all have pistols too and I think this one's the better one. It fires straight and hasnt had one issue since the day it showed up (6months now)....I HIGHLY recommend this pistol!
by Drew O. on 07/18/2014
"I love it. i have been running it for about a year now and i have had no problems, except that the paint chips easily but i mean thats something minor.
by Drew O. on 06/17/2013
"So i've had this gun for about two weeks, and this gun has impressed me.

-super accurate
-nice weight
-that thread is great if you wanna put like a barrel extension and cover it with a suppressor which one of my friends did
-mags hold a decent amount of ammo

-sometimes the slide will lock back even if there is still BB's inside the mag, but easy to work around
-the mag doesn't have lock to keep the spring down, but easily fixed

overall this gun is a great buy and i suggest getting it.
by Max R. on 05/11/2013
"Extremely affordable and good quality weapon. Best gun I have had no doubt.

Extremely realistic
Realistic feel
Shoots great
Shoots just under 350 FPS, great for CQB
Easy to clean and maintain

Paint comes off easy. Bunch of little scratches, makes it look like a true gun though.
Bit of a leaky mag

by Roman C. on 04/14/2012
"Just bought the gun today.. AWESOME!


Full Metal
good looking
nice slide

safety is hard to find (but once you see it you got it)
by jennifer d. on 12/19/2011
"this gun is very good.iv had mine for about 9 far nothing broke on it and nothing has gone wrong.the only problem i have with it is if i shoot too fast it starts to shoot 3 round burst.other than that great buy.worth well more than 100$.the weight is very realistic and very durable i dropit all the time.
by william l. on 12/11/2011
"this is a sick gun. mine arrived in the mail about a week ago.


full metal(exept the grip)

easy to disesembal

looks realistic

goood price


the paint chips on the barrel if u r constantly putting on silencers/flashhiders and taking them off

this is a nasty gun though. it is very worth the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by chris d. on 11/29/2011
"This pistol is great, the kick is a lot more than you would expect and once you adjust the hop up this thing is dead accurate.

Very realistic weight and feel
Very easy to disassemble/reassemble.
Dead accurate
Sweet looking
Holds lots of rounds

by Andrew G. on 06/11/2011
"Got this for my son, Wow!! I was really impressed with the quality of construction and realism. It takes a little practice filling the mag with gas (our first GBB). It functions great. We can load the mag twice with one charge of gas (using propane). The metal orange threaded tip shown in the pictures above, came with the gun, however, it was not installed, neither were the included Marine emblems. The M9 came in a nice foam lined plastice pistol case. Compared to my real M9, it is an exact copy!

I would highly recomend this gun. My son loves it!!
by kuba m. on 04/02/2011
"My M9 is amazing, I have very minor problems but overall it's really a great gun. My gun has a few wear marks, but it looks cooler.

-hits hard, got shot in the finger and started bleeding
-full metal
-really stable
-cheap for the quality of the gun

-for my gun when i used .2's it was too light so get heavier bb's like .25 and up
-can't take the orange tip off? (i was running out of con's)

Overall this is a great gun and for the price it's a very good deal.
By the way I would get a second mag cause it's better than having to load every 5 mins
by thuvan t. on 02/07/2011
"Nice pistol, so far I've had no problems with this.

Pros: Nice weight, good fbs, and good trademarks.

Cons: None