Reviews: Evike Custom Class I G&P M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle - SPR Carbine (Package: Gun Only)


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Model: CG-B01-027MS

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by Jason K. on 2016-06-19 14:27:41
"Lets me start with "I love evike"! I bought my cousin an M4 earlier and being someone without the M4, who had one a long while back that broke, I missed having an M4, so I ordered this.

2 days later I ordered this gun seeing as it said it was pretty much upgraded in the gearbox already and I felt like this was a good choice. I was right, this gun has been nothing but amazing.

Shoots hard
Shoots straight
Shoots fast, the ROF is pretty crazy with a 9.6v
Easy to upgrade externally and internally (it's an m4 platform)
Sexy af
Gives the user a nice tender kiss on the cheek whenever you hold it
Good weight
Good stock trigger response

Highly recommend this rifle
by JOE m. on 2013-12-06 20:41:32
"My first G&P arrived (Thanks Evike Black Friday sale!)
My only comparison is with my KWA SR7.
The finish on the G&P is fantastic. Very solid.
The weight and feel of the gun are very similar to real steel.
I have shot it a little so far & will use it for the 1st time tomorrow (outdoor, possibly in the snow)
Thus far:
Great finish
Good heavy / solid feel
Good ROF (no chrono yet)
Flip up sights are high quality
Rails / hand guard are also high end
Crane stock is solid
Holo sight works well, still zeroing in.

G&P crane stock is inconvenient ( stock has to be removed to change battery)
Dust cover doesn't close
Seems to have a bit of a semi-auto feed issue with (new) g&p midcap & 1 broken in Dogs of War midcap
Hop-up adjustment is slight (back yard testing only, so this may change)

Overall, it looks like KWA may not be the only game out there for mid/high end starter guns

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)